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Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.46577385, Longitude: -0.786895752


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Alec Gordon  27 Jul 1932Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193106
2 Anderson, AnitaMargaret  1964Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193173
3 Anderson, Charles William  11 May 1927Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193105
4 Anderson, FredaMay Anita   I480193109
5 Anderson, George Joseph  31 May 1925Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193104
6 Anderson, Jean Pamela   I480193107
7 Anderson, John Cyril  1925Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193114
8 Anderson, Mary Elziabeth   I480193108
9 Anderson, Mavis Phyllis Annie   I480193103
10 Anderson, Sidney Bayes   I480193113
11 Bennett, Anne  Abt 1813Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23896
12 Bennett, Cornelious  Abt 1767Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23897
13 Bennett, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23898
14 Bennett, Elizabeth Clarke  Abt 1804Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23899
15 Bennett, James  Abt 1809Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23900
16 Bennett, James  22 Sep 1819Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23901
17 Bennett, Joseph  Abt 1773Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23903
18 Bennett, Lucy  Abt 1777Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23904
19 Bennett, Lucy  Abt 1816Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23905
20 Bennett, Mary  Abt 1775Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23906
21 Bennett, Mary  Abt 1807Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23907
22 Bennett, Susana  Abt 1780Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23908
23 Clark, Molly  Abt 1785Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23950
24 Dawes, Dorothy  Abt 1911Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I98764
25 Fish, John  Abt 1725Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I121001122
26 Fish, William  Abt 1691Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I121001093
27 Fish, William  Abt 1729Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1749247977
28 Fretwell, Theresa  Abt 1869Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748844703
29 Harris, Enos  Abt 1886Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748841992
30 Harris, Ethel  1901Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664102721
31 Harris, Frank  Abt 1887Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748841993
32 Harris, Rose Elizabeth  13 Apr 1900Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I3500642960
33 Harris, Walter  1904Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664102722
34 Horberry, Thomas  Abt 1764Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I627815
35 Jenkinson, Agnes Annie  Abt 1867Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I94774
36 Johnson, Agnes Theresa  1910Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664100723
37 Jones, Florence M  1898Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664100463
38 Jones, John W  1892Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664100462
39 Jones, Rebecca  Abt 1813Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748846816
40 Jones, Thomas E  1888Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664100457
41 Jones, Thomas Edward  3 Dec 1888Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I666518
42 Jones, Thomas John  1864Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I77402664100456
43 Kelsey, Alice  1745Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748807973
44 Kelsey, Ann  Abt 1742Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24102
45 Kelsey, Ann  Abt 1758Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24103
46 Kelsey, Ann  Abt 1790Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24104
47 Kelsey, Ann  Abt 1843Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748841986
48 Kelsey, Charles  Abt 1747Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24125
49 Kelsey, Charles  1749Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I479830717
50 Kelsey, Charlotte  Abt 1799Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24131

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Horberry, Thomas  09 Jan 1764Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I627815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Amy Broomhead  06 Feb 1958Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193017
2 Anderson, AnitaMargaret  1964Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193173
3 Bayes, Amy Elziabeth  1949Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193033
4 Bennett, James  May 1819Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23900
5 Bennett, Joseph  Aug 1774Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23903
6 Broomhead, Samuel  11 Jul 1884Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480186493
7 Horberry, Thomas  05 Apr 1883Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748774792
8 Horberry, William  14 Sep 1897Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748774790
9 Jackson, Luther  04 Nov 1940Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750348409
10 Kelsey, Ann  Apr 1746Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24102
11 Kelsey, Rachel  Feb 1803Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24229
12 Platt, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1885Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750347304
13 Popple, Joseph  Jul 1797Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24407
14 Pryor, Mary Jane  3 Oct 1888Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I3499889608
15 Pycock, Elizabeth  Oct 1784Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I24422
16 Read, Ann  7 Jul 1838Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I3499889587
17 Read, Ann  6 Dec 1859Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I3499889591
18 Read, John  27 Jun 1887Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I3499889590
19 Thompson, Maria  07 Sep 1884Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480186494
20 Thornton, John  1898Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193319
21 Thornton, Thomas John  24 Aug 1935Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480193110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Ann  7 Apr 1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I646731
2 Curtis, Ann  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I646731
3 Kendall, Mary Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748846144
4 Maw, Ann Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748855845
5 Maw, James  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60261
6 Maw, Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60264
7 Maw, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748855847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Broomhead, Samuel  1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480186493
2 Broomhead, Samuel  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I480186493
3 Coggan, George  1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748828380
4 Cook, John  1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748845904
5 Harris, John  1891Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1616
6 Kelsey, Charles  1841Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748841995
7 Kelsey, Charles  1851Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748841995
8 Maw, Ann Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748855845
9 Maw, George  7 Apr 1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748855846
10 Maw, James  7 Apr 1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60258
11 Maw, James  1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60258
12 Maw, Job  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748851874
13 Maw, Thomas  1851Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748851876
14 Maw, Thomas  1861Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748851876
15 Maw, Thomas  1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748851876
16 Maw, William  2 Apr 1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60255
17 Pitchfork, George  5 Apr 1891Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748846126
18 Pycock, Joseph  Abt 1851Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I17271
19 Pycock, Joseph  Abt 1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I17271
20 Pycock, William  Abt 1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I17304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Susanna  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124250
2 Dawes, Alfred James  1911Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I98746
3 Dawes, Dorothy  1911Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I98764
4 Mann, Alexander  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124246
5 Mann, Emma  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124245
6 Mann, Harriet  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124248
7 Mann, Joseph  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124254
8 Maw, Mary Jane  1871Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I60262
9 Maw, Ruth  1911Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1748851884
10 Meekley, Susanna  1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I1750124247
11 Watson, Elizabeth Susannah Driffield  Abt 1881Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England I23386


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sowersby / Featherby  22 Nov 1807Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England F672301687