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Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand



City/Town : Latitude: -36.679657, Longitude: 174.449422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Becroft, Chrissie Alice Dobson  13 Dec 1895Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122017757
2 Becroft, VioletMary  15 Feb 1887Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122021760
3 Bradly, Adrian Russell  27 Jun 1969Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010277
4 Bradly, Annie Elizabeth Lilian  Apr 1890Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011463
5 Bradly, Beatrice Isa Todd (Todd)  Oct 1895Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010362
6 Bradly, Benjamin Connelley (Con)  10 Aug 1909Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010757
7 Bradly, Bertie Ernest  16 Nov 1895Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010660
8 Bradly, Catherine Ellen  Jan 1902Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010664
9 Bradly, David Arthur Lochead (Pip)  6 Jun 1886Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010748
10 Bradly, Edgar Paulie  6 Aug 1921Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122027200
11 Bradly, Ella Violet  2Q 1897Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010661
12 Bradly, EllenMary  1902Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010753
13 Bradly, Grace Hamilton  7 Jan 1891Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011630
14 Bradly, Harry Rufus Horatio  1Q 1892Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010360
15 Bradly, Helena Penelope Lloyd Murphy  1890Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010359
16 Bradly, Henry Arthur Cowan  3Q 1903Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010665
17 Bradly, Henry Burnand (Harry)  28 Jul 1882Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010746
18 Bradly, Jane Emma (Jinnie)  24 Apr 1889Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011629
19 Bradly, John Russell (Jack)  15 Oct 1892Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011631
20 Bradly, Lloyd Russell  1924Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011657
21 Bradly, Mabel Harriet  25 Oct 1908Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010666
22 Bradly, Maggie Lucy  13 Dec 1891Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010658
23 Bradly, Noreen Joyce (Joyce)  16 Jan 1908Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010756
24 Bradly, Olive Emma Grace  1Q 1894Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010361
25 Bradly, Oscar Jonathon  4Q 1898Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010662
26 Bradly, Russell (BUN) Robert  27 May 1895Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011464
27 Bradly, Walter Thomas Hart  1Q 1900Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010663
28 Bradly, William Wyborn LLoyd  28 Feb 1879Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010744
29 Bradly, William Wyborn Lloyd  3Q 1906Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010752
30 DAY, AlmaMay  3 May 1926Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010181
31 DAY, Colin Charles  4 Nov 1919Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010178
32 DAY, David Lloyd  20 Oct 1921Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010179
33 DAY, Doris Helena  1 Mar 1915Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010175
34 DAY, Edgar Russell (Russell)  31 Dec 1913Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010174
35 DAY, Elsa Lindo  1 May 1917Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010176
36 DAY, Henry John  15 Aug 1918Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010177
37 DAY, Ina Annie  19 Mar 1924Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010180
38 DAY, Jean Emma  22 Aug 1912Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010173
39 Drinnan, Bruce Trevor  12 Jun 1921Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122015780
40 Drinnan, Clifford Keith  18 Sep 1929Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122016271
41 Drinnan, Daphne Agnes  27 Oct 1925Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122016270
42 Drinnan, Donald Rex (Rex)  16 Dec 1924Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122015781
43 Drinnan, Ellice Joan (Tup)   I122015740
44 Drinnan, Henry William  17 Aug 1931Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122016272
45 Drinnan, Logan Stanley  26 Jun 1922Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122015836
46 Drinnan, Nolene Lesley  5 Nov 1929Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122015782
47 Drinnan, Selwyn Percival  21 Jul 1923Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122015837
48 FROST, Una Pauline Nita  2Q 1886Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011804
49 FULTON, Herbert John (Bert)  2Q 1888Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122022976
50 FULTON, Hugh Dawson  4Q 1886Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122017840

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becroft, VioletMary  27 Nov 1968Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122021760
2 Bradly, Helena Burnand (Lena)  22 Sep 1938Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010037
3 Bradly, James Lochead  1948Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010747
4 Bradly, Rita Henwood  2 Mar 1998Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011320
5 Bradly, Russell (BUN) Robert  2 Oct 1977Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011464
6 Bradly, William Wyborn Lloyd  5 April 1890Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010009
7 Brewer, Ann  31 Jan 1907Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122014840
8 DAWSON, Captain William  13 Oct 1912Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122022763
9 DOWNER, Elizabeth (Dolly) Middleton  17 Apr 1955Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122014597
10 Drinnan, William Andrew  25 Mar 1944Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122012479
11 HOOPER, John Briffault  1981Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122012809
12 Ingham, Martha  14 Aug 1953Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122018730
13 McLeod, John  18 Mar 1911Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122020451
14 MURPHY, Mary Ellen  7 Nov 1896Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010356
15 ROBINSON, Percy Albert  20 Dec 1942Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011358
16 Russell, Charles Alexander  7 Dec 1948Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010163
17 Russell, David  25 Sep 1919Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122013463
18 Russell, David Jenkyns  5 Jan 1932Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010158
19 Russell, Lucretia Gail  30 Nov 1941Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010190
20 SCARLETT, Daniel  2 Aug 1918Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122012482
21 Spinley, Charles Henry  28 Nov 1927Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122014462
22 Spinley, Harry  14 Oct 1958Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122014464
23 Taylor, George Henry  12 Apr 1975Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010608
24 Vercoe, John Snell (Jack)  5 May 1956Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122021759
25 Vercoe, Lucy May  15 Jul 1972Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122011318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HONEY, Dennis Henry  Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122012188


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bradly, Henry Arthur Cowan  1928Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010665
2 Bradly, Henry Arthur Cowan  1935Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010665
3 MOYLE, Walter Lindo  1911Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122027112
4 MOYLE, Walter Lindo  1917Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122027112
5 Russell, John (Jack) Mitchell  1914Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122010162
6 Russell, John George (George)  1914Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122017753
7 Spinley, Elsie Ingham  1896Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand I122014590


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRUCE / Drinnan  30 Nov 1932Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122012021
2 Drinnan / McCARDLE  20 Oct 1931Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011919
3 HAYCOCK / HINDS  9 Mar 1932Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011979
4 HINDS / HUNTER  3 Jul 1937Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011990
5 LIDDELL / Russell  6 Apr 1939Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122010051
6 Lochead / INGLIS  31 Dec 1872Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122010538
7 McCATHIE / Drinnan  15 Jul 1937Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011884
8 Spinley / CHALKLEN  1916Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011535
9 Spinley / DOWNER  10 May 1899Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011469
10 Spinley / HUNTER  9 Feb 1952Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122011470
11 Walker / Vercoe  22 Oct 1890Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122013907
12 WYMER / Russell  17 Aug 1904Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand F122014455