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Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.7677899, Longitude: -1.0079956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rebecca  1819Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I18037298
2 Andrews, Hannah  Abt 1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748855599
3 Arnold, Charles  31 Dec 1803Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000090
4 Arnold, Dorothy  25 Dec 1799Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000100
5 Arnold, Hannah  22 Jan 1806Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000122
6 Arrand, Albert  4 Feb 1904Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I69735
7 Arrand, Alice  Q4 1898Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748842778
8 Arrand, Charles William  6 Jun 1901Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I69734
9 Arrand, Dora Annie  Q1 1906Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I69736
10 Arrand, Henry  9 Nov 1899Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I69733
11 Arrand, Vera  Q2 1897Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748842780
12 Atkinson, Arthur John  Abt 1876Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I63728
13 Atkinson, Aveline  Abt 1870Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I63746
14 Atkinson, Lascelles  Abt 1899Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I63748
15 Atkinson, Mary A  Abt 1876Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I63747
16 Banks, Lucy  1848Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I18042702
17 Bannister, Robert  Abt 1770Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748869511
18 Barker, William  15 Apr 1803Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I67118
19 Cambage (Cambridge), Mary  Abt 1777Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I480039213
20 Cook, Charles  1811Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859640072
21 Cook, Sarah  Abt 1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07349369094
22 Darley, John William  Abt 1873Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08255463855
23 Fawdington (Fraudington, Fraudneston), Frances  1677Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000666
24 Featherby, Charles  11 May 1849Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I37248
25 Haddlesey, Elizabeth  Abt 1760Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I67086
26 Issatt, John  May 1869Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085968
27 Kelsey, Alfred Joseph  Abt 1850Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278089
28 Kelsey, Forman John  Abt 1844Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278087
29 Kelsey, Hannah Selina  Abt 1853Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278085
30 Kelsey, Moses  Abt 1846Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278091
31 Kelsey, Robert John  Abt 1839Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278088
32 Kelsey, Sarah Jane  Abt 1841Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278086
33 Kelsey, William Walker (Waller?)  Abt 1848Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7098278090
34 Kerlew, John  1724Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000952
35 kerlow, Mabell  29 Oct 1609Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000944
36 Kerlow, Mary  1620Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000942
37 Kerlow, Richard  1617Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000943
38 Kilby, William  Abt 1840Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7200
39 Kirlew, Edward  1746Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000946
40 Kirlew, Frances  1729Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000949
41 Kirlew, Hannah  1744Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000947
42 Kirlew, Richard  1584Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000940
43 Kirlew, Thomas  1672Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000063
44 Kirlew, Thomas  1735Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000645
45 Kirlew, William  12 Feb 1612Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000062
46 Kirlew, William  1697Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000667
47 Kirlew, William  31 Mar 1728Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000950
48 Kirlew, William  11 Aug 1733Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000948
49 Leggott, Mary  Abt 1852Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I10483
50 Lumley, Joseph  1868Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08209803819

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bannister, Robert  Dec 1770Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748869511
2 Bedford, William  15 Sep 1813Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748850527
3 Mollett, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1821Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748855623
4 Nappey, Ann  22 Jul 1825Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500447400
5 Nappey, Eliza  30 Nov 1834Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500598658
6 Nappey, George  24 Feb 1827Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500447398
7 Nappey, George  13 May 1830Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500447397
8 Nappey, Sarah  20 Feb 1828Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500447399
9 Parker, Edward  Abt 1857Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750249052
10 Richardson, James  13 Aug 1843Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3622833790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1850Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000091
2 Mary  26 Mar 1924Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7738401882
3 Anne  1678Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000061
4 Arrand, Albert  1 Jun 1982Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I69735
5 Brunyee (Brummett), Katherine  29 Feb 1704Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I479198864
6 Burton, Zerilda Lillie  10 Mar 1954Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500387241
7 Fawdington (Fraudington, Fraudneston), Frances  1 May 1710Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000666
8 Kerlew, John  4 Aug 1801Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000952
9 Kirlew, Richard  1634Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000940
10 Kirlew, Thomas  11 Mar 1722Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000063
11 Kirlew, Thomas  12 Oct 1792Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000645
12 Kirlew, William  1663Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000062
13 Kirlew, William  3 Feb 1752Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000667
14 Kirlew, William  24 Dec 1816Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000948
15 Lumley, Joseph  1868Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08209780406
16 Metcalf, Ruth  6 Jun 1740Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22001203
17 Pantry, Agnes  Jun 1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07059309161
18 Smith, Christopher  1776Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750129980
19 Smith, John  1710Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000633
20 Smith, Mary  24 Oct 1788Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000945
21 Threadgold, Hannah  1890Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750127390
22 Whitfield, Ian  23 Jan 1992Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750128270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hill, Hannah  Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748842779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Arnold (Arnhill, Arnell), William  17 Apr 1808Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000072
2 Kirlew, William  12 Feb 1612Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000062
3 Woodall, Matilda  11 Aug 1839Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I122021382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Laycock, William  1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3499890538
2 Lockwood, John  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I45089007
3 Parker, William  1841Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750249042
4 Richardson, James  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3622833790
5 Staniforth, Johnson  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748852525
6 Staniforth, Thomas John  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748833348


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1841Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000091
2 Arnold, Charles  1841Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000090
3 Arnold (Arnhill, Arnell), Joseph  22 Apr 1857Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000079
4 Atkinson, Margaret  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859641132
5 Atkinson, Margaret  1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859641132
6 Atkinson, Margaret  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859641132
7 Camp, Zillah  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856420473
8 Cook, AnnMary  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419134
9 Cook, AnnMary  1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419134
10 Cook, AnnMary  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419134
11 Cook, AnnMary  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419134
12 Cook, AnnMary  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419134
13 Cook, Charles  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859640072
14 Cook, Charles  1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859640072
15 Cook, Charles  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859640072
16 Cook, Sarah  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07349369094
17 Cook, Sarah  1861Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07349369094
18 Darley, Eliza  1881Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08255477644
19 Darley, John  1881Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08255477638
20 Darley, John William  1881Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08255463855
21 Johnson, George  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06859638649
22 Kirlew, Harry  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07059307772
23 Kirlew, John  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07059307770
24 Lumley, Joseph  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08209780406
25 Lumley, Joseph  1871Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08209803819
26 Pantry, Agnes  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07059309161
27 Pantry, Arthur Thomas  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325108305
28 Pantry, George  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856418220
29 Pantry, George  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856418220
30 Pantry, George  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856418220
31 Pantry, Jane  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325162090
32 Pantry, Jervis  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07556888380
33 Pantry, Joe  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325154613
34 Pantry, Joe  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325154613
35 Pantry, John  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05856419582
36 Pantry, John Henry  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05850567294
37 Pantry, John Henry  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I05850567294
38 Pantry, Margaret Hannah  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325108606
39 Pantry, Samuel  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325157785
40 Pantry, Samuel  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325157785
41 Pantry, Tom  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I07068337376
42 Pantry, Walter  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325158031
43 Pantry, Walter  1891Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06325158031
44 Smith, Sarah  1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I08209780397
45 Wheldrake, Sarah  1841Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England I22000073


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Brown  15 Nov 1828Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000006
2 Arnold / Kirk  28 Jul 1851Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000003
3 Arnold (Arnhill, Arnell) / Wheldrake  07 Jul 1830Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000013
4 Bedford / Leatham  26 Nov 1812Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672312983
5 Brears / Graves  12 Oct 1736Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F2309
6 Houghton / Coggan  10 Jul 1893Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672293410
7 Issatt / Blacker  23 Jun 1860Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F3333814150
8 Kirlew / Fawdington (Fraudington, Fraudneston)  05 Apr 1697Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000115
9 Kirlew / Fletcher  12 Dec 1764Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000118
10 Kirlew / Smith  10 Apr 1723Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000116
11 Kirlew / Studley  02 Oct 1608Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000114
12 Lazenby / Lakeland  8 Mar 1814Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F51
13 Lumley / Smith  22 Dec 1846Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F1943988118
14 Marshall / Kirlew  30 Nov 1784Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000160
15 Nappey / Wadkin  28 Sep 1824Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F1345613303
16 Oates / Nappey  21 Oct 1848Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F1345646752
17 Parker / Foster  6 Mar 1839Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672807501
18 Shepard / Pickering  10 Sep 1843Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672313137
19 Smith / Metcalf  14 Jan 1701Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000251
20 Threadgold / Beevers  24 Nov 1856Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672669164
21 Wentworth / le Despenser  Bef 2 Mar 1423Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672619558
22 Wheldrake / Marshall  27 Nov 1804Hemingbrough, East Yorkshire, England F22000282