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Horley, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.173516, Longitude: -0.17210899999997764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennet, Mary  1680Horley, Surrey, England I3500310405
2 Browne, Benjamin  12 Oct 1571Horley, Surrey, England I121003457
3 Browne, Edward  Jan 1570Horley, Surrey, England I121003479
4 Browne, John  1504Horley, Surrey, England I121003482
5 Browne, Phoebe  1560Horley, Surrey, England I121003474
6 Browne, Sara  1622Horley, Surrey, England I121003476
7 Browne, Sarah  1569Horley, Surrey, England I121003473
8 Browne, William  1 Feb 1534Horley, Surrey, England I121003459
9 Burton, Albert  Abt 1882Horley, Surrey, England I1748478505
10 Chantler, William  1872Horley, Surrey, England I1748477578
11 Elsick, Magdalene  1538Horley, Surrey, England I121003469
12 Gallard, John  1868Horley, Surrey, England I3500305298
13 Kelsey, Effie  1897Horley, Surrey, England I1750136833
14 Kelsey, Enid  1899Horley, Surrey, England I1750136834
15 Lechford, Henry  1555Horley, Surrey, England I121003828
16 Lechford, Isabell  1542Horley, Surrey, England I121003829
17 Lechford, Margaret  1540Horley, Surrey, England I121003830
18 Lechford, Richard  1547Horley, Surrey, England I121003471
19 Lusher, Anne  1551Horley, Surrey, England I121003470
20 Marden, Anne  10 Aug 1636Horley, Surrey, England I121003777
21 Ridley, Mary  1774Horley, Surrey, England I1748484539
22 Skeet, Alice  1873Horley, Surrey, England I1748484934
23 Skeet, Elizabeth  1842Horley, Surrey, England I1748477672
24 Skeet, Emily Elizabeth  1881Horley, Surrey, England I1748484936
25 Skeet, George William  1885Horley, Surrey, England I1748484937
26 Skeet, Harriett  1875Horley, Surrey, England I1748484935
27 Skeet, Jane  1839Horley, Surrey, England I1748477673
28 Skeet, John  1843Horley, Surrey, England I1748477669
29 Skeet, Sarah  1829Horley, Surrey, England I1748485745
30 Smith, Elizabeth  1811Horley, Surrey, England I1748477671
31 Taylor, Aida  1885Horley, Surrey, England I1748484534
32 Taylor, Alice  1878Horley, Surrey, England I1748484531
33 Taylor, Arthur  1882Horley, Surrey, England I1748484533
34 Taylor, Charles  1872Horley, Surrey, England I1748486553
35 Taylor, Charles  1880Horley, Surrey, England I1748484532
36 Taylor, Edith  1871Horley, Surrey, England I1748484528
37 Taylor, Frederick  1886Horley, Surrey, England I1748484535
38 Taylor, George  1875Horley, Surrey, England I1748484530
39 Taylor, George  1877Horley, Surrey, England I1748486555
40 Taylor, Henry  1869Horley, Surrey, England I1748484527
41 Taylor, James  1874Horley, Surrey, England I1748486554
42 Taylor, John  1802Horley, Surrey, England I1748484536
43 Taylor, John  1848Horley, Surrey, England I1748486552
44 Taylor, John  1868Horley, Surrey, England I1748484526
45 Taylor, Margaret  1882Horley, Surrey, England I1748486557
46 Taylor, Mary A  1882Horley, Surrey, England I1748486558
47 Taylor, Rosa  1879Horley, Surrey, England I1748486556
48 Taylor, Sarah  1873Horley, Surrey, England I1748484529
49 Taylor, William J  1900Horley, Surrey, England I1748486561
50 Thomas, Agnes  Feb 1871Horley, Surrey, England I77402664228635

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, William  14 Nov 1613Horley, Surrey, England I121003459
2 Elsick, Magdalene  7 Sep 1604Horley, Surrey, England I121003469
3 Hill, Doris  1997Horley, Surrey, England I3500305296
4 Ridley, Mary  1830Horley, Surrey, England I1748484539


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browne /   1523Horley, Surrey, England F121002308
2 Browne / Elsick  1560Horley, Surrey, England F121002307
3 Browne / Leachford  8 Oct 1596Horley, Surrey, England F121002305