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Horsham, West Sussex, England



Location : Latitude: 51.0690166, Longitude: -0.3186035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alleyn, Mary Allein  1577Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305994
2 Alleyn, Mathew  1535Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305996
3 Ansley, Joanne  1639Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305985
4 Baines, Annie Marie  1885Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105062
5 Baines, Bessie  1887Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105065
6 Baines, Daisy May  1899Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105069
7 Baines, Edwin  1891Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105066
8 Baines, Frank  1893Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105067
9 Baines, Harry  1884Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105061
10 Baines, Margaret  1895Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105068
11 Baines, William  1882Horsham, West Sussex, England I77402664105060
12 Bashford, Raymond Peter   I77402494203536
13 Baytup, Sarah  1823Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477861
14 Belton, Albert  1870Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500302429
15 Belton, Alfred  1868Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500302428
16 Belton, Emma Jane  1867Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500302427
17 Blome, Alexander  1570Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305993
18 Blome, Henrie  Abt 1602Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306000
19 Bloome, Ann  1601Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305999
20 Bloome, Elizabeth  1603Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305992
21 Boniface, Sarah  Abt 1853Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305709
22 Bonniface, Ann  Abt 1822Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478532
23 Bonniface, Ernest  1868Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478544
24 Bonniface, George  Abt 1830Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478530
25 Bonniface, George  Abt 1858Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478536
26 Bonniface, Harriet  Abt 1827Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478519
27 Bonniface, John  Abt 1796Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478520
28 Bonniface, John  1822Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478523
29 Bonniface, John  Abt 1855Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478518
30 Bonniface, Mary  Abt 1849Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478534
31 Bonniface, Sarah  Abt 1859Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478513
32 Bonniface, Sophia  Abt 1824Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478522
33 Bonniface, Thomas  Abt 1847Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478533
34 Bonniface, William  Abt 1793Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478527
35 Bonniface, William  Abt 1832Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478531
36 Botting, Ann  15 Feb 1757Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500308430
37 Botting, Elizabeth  1760Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500308434
38 Botting, Elizebeth  1825Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748488473
39 Botting, Henry  6 Feb 1756Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500308429
40 Burton, Bertha  Abt 1895Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478512
41 Burton, Caroline  Abt 1833Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478515
42 Burton, Ella  Abt 1893Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478508
43 Burton, Frank  Abt 1884Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478506
44 Burton, George  Abt 1891Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478511
45 Burton, Minnie  Abt 1887Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478509
46 Burton, Thomas  Abt 1888Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478510
47 Burton, Walter  Abt 1887Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748478507
48 Bushnell, Richard  20 Apr 1623Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748538641
49 Carter, Afred  1883Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748485709
50 Carter, Amos  1832Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477874

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bushnell, Richard  20 Apr 1623Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748538641
2 Stewart, Randolph 9th Earl of Galloway  20 Nov 1800Horsham, West Sussex, England I7739259978


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alleyn, Mary Allein  1604Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305994
2 Alleyn, Mathew  12 Apr 1605Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305996
3 Bannister, Fanny  1924Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748490034
4 Blome, Henrie  1602Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306000
5 Botting, Eleanor  Abt 1885Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748487430
6 Brewer, Arthur  27 Oct 1975Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500302802
7 Burnham, Isabell  1596Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500305997
8 Champion, Thomas  1828Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500302381
9 Chantler, Moses  25 Oct 1811Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748483309
10 Chantler, Nathaniel  1823Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748486206
11 Chantler, Rebecca  1861Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477710
12 Dewdney, John  1902Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748490035
13 Dewdney, William  1911Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748490033
14 Etheridge, Eshack  1841Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500309729
15 Etheridge, George  Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500309714
16 Godsmark, William  2 Feb 1823Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500308974
17 Hartley, Frederick  4 Aug 1969Horsham, West Sussex, England I7001561493
18 Hayllar, Martha  21 Jul 1852Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748479843
19 Hayllar, Mary  5 Mar 1852Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748479833
20 Hayllar, Thomas  17 Aug 1783Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748479837
21 Humphrey, Sarah  Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500309731
22 Jobe, Rycherd  1555Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306009
23 Jupp, Thomas  Abt 1616Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306001
24 Lindfield, Annie  1936Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477983
25 Ockley, Nicholas  1706Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310274
26 Osborne, Agnes  Abt 1600Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306002
27 Philpot, Jonh  1858Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748481722
28 Pryer, Mary  15 Oct 1805Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748479836
29 Sayers, Hannah  1811Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748486207
30 Stanford, Harriet  Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500309715
31 Stone, Phoebe  1897Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477848
32 Thornton, Jonas  1895Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748484490
33 Thornton, William  1906Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748484483
34 Tullett, Alfred  1 Dec 1931Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477842
35 Tullett, Ann  1654Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310272
36 Tullett, Elizabeth  1654Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310262
37 Tullett, Frances  1867HORSHAM, West Sussex, England I3500310456
38 Tullett, Frederick  1944Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310465
39 Tullett, Frederick  1949Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477948
40 Tullett, Jane  1650Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310271
41 Tullett, John  Bef 1861Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748477979
42 Tullett, Peter  1731Horsham, West Sussex, England I1748486053
43 Tullett, Sarah  1683Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310273
44 Tullett, Thomas  1711Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500310399
45 Weller, Johan  Abt 1558Horsham, West Sussex, England I3500306010


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Breouse, Sir Thomas  Horsham, West Sussex, England I1750058911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Swift, Barnham 1st Viscount  7 Dec 1606Horsham, West Sussex, England I19023989


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alleyn / Roffie  19 Apr 1599Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573110
2 Barnes / Kemp   F1943986718
3 Bashford / Staines  Horsham, West Sussex, England F3333805903
4 Blome / Alleyn  8 Aug 1599Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573107
5 Blome / Unknown  1607Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573108
6 Carter / Laker  19 Feb 1821Horsham, West Sussex, England F672130861
7 Chantler / Hayllar  1802Horsham, West Sussex, England F672133212
8 Comber / Tullett  1758Horsham, West Sussex, England F672133847
9 Culpin / Charter  1 Dec 1883Horsham, West Sussex, England F01825716
10 Dendy / Dale  1866Horsham, West Sussex, England F672133370
11 Etheridge / Humphrey  24 May 1810Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574035
12 Gates / Ansley  30 Jun 1659Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573104
13 Hayllar / Pollard  24 Feb 1831Horsham, West Sussex, England F672131423
14 Jobe / Weller  15 Jun 1541Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573112
15 Jupp / Francis  4 Nov 1819Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573116
16 Jupp / Gates  1693Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573103
17 Jupp / Gray  1645Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573668
18 Jupp / Holland  17 May 1799Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573744
19 Jupp / Longhurst  31 May 1757Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573114
20 Jupp / Osborne  19 Jun 1575Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573111
21 Jupp / Steere  1617Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345573669
22 Lawrence / Tullett  1691Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574176
23 Longhurst / Harwood  19 Dec 1791Horsham, West Sussex, England F672133853
24 Newman / Pronger  1894Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345572392
25 Ockley / Tullett  1673Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574182
26 Pronger / Garman  1901Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345572401
27 Rowland / Tullett  1629Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574179
28 Sexton / Tullett  1866Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574226
29 Streeter / Tullett  1822Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574188
30 Tullett / Cooper  1896Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574224
31 Tullett / Lockett  1 May 1701Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345572873
32 Tullett / Shaw  1667Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345572874
33 Tullett / Steadman  1647Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574181
34 Venn / Tullett  1819Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345574187
35 Warren / Newman  1913Horsham, West Sussex, England F1345572398
36 Weston / Longhurst  21 Jul 1798Horsham, West Sussex, England F672133131