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Horton, Staffordshire, England



Latitude: 53.115726, Longitude: -2.0887270000000626


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Hannah  1865Horton, Staffordshire, England I18010631
2 Sarah  Abt 1740Horton, Staffordshire, England I45325
3 Bailey, Lettice  1799Horton, Staffordshire, England I8039
4 Ball, Martha  17 Apr 1757Horton, Staffordshire, England I41586
5 Beech, Elizabeth  1791Horton, Staffordshire, England I44873
6 Beech, Mary (Ann)  1723Horton, Staffordshire, England I6910
7 Lockett, Jane  Apr 1778Horton, Staffordshire, England I41761
8 Mellor, Hannah  1776Horton, Staffordshire, England I54047
9 Mellor, Ruth  Jun 1732Horton, Staffordshire, England I41597
10 Mellor, Sarah  Jun 1839Horton, Staffordshire, England I54136
11 Meyer (Mayer), Jane  13 Mar 1763Horton, Staffordshire, England I7240
12 Simcock  Abt 1802Horton, Staffordshire, England I6974
13 Simcock, Ann  Aug 1797Horton, Staffordshire, England I7245
14 Simcock, Benjamin  1800Horton, Staffordshire, England I44317
15 Simcock, Charles  1783Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009115
16 Simcock, Elisabeth  May 1805Horton, Staffordshire, England I7246
17 Simcock, Elizabeth  Aug 1806Horton, Staffordshire, England I41701
18 Simcock, Enoch  1832Horton, Staffordshire, England I8028
19 Simcock, Georgius  Jun 1702Horton, Staffordshire, England I54530
20 Simcock, Hannah  4 Sep 1779Horton, Staffordshire, England I6961
21 Simcock, Hannah  1811Horton, Staffordshire, England I6851
22 Simcock, Hannah  1826Horton, Staffordshire, England I44033
23 Simcock, Hannah  Abt Dec 1834Horton, Staffordshire, England I6983
24 Simcock, Henry  1875Horton, Staffordshire, England I54142
25 Simcock, Israel  30 Dec 1826Horton, Staffordshire, England I44044
26 Simcock, James  Mar 1714Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009087
27 Simcock, James  1758Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009107
28 Simcock, James  28 May 1786Horton, Staffordshire, England I41699
29 Simcock, James  28 May 1786Horton, Staffordshire, England I44315
30 Simcock, James  1836Horton, Staffordshire, England I8045
31 Simcock, James  Mar 1841Horton, Staffordshire, England I54130
32 Simcock, James  Feb 1856Horton, Staffordshire, England I45474
33 Simcock, James  Abt 1879Horton, Staffordshire, England I54143
34 Simcock, Jane  Apr 1797Horton, Staffordshire, England I54056
35 Simcock, John  1775Horton, Staffordshire, England I54032
36 Simcock, John  Oct 1787Horton, Staffordshire, England I6966
37 Simcock, John  Abt 1866Horton, Staffordshire, England I54140
38 Simcock, Joice  1868Horton, Staffordshire, England I8033
39 Simcock, Joseph  Jul 1784Horton, Staffordshire, England I7241
40 Simcock, Joseph  13 Oct 1793Horton, Staffordshire, England I6969
41 Simcock, Josiah  Jun 1726Horton, Staffordshire, England I54529
42 Simcock, Lettice  1865Horton, Staffordshire, England I8032
43 Simcock, Levi  1858Horton, Staffordshire, England I8030
44 Simcock, Mary  1793Horton, Staffordshire, England I7244
45 Simcock, Mary  1825Horton, Staffordshire, England I45468
46 Simcock, Michal  13 Mar 1777Horton, Staffordshire, England I6945
47 Simcock, Olive  1872Horton, Staffordshire, England I54141
48 Simcock, Ralph  1760Horton, Staffordshire, England I7239
49 Simcock, Ralph  1796Horton, Staffordshire, England I45460
50 Simcock, Richard  Feb 1736Horton, Staffordshire, England I5214

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Symcock, Hugh  1834Horton, Staffordshire, England I8043
2 Symcock, Isaac  1838Horton, Staffordshire, England I41612
3 Symcock, Israel  25 Sep 1826Horton, Staffordshire, England I41611
4 Symcock, John  19 Mar 1775Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Martha  26 Sep 1824Horton, Staffordshire, England I41586
2 Beech, Mary (Ann)  17 Feb 1800Horton, Staffordshire, England I6910
3 Fox, Sarah  1845Horton, Staffordshire, England I48289
4 Meyer (Mayer), Jane  Abt 1818Horton, Staffordshire, England I7240
5 Simcock, Charles  Abt 1784Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009115
6 Simcock, Hannah  Sep 1779Horton, Staffordshire, England I6961
7 Simcock, John  1851Horton, Staffordshire, England I54032
8 Simcock, Michal  21 Oct 1825Horton, Staffordshire, England I6945
9 Simcock, Ralph  14 Mar 1816Horton, Staffordshire, England I7239
10 Stanway, Hannah  1824Horton, Staffordshire, England I41608
11 Stanway, Hannah  20 Apr 1824Horton, Staffordshire, England I6846
12 Symcock, Hannah  Sep 1779Horton, Staffordshire, England I45964
13 Symcock, Helen  10 Jul 1796Horton, Staffordshire, England I6970
14 Symcock, Innocence  1842Horton, Staffordshire, England I6967
15 Symcock, John  Apr 1831Horton, Staffordshire, England I6921
16 Symcock, Joseph  1778Horton, Staffordshire, England I6951
17 Symcock, Joshua  1774Horton, Staffordshire, England I41602
18 Symcock, Joshua  16 Apr 1837Horton, Staffordshire, England I41588
19 Symcock, Martha  abat 1755Horton, Staffordshire, England I6935
20 Symcock, Martha  1765Horton, Staffordshire, England I6939
21 Symcock, Martha  Abt 1820Horton, Staffordshire, England I7236
22 Symcock, Michal  21 Oct 1825Horton, Staffordshire, England I7238
23 Symcock, Ralph  Sep 1874Horton, Staffordshire, England I7243
24 Symcocke, Edward  27 Apr 1695Horton, Staffordshire, England I41421
25 Symcocke, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1696Horton, Staffordshire, England I41420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Simcock, James  10 Apr 1714Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009087
2 Simcock, James  2 Jul 1758Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009107
3 Symcock, Ann  24 May 1767Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009108
4 Symcock, Catherine  29 Aug 1740Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009102
5 Symcock, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1725Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009094
6 Symcock, Eve  8 Mar 1778Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009111
7 Symcock, Hannah  16 Apr 1738Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009101
8 Symcock, James  31 Jan 1730Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009097
9 Symcock, James  5 Apr 1753Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009106
10 Symcock, Jane  1 Apr 1736Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009100
11 Symcock, John  1 Sep 1728Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009096
12 Symcock, John  19 Mar 1775Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009110
13 Symcock, Josiah  10 Jul 1726Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009089
14 Symcock, Martha  12 Sep 1734Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009099
15 Symcock, Mary  18 Mar 1732Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009098
16 Symcock, Thomas  5 Mar 1726Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009095
17 Symcock, Thomas  1 Apr 1770Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009109
18 Symcox, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1705Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009084
19 Symcox, George  7 Apr 1728Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009090
20 Symcox, Georgius  20 Jul 1702Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009074
21 Symcox, Hannah  11 Feb 1696Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009082
22 Symcox, James  7 May 1706Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009085
23 Symcox, Jane  10 Mar 1733Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009092
24 Symcox, Margery  15 Feb 1709Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009086
25 Symcox, Richard  3 Mar 1736Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009073
26 Symcox, Samuel  26 Feb 1697Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009083
27 Symcox, Sarah  11 Dec 1707Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009130
28 Symcox, William  1 Apr 1716Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009088
29 Symcox, William  25 Apr 1731Horton, Staffordshire, England I18009091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Conviction    Person ID 
1 Symcock, Israel  1841Horton, Staffordshire, England I44949


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Meyer (Mayer)  28 May 1783Horton, Staffordshire, England F3333887342
2 / Shufflebottom  20 Jun 1824Horton, Staffordshire, England F6524
3 / Stanway  24 Dec 1804Horton, Staffordshire, England F3333887294
4 / Stanway  24 Dec 1804Horton, Staffordshire, England F3526
5 Bayley / Symcox  6 May 1745Horton, Staffordshire, England F11450
6 Simcock / Fox  1814Horton, Staffordshire, England F12441
7 Simcock / HEWITT  Abt 1857Horton, Staffordshire, England F3333887627
8 Simcock / KUNE  23 May 1782Horton, Staffordshire, England F18006786
9 Simcox /   Abt 1760Horton, Staffordshire, England F9985
10 Simcox / Bailey  Abt 1825Horton, Staffordshire, England F3333887629
11 Sutton / Symcock  3 Dec 1792Horton, Staffordshire, England F3510
12 Symcock / Shufflebotham  20 Jun 1824Horton, Staffordshire, England F3530