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Ifield, West Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.11688582025355, Longitude: -0.2252197265625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mary  1711Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484543
2 Browne, Anne  1751Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500304870
3 Browne, Barnabas  27 May 1610Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003463
4 Browne, Benjamin  27 Jun 1602Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003466
5 Browne, Elizabeth  23 Jul 1615Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003461
6 Browne, John  10 Aug 1606Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003464
7 Browne, Joseph  8 Oct 1597Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003468
8 Browne, Mary  7 Jan 1612Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003462
9 Browne, Sarah  24 Aug 1600Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003467
10 Browne, Thomas  22 May 1618Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003460
11 Browne, William  30 Sep 1604Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003465
12 Carver, Phoebe  1604Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003773
13 Chantler, John  1 Feb 1623Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500306168
14 Chantler, Mary  1753Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477691
15 Chantler, Moses  25 Aug 1632Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477703
16 Chantler, Nathaniel  1739Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748486206
17 Chantler, Sarah  1753Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477690
18 Charlwood, Sarah  1748Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500310427
19 Cooper, Susanna  1608Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003776
20 Elsay, Ann  1812Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500310622
21 Gillett, Elizabeth  1692Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748486057
22 Godsmark, James  31 Mar 1809Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500309007
23 Godsmark, Richard  25 Oct 1811Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500309006
24 Godsmark, Sarah  26 Jun 1816Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500309008
25 Kenward, Mary A  Abt 1860Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500305439
26 Rist, Caroline  1871Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484521
27 Rovery, Ellen  Abt 1862Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500305728
28 Taylor, Edward  1840Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484525
29 Thornton, Albert  1878Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484512
30 Thornton, Alexander  1898Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484577
31 Thornton, Amos  1859Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484504
32 Thornton, Ann  Abt 1670Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484555
33 Thornton, Ann  1691Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484559
34 Thornton, Annie  1864Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484506
35 Thornton, Daniel  1866Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484507
36 Thornton, Edith  1868Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484508
37 Thornton, Edward  1670Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484554
38 Thornton, Edward  1699Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484556
39 Thornton, Edward  1737Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484547
40 Thornton, Elizabeth  1741Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484548
41 Thornton, Ellen  1874Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484510
42 Thornton, Fanny  1871Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484509
43 Thornton, Frank  1891Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484575
44 Thornton, Frederick  1880Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484513
45 Thornton, George W  1882Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484573
46 Thornton, Hannah  1698Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484560
47 Thornton, Hannah  1751Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484552
48 Thornton, Hannah  1828Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484488
49 Thornton, Harry  1744Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484550
50 Thornton, Henry  1702Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484542

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Benjamin  28 Aug 1638Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003457
2 Browne, Thomas  Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003460
3 Chantler, Daniel  19 Jun 1824Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477692
4 Chantler, John  13 Aug 1693Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500306168
5 Chantler, Moses  2 Jun 1653Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477705
6 Chantler, Nathaniel  1769Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748477693
7 Chantler, Thomas  1809Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500306161
8 Charman, Sarah  1841Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484485
9 Garton, William  8 Sep 1701Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500311534
10 Godsmark, James  21 May 1834Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500309000
11 Leachford, Sarah  1638Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003458
12 Napper, Louisa  1849Ifield, West Sussex, England I3500310439
13 Taylor, Hannah  1820Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484541
14 Thornton, Edward  1734Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484554
15 Thornton, William  1815Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484540
16 Tillinghast, Pardon John  1665Ifield, West Sussex, England I121003491
17 Wilkins, Eliza  1888Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748479258
18 Wonham, Elizabeth  1698Ifield, West Sussex, England I1748484558


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browne / Cooper  3 Jun 1629Ifield, West Sussex, England F121002360
2 Chantler / Mills  30 Jul 1725Ifield, West Sussex, England F672130887
3 Cox / Chantler  1 Aug 1734Ifield, West Sussex, England F672131074
4 Thornton / Brown  1 Apr 1731Ifield, West Sussex, England F672132607