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Isfield, East Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.934806, Longitude: 0.065167


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alchorn, Mary  1704Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486648
2 Alchorne, Elizabeth  Abt 1704Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748487055
3 Alchorne, John  Abt 1704Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748487054
4 Foord, Ann  3 Sep 1731Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486677
5 Foord, Anne  1697Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486689
6 Foord, Charity  1783Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490394
7 Foord, Elizabeth  1690Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486686
8 Foord, Elizabeth  1747Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748487046
9 Foord, Elizabeth  1747Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500297230
10 Foord, Hannah  22 Apr 1735Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486676
11 Foord, Hannah  1789Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490398
12 Foord, Henry  1758Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490381
13 Foord, Henry  1779Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490392
14 Foord, Isaac  1 Jul 1762Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486647
15 Foord, Isaac  1786Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490397
16 Foord, Jemima  1784Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490395
17 Foord, John  1745Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486673
18 Foord, John  1771Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490384
19 Foord, Joseph  1776Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490389
20 Foord, Jude  1773Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490386
21 Foord, Lucy  1746Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490378
22 Foord, Lucy  1772Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490385
23 Foord, Mary  3 Sep 1731Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486679
24 Foord, Mary  1778Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490391
25 Foord, Mary  Abt 1780Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490399
26 Foord, Philadelphia  1756Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490380
27 Foord, Philadelphia  1777Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490390
28 Foord, Robert  1766Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490382
29 Foord, Robert  1786Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490396
30 Foord, Sarah  1781Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490393
31 Foord, Susannah  24 Oct 1728Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486678
32 Foord, Thomas  1700Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486649
33 Foord, Thomas  19 Mar 1737Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486681
34 Foord, Thomas  14 Oct 1744Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486674
35 Foord, Thomas  1753Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490379
36 Foord, Thomas  1774Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490387
37 Foord, William  1694Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486685
38 Foord, William  5 Aug 1742Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486680
39 Foord, William  1775Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748490388
40 Ford, Joseph  12 Oct 1750Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486682
41 Kenward, Elizabeth  1657Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500305425
42 Kenward, John  1654Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500305426
43 Kenward, Nicholas  1650Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500305409
44 Kenward, Richard  1652Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500305424
45 Kenward, Thomas  1657Isfield, East Sussex, England I3500305427


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alchorn, Mary  18 Apr 1780Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486648
2 Foord, Ann  1731Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486677
3 Foord, John  19 Dec 1796Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486673
4 Foord, Mary  28 Jun 1733Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486679
5 Foord, Susannah  13 Jun 1731Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486678
6 Foord, Thomas  25 Dec 1739Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486681
7 Foord, Thomas  29 Apr 1745Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486674
8 Foord, Thomas  31 Jul 1767Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486649
9 Foord, William  11 Nov 1761Isfield, East Sussex, England I1748486680


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Fokington, Hugh  Isfield, East Sussex, England I1750050663


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foord / Alchorn  12 Aug 1725Isfield, East Sussex, England F672133165
2 Kenward / Humphrey  1773Isfield, East Sussex, England F1345572979