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Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.610214, Longitude: -1.702836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1788Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748842471
2 Isabel  Abt 1555Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030573
3 Nancy  1824Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664107322
4 Sarah  Abt 1825Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841919
5 Addy, Joseph  Abt 1660Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021710
6 Addy, Sarah  25 May 1693Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021713
7 BEEVER, Mary  Abt 1664Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021711
8 Booth, Fanny  09 May 1844Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1750404927
9 Booth, John  24 Aug 1799Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090419
10 Broadhead, Clementine  Abt 1853Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841920
11 Broadhead, Harriet  Abt 1841Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748825397
12 Broadhead, John  Abt 1839Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841915
13 Broadhead, Mary  Abt 1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841921
14 Broadhead, Phoebe  Abt 1816Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841917
15 Broadhead, Seth  Abt 1859Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841922
16 Broadhead, Walter  Abt 1857Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841923
17 Broadhead, William  Abt 1815Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748841916
18 Carter, Harriet Ann  Abt 1882Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832441
19 Carter, Llewellyn  Abt 1885Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832442
20 Carter, Wilson  Abt 1860Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832445
21 Charlesworth, Allen  Abt 1872Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832483
22 Charlesworth, Ann  Abt 1847Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832484
23 Charlesworth, Bertha  Abt 1869Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832486
24 Charlesworth, Betty  Abt 1853Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832488
25 Charlesworth, Eliza  Abt 1848Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832490
26 Charlesworth, Eliza  Abt 1876Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832491
27 Charlesworth, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832493
28 Charlesworth, Elizabeth  Abt 1860Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832494
29 Charlesworth, Emma  4 Feb 1838Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832496
30 Charlesworth, Fanny Louisa  Abt 1863Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832498
31 Charlesworth, Fred  Abt 1880Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832499
32 Charlesworth, George  Abt 1829Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832500
33 Charlesworth, George  Abt 1857Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832501
34 Charlesworth, James  Abt 1832Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832503
35 Charlesworth, James Arthur  Abt 1883Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832504
36 Charlesworth, Jane  Abt 1834Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832505
37 Charlesworth, Jane  Abt 1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832506
38 Charlesworth, Joah  Abt 1842Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832507
39 Charlesworth, John  Abt 1840Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832511
40 Charlesworth, Louisa  20 Apr 1848Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832516
41 Charlesworth, Louisa  Abt 1865Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832517
42 Charlesworth, Mary Ann  24 Feb 1836Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832520
43 Charlesworth, Mary Hannah  Abt 1860Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832523
44 Charlesworth, Samuel  Abt 1825Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832527
45 Charlesworth, Sarah  Abt 1855Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832530
46 Charlesworth, Sarah  Abt 1862Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832531
47 Charlesworth, Sarah Ann  25 Jun 1850Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832532
48 Charlesworth, Thomas  Abt 1827Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832533
49 Charlesworth, Tom  Abt 1854Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832534
50 Charlesworth, Tom  Abt 1874Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832535

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 John  15 Apr 1781Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500598649
2 Charlesworth, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1844Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832493
3 Charlesworth, Emma  2 Apr 1838Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832496
4 Charlesworth, George  4 Oct 1829Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832500
5 Charlesworth, James  22 Apr 1832Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832503
6 Charlesworth, Jane  30 Mar 1834Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832505
7 Charlesworth, Joah  25 Dec 1842Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832507
8 Charlesworth, John  30 Aug 1840Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832511
9 Charlesworth, Louisa  25 Dec 1848Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832516
10 Charlesworth, Mary Ann  29 May 1836Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832520
11 Charlesworth, Samuel  17 Apr 1825Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832527
12 Charlesworth, Sarah Ann  25 Dec 1850Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832532
13 Charlesworth, Thomas  3 Jun 1827Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832533
14 de Goldthorp of Shepley, Alicia  25 Feb 1565Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030577
15 de Goldthorp of Shepley, Elizabeth  16 to 19 February 1567.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030578
16 de Goldthorp of Shepley, Genacious  16 Feb 1561Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030576
17 de Goldthorp of Shepley, John  6th May 1569Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030579
18 de Goldthorp of Shepley, Nicholas  03 Aug 1573Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030581
19 Goeldthorppe (Goldthorp), John  2nd March 1595Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030569
20 Goldthorp, Abel  03 Feb 1755Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523110
21 Goldthorp, Ann  14th July 1734Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523095
22 Goldthorp, Anne  10th October 1707Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523089
23 Goldthorp, Benjamin  11 Sep 1825Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I35478
24 Goldthorp, Ellen  14 Sep 1744Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523105
25 Goldthorp, Hannah  25 Dec 1747.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523107
26 Goldthorp, Jane  21st September 1738Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523097
27 Goldthorp, John  20/ 01/1724/25.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523093
28 Goldthorp, John  1670Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523112
29 Goldthorp, John  12 Mar 1752Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523109
30 Goldthorp, Jonas  02 Mar 1744Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523098
31 Goldthorp, Jonathan  17th June 1694.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523076
32 Goldthorp, Joseph  10th November 1732.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523094
33 Goldthorp, Joseph  1617 to 1627Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030560
34 Goldthorp, Joseph  10th July 1710Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523090
35 Goldthorp, Joseph  16 Apr 1750Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523108
36 Goldthorp, Martha  26th November 1704Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523088
37 Goldthorp, Martha  25th September 1737Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523096
38 Goldthorp, Mary  4th March 1701?02Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523079
39 Goldthorp, Mary  26 Dec 1745Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523106
40 Goldthorp, Mary  23 Sep 1757Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030484
41 Goldthorp, Mary  23 Sep 1759Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523111
42 Goldthorp, Rauffe  13th May 1698.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030570
43 Goldthorp, Richard  22 October 1592.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030568
44 Goldthorp, Richard  8th February 1601.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030571
45 Goldthorp, Routh  12 December 1712.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523091
46 Goldthorp, Sarah  2nd. Fe bruary 1697Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523077
47 Goldthorp, Sarah  26th December 1699Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523078
48 Goldthorp, Sarah  17 Apr 1786Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030493
49 Gouldthorp, Richard  3rd May 1635Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030564
50 Gowldthorppe (Goldthorp), John  10 Mar 1616Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500522746

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 de Goldthorp of Shepley, William  1573Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030580
2 Fieldsend, Marjorie  29 Mar 2010Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I479783557
3 Goldthorp, Abigail  1784Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030491
4 Goldthorp, Chrissom  1732Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030530
5 Goldthorp, Joshua  May 1832Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030535
6 Goldthorp, Martha  15 Jan 1762Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030518
7 Jellot, John  1551Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500309861
8 Jessop, Thomas  31 Mar 1855Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093683
9 Jessop, William  28 Jan 1860Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090076
10 Senior, Rebecca  11 Aug 1860Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089123
11 VENISON, Rebecca  Oct 1733Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021663
12 Waddington, Mary  19 Aug 1940Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I107725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 de Goldthorp of Shepley, John  22nd November 1569Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030579
2 de Goldthorp of Shepley, William  12th March 1573.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030580
3 de Goldthorp of Shepley, William  10th January 1583Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030572
4 Goldthorp, Abigail  01 Aug 1784.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030491
5 Goldthorp, Ellen  25 Sep 1744Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523105
6 Goldthorp, Mary  02 Feb 1747.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500523106
7 Goldthorp, Richard  6th January 1697.Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030568
8 Gouldthorp, Richard  4June 1650Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I480030564
9 Gowldthorppe (Goldthorp), James  16 navember 1646Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500522748
10 Gowldthorppe (Goldthorp), John  22 Feb 1648Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500522746
11 Gowldthorppe (Goldthorp), William  10 Jan 1583Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3500522747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Addy, Hannah  23 Sep 1748Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021659
2 Addy, Joseph  1744Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021703
3 Addy, Thomas  1743Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I122021704
4 Cocker, Joseph  1 Oct 1768Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I07802264175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Carter, Wilson  1881Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832445
2 Charlesworth, Samuel  1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832527
3 Stocks, Benjamin  1841Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748842470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hepworth, Martha Elizabeth  1881Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090450
2 Ives, Joseph  1841Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092763
3 Ives, Joseph  1861Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092763
4 Ives, William  1861Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089647
5 Jessop, Elizabeth  1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089784
6 Jessop, John  1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089781
7 Jessop, Thomas  1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093683
8 Mitton, George  1901Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664109981
9 Priest, Harriet Eliza  1861Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092693
10 Senior, Rebecca  1851Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089123
11 Stocks, Elizabeth  1841Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I1748842480
12 Vials, Mary Louisa  1901Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664110336


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Charlesworth / Green  1 Nov 1824Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345467663
2 Charlesworth / Woodhead  27 Jan 1828Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345467662
3 de Goldthorp of Shepley /   Abt 1555Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825727
4 de Goldthorp of Shepley / Smythe  1587Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825726
5 Goldthorp / Booth  8 Feb 1652Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345630046
6 Goldthorp / Brey  1691Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345630047
7 Goldthorp / Kaye  1653Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825723
8 Goldthorp / Robuck  22 Sep 1743Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345630051
9 Goldthorp / Roobotham  1717Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825722
10 Goldthorp / Rowley  01 Jul 1754Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825712
11 Goldthorp / Smith  5 Feb 1721/2Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345630049
12 Jellot / Fyrth  7 Nov 1551Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1345574075
13 Lodge / Moorhouse  12 Jan 1879Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F735
14 Musgreaves / Taylor  1816Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F3333822253
15 Swallow / Booth  12 May 1771Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1944437930
16 Wood / Holy  30 Oct 1712Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825711
17 Wood / Lee  04 Jul 1740Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1825710

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 Berry / Goldthorp  21 Sep 1777Kirkburton, West Yorkshire, England F1944032617