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Lanchester, County Durham, England



Latitude: 54.8207, Longitude: -1.74078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1894Lanchester, County Durham, England I74335728
2 Alderson, George Edward  Abt 1895Lanchester, County Durham, England I3170448
3 Alderson, Thomas Cresswell  14 May 1897Lanchester, County Durham, England I67626046
4 Armstrong, Annie  1907Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104794
5 Armstrong, Elizabeth   I77402664104795
6 Armstrong, Evelyn   I77402664104978
7 Armstrong, Stanley   I77402664104751
8 Armstrong, William   I77402664104979
9 Bagley, Silvester  3Q 1881Lanchester, County Durham, England I122026460
10 Blakey, Ann  Abt 1816Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748965741
11 Blakey, Isabella  Abt 1814Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748965742
12 Bolam, Hannah  Abt 1828Lanchester, County Durham, England I300248
13 Bolam, John Joseph  Abt 1846Lanchester, County Durham, England I300192
14 Boyle, Dennis P   I77402664098170
15 Boyle, Joseph E   I77402664098435
16 Boyle, Patricia  24 May 2013Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095357
17 Brown, Annie  1863Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104857
18 Bulmer, Frances A  1864Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098245
19 Bulmer, George  1839Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098242
20 Caffery, Francis  1874Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664099886
21 charlton, isabella  1832Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101147
22 Clough, Rachel  1895Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664107664
23 Collins, Andrew James   I77402664104784
24 Conlin, Anthony   I77402664098321
25 Conlin, James   I77402664098324
26 Conlin, John  1918Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095486
27 Conlin, John   I77402664098046
28 Conlin, Margaret   I77402664098323
29 Conlin, Mary A   I77402664098049
30 Conlin, William   I77402664098322
31 Conlin, William Leo  1920Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095107
32 Dickson, John  1896Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104598
33 Dickson, William  1896Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104599
34 Dixon, Annie  1900Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101267
35 Dixon, Isabella  1896Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101266
36 Dixon, John George  1870Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101265
37 Dobson, William  1826Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104896
38 Durdey, Clarence J   I18037969
39 East, Frederick George  Between Apr-Jun 1875Lanchester, County Durham, England I79227
40 Fawcett, Hilda   I77402664104740
41 FAWCETT, Lily  1900Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104735
42 Fawcett, Margaret   I77402664104742
43 Finlay, Margaret  1907Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664106988
44 Finlay, Mary Annie  1905Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664106987
45 Fisher, Phyllis Doreen  1909Lanchester, County Durham, England I87062
46 Graham, Annabel  1890Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104881
47 Graham, Annie  1908Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104885
48 Graham, Edward   I77402664104752
49 Graham, Eileen   I77402664104753
50 Graham, jane  1805Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101172

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blakey, Ann  23 Jun 1816Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748965741
2 Blakey, Isabella  1 May 1814Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748965742
3 Mowbray, Charles  29 May 1821Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968554
4 Mowbray, George  25 May 1807Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968549
5 Mowbray, James  9 Jan 1823Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968552
6 Mowbray, John  19 Feb 1811Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968546
7 Mowbray, Margaret  29 Nov 1818Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968553
8 Mowbray, Thomas  12 Nov 1815Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968551
9 Mowbray, William  25 Dec 1808Lanchester, County Durham, England I1748968550
10 Ornsby, George  Lanchester, County Durham, England I7738448294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1879Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101694
2 Brady, Ann  1915Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098498
3 BRUNTON, David Edward  1903Lanchester, County Durham, England I122018707
4 Burnip, Mary  17 May 1951Lanchester, County Durham, England I48690678
5 Caffery (Caffray), John  1890Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098243
6 CASTLING, Martha  1891Lanchester, County Durham, England I122025581
7 charlton, isabella  1894Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101147
8 Elliott, Mary Ann  SepLanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098106
9 Finlay, Robson Evans  1927Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101660
10 Finlay, Thomas  1896Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101366
11 Fisher, Phyllis Doreen  21 Dec 1935Lanchester, County Durham, England I87062
12 Heslop, Edward  1931Lanchester, County Durham, England I8023502
13 Keogan, Julia Winifred  1928Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664099187
14 Lumley, Clayton  1917Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101918
15 Lumley, Edward Greg  1902Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101224
16 Lumley, George  1 Mar 1898Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095554
17 Lumley, George  1902Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664104790
18 Lumley, George  1914Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095552
19 Lumley, James  1879Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095557
20 Lumley, John  1908Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101214
21 Lumley, Joseph  1900Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664100924
22 Lumley, William  1885Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101135
23 Mcdermott, Michael  1904Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101696
24 Minto, Clement  SepLanchester, County Durham, England I77402664098107
25 Newton, Joseph William  1950Lanchester, County Durham, England I12818316
26 Ornsby, George  1821Lanchester, County Durham, England I7738448294
27 Reed, Elizabeth  1908Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664101925
28 RODHAM, Joseph  Jun 1890Lanchester, County Durham, England I122024349
29 Thomason, Jonathan  Q11918Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402455290959
30 Watson, George  Jun 1928Lanchester, County Durham, England I86947
31 Woodward, James Adam  Abt 1890Lanchester, County Durham, England I0697483800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Askwith, Margaret  Lanchester, County Durham, England I7738448295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Lumley, George  Lanchester, County Durham, England I77402664095549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ornsby, George  Lanchester, County Durham, England I7738448294
2 Woodward, AndrewMarwood  1871Lanchester, County Durham, England I0676043888
3 Woodward, Charles William  1871Lanchester, County Durham, England I0693205981
4 Woodward, Jane Elizabeth  1871Lanchester, County Durham, England I0693206601
5 Woodward, JohnMarwood  1871Lanchester, County Durham, England I0693205723
6 Woodward, Thomas  1871Lanchester, County Durham, England I0693206269


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armstrong / Lumley  1927Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821634
2 Bassett / Thomason  12 Apr 1904Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333806148
3 Beadling / Woodward  1 Sep 1878Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333806254
4 Blakey / Richardson  12 Jun 1813Lanchester, County Durham, England F672338928
5 Brears / Turnbull  Between Oct and Dec 1880Lanchester, County Durham, England F672801018
6 BRUNTON / Watson  Q3 1901Lanchester, County Durham, England F122015084
7 Caffery / Kelly  1897Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820324
8 Caffery / O'Kane  1933Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820438
9 Carey / Clark  1901Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820240
10 Conlin / Lumley  Dec 1916Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819044
11 Cumiskey / MacDonald  Jun 1900Lanchester, County Durham, England F14432
12 DICKSON / Caffery  1894Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821475
13 Dixon / Lumley  1894Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820680
14 Dobson / Lumley  1 Apr 1820Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819813
15 FAWCETT / Lumley  1899Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821434
16 Fellows / Simpson  1847Lanchester, County Durham, England F1944436692
17 Finlay / Cade  1904Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820653
18 Finlay / Lumley  1 Dec 1882Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819462
19 Freeman / Taylor  Mar 1913Lanchester, County Durham, England F77330482
20 Graham / Lumley  1917Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821493
21 Hand / Caffery  1908Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820467
22 Hanson / Caffery  1 Dec 1893Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820761
23 Hanson / Edmunds  1926Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820762
24 Hanson / Holt  1 Mar 1883Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819859
25 Harrand / Smith?  28 Sep 1836Lanchester, County Durham, England F14804
26 Harrison / Lumley  3 Jun 1815Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820903
27 Keogan / Lumley  1928Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820178
28 Lamb / Caffery  1897Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821400
29 Lumley / Bentick  1901Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821523
30 Lumley / Brown  1885Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820636
31 Lumley / Caffrey  1892 Q4 10a 512Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819250
32 Lumley / Lonsdale  1927Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821563
33 Lumley / Lowther  1931Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820715
34 Lumley / Moyle  1898Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820639
35 Lumley / Nixon  1927Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821708
36 Lumley / Reed  1877Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820864
37 Lumley / Roberts  1902Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820681
38 Lumley / Robson  1919Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821562
39 Lumley / RUTHERFORD  1885Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820638
40 Lumley / Sheild  1894Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820738
41 Lumley / Smith  1883Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820611
42 Lumley / Wake  1911Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820674
43 Lumley / Watson  1875Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820484
44 Lumley / Wilson  1900Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821545
45 Lumley / Wilson  1925Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333820640
46 Lumley / Wilson  1933Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821482
47 McMullen / Caffery  1906Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821788
48 Middlemast / Fawcett  1928Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333821507
49 Minto / Hanson  1 Sep 1905Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819962
50 Minto / Unknown  1 Jun 1909Lanchester, County Durham, England F3333819946

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