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Leeds, Yorkshire UK



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane R  1834Leeds, Yorkshire UK I106332
2 Armistead, Hannah Elizabeth  1867Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114097
3 Butler, Annie Lille Holgate  27 Aug 1878Leeds, Yorkshire UK I106721
4 Cunnington, Albert  1902Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110574
5 Cunnington, Catherine Annie  1900Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110573
6 Cunnington, Edward Raymond  1 Sep 1893Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110567
7 Cunnington, Eliza Wyke  26 Apr 1895Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110569
8 Cunnington, Ethel  6 Mar 1897Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110571
9 Cunnington, George William  1886Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110563
10 Cunnington, Harriet Hannah  1888Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110564
11 Cunnington, Nellie  23 Nov 1889Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110565
12 Cunnington, Robert James  1862Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110560
13 Cunnington, Robert William  1885Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110562
14 Dobson, Arthur  1894Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114053
15 Dobson, Ellis  1892Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114052
16 Dobson, John Barnsdale Keld  1897Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114054
17 Dobson, Lydia Elizabeth  1905Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114056
18 Dobson, Stanley Robert  24 Oct 1901Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114055
19 Hepton, Margaret Annie  1877Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113332
20 Isle, Charles Edmund  23 May 1897Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111541
21 Isle, Clifford  1900Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111542
22 Isle, George Edwin  1891Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111539
23 Isle, Herbert  1903Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111543
24 Longbotham, Charles Rawson  5 Mar 1873Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114675
25 Monkman, James Edward  1896Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112156
26 Moore, Theodore James  1866Leeds, Yorkshire UK I116231
27 Oxberry, James  1850Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113369
28 Oxberry, Thomas  29 Sep 1883Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113413
29 Raper, Edith A  1864Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114973
30 Reasbeck, Elizabeth  12 May 1889Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112147
31 Reasbeck, Florence Emily  28 Sep 1909Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112150
32 Reasbeck, George Arthur  2 Feb 1902Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112151
33 Reasbeck, Henry  1895Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112154
34 Reasbeck, Henry  15 Dec 1897Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112148
35 Reasbeck, James William  24 May 1893Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112149
36 Reasbeck, Mary Hannah  1890Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112153
37 Reasbeck, Mary Hilda  11 Aug 1899Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112152
38 Rodgers, Emily  1866Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112146
39 Thacker, Alfred Hodgson  26 Dec 1867Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114096
40 Thacker, Alice  1871Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114100
41 Thacker, Ellen  1869Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114099
42 Thacker, Harriet  1850Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114088
43 Thacker, Jessie  1865Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114095
44 Thacker, Jessie  1892Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114101
45 Thacker, John Henry  1857Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114092
46 Thacker, Martha Bewlay  1855Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114091
47 Thacker, Mary Ann  1851Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114089
48 Thacker, Sophia  1854Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114090
49 Wyke, Ellen  1864Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110561


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armistead, Hannah Elizabeth  1901Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114097
2 Baron, Dales  1918Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113309
3 Baron, Leonard Charles  1924Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113333
4 Baron, William Siddall  1933Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113329
5 Beanland, Reginald  1977Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114506
6 Bewlay, Jane  1861Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114076
7 Coates, Alfred Ernest  1949Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113986
8 Coates, Arthur  1945Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113941
9 Coates, Iris  1983Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114006
10 Coates, James Dukes  1972Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113985
11 Cunnington, Catherine Annie  1934Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110573
12 Cunnington, Edward Raymond  1953Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110567
13 Cunnington, Ethel  1968Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110571
14 Cunnington, Harriet Hannah  1959Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110564
15 Cunnington, Robert William  1967Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110562
16 Dobson, Arthur  1894Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114053
17 Dobson, Ellis  1893Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114052
18 Dobson, John Barnsdale Keld  1973Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114054
19 Dobson, Robert  1937Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114030
20 Dobson, Stanley Robert  1976Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114055
21 Hodgson, Elizabeth  1903Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114094
22 Isle, Charles Edmund  1970Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111541
23 Isle, Clifford  1903Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111542
24 Isle, George Edwin  1891Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111539
25 Isle, Thomas  1927Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111532
26 Isle, Thomas John  1907Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111822
27 Masting, Elizabeth  1929Leeds, Yorkshire UK I111537
28 Monkman, James Edward  1981Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112156
29 Morley, Jane Elizabeth  1961Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114051
30 Oxberry, Joseph  1927Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113373
31 Rawson, Charles Septimus  1953Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112607
32 Reasbeck, Elizabeth  1961Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112147
33 Reasbeck, George Arthur  1957Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112151
34 Reasbeck, Henry  1896Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112154
35 Reasbeck, Henry  1970Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112148
36 Reasbeck, James William  1950Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112149
37 Reasbeck, Mary Hannah  1891Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112153
38 Reasbeck, Mary Hilda  1977Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112152
39 Riches, Martha  1947Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114005
40 Rodgers, Emily  1939Leeds, Yorkshire UK I112146
41 Rouse, Aubrey  1962Leeds, Yorkshire UK I110517
42 Siddall, Frances  1924Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113305
43 Thacker, Alfred Hodgson  1950Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114096
44 Thacker, Alice  1873Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114100
45 Thacker, Elizabeth Jane  1893Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114087
46 Thacker, Henry  1889Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114077
47 Thacker, Jessie  1889Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114095
48 Thacker, Sophia  1894Leeds, Yorkshire UK I114090
49 Tomlinson, Robert Turner  1913Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113048
50 Watson, Gordon  1902Leeds, Yorkshire UK I113267


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brayshaw / Priestley  1865Leeds, Yorkshire UK F672629162
2 Clarkson / Cunnington  1920Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26122
3 Cunnington / Sunter  1919Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26120
4 Cunnington / Wyke  1884Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26118
5 Dobson / Morley  1892Leeds, Yorkshire UK F27968
6 Liversedge / Reasbeck  1914Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26691
7 Lucey / Hadring  1877Leeds, Yorkshire UK F25162
8 Moiser / Hodgson  1875Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28028
9 Reasbeck / Rodgers  1888Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26582
10 Thacker / Armistead  1891Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28002
11 Thacker / Fryer  1881Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28000
12 Thacker / Hodgson  1864Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28001
13 Thacker / Horsfall  1903Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28003
14 Tomlinson / Cunnington  1913Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26119
15 Vary / Willey  1890Leeds, Yorkshire UK F27926
16 Webster / Cunnington  1922Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26121
17 Witham / Reasbeck  1940Leeds, Yorkshire UK F26694
18 Woodcock / Featherstone  1885Leeds, Yorkshire UK F28006