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Leigh, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.19681, Longitude: 0.21523


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Leigh, Kent, England I0682587440
2 Colgate, Edward  24 Apr 1815Leigh, Kent, England I3500305558
3 Colgate, Sarah  23 Feb 1817Leigh, Kent, England I3500305551
4 Crowhurst, Elizabeth  1818Leigh, Kent, England I0680737405
5 Giles, Anslow  1847Leigh, Kent, England I77402664089886
6 May, Sarah  1768Leigh, Kent, England I3500310654
7 Sales, Alfred  1837Leigh, Kent, England I0680738196
8 Sales, Ann  1819Leigh, Kent, England I0680737410
9 Sales, Emily  1850Leigh, Kent, England I0682080509
10 Sales, George  Abt 1717Leigh, Kent, England I0682588310
11 Sales, George  1822Leigh, Kent, England I0680737472
12 Sales, Grace  Abt 1775Leigh, Kent, England I0682590927
13 Sales, Henry  1848Leigh, Kent, England I0682080369
14 Sales, Jesse  1817Leigh, Kent, England I0680737366
15 Sales, John  Abt 1680Leigh, Kent, England I0682587439
16 Sales, John  Abt 1707Leigh, Kent, England I77402311882357
17 Sales, Joseph Gilbert  Abt 1705Leigh, Kent, England I0682582658
18 Sales, Richard  1762Leigh, Kent, England I77402311884966
19 Sales, Thomas  1826Leigh, Kent, England I0680738120
20 Sales, Thomas  1851Leigh, Kent, England I0682354302
21 Sales, Walter  1851Leigh, Kent, England I0682353839
22 Sales, William  Abt 1710Leigh, Kent, England I0682588287
23 Sales, William  1760Leigh, Kent, England I77402311884955
24 Sales, William  1857Leigh, Kent, England I0682080810
25 Shoebridge, David  Abt 1801Leigh, Kent, England I08520311104
26 Upton, George  1835Leigh, Kent, England I3500304370
27 Upton, Henry  1803Leigh, Kent, England I3500310657
28 Upton, James  1808Leigh, Kent, England I3500310658
29 Upton, James  1827Leigh, Kent, England I3500304369
30 Upton, James  1838Leigh, Kent, England I3500310664
31 Upton, John  1798Leigh, Kent, England I3500310660
32 Upton, John  1819Leigh, Kent, England I3500304371
33 Upton, Maria  1840Leigh, Kent, England I3500310667
34 Upton, Mary  1805Leigh, Kent, England I3500310655
35 Upton, Mary  1832Leigh, Kent, England I3500304372
36 Upton, Richard  1804Leigh, Kent, England I3500310659
37 Upton, Stephen  1837Leigh, Kent, England I3500310666
38 Upton, Susannah  1791Leigh, Kent, England I3500310656
39 Upton, Thomas  28 Feb 1823Leigh, Kent, England I3500304368
40 Upton, William  1831Leigh, Kent, England I3500310665
41 Waller, John  Abt 1420Leigh, Kent, England I1750380650


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary Ann  1917Leigh, Kent, England I0680738205
2 Mary Ann  1917Leigh, Kent, England I77402310032299
3 Barden, Ann  21 Sep 1889Leigh, Kent, England I0680737478
4 Brown, Elizabeth  1718Leigh, Kent, England I0682587440
5 Ford, Hannah  Leigh, Kent, England I3500304367
6 Sales, Alfred  1928Leigh, Kent, England I0680738196
7 Sales, Emma  1969Leigh, Kent, England I0682356222
8 Sales, Frances  1851Leigh, Kent, England I0682077655
9 Sales, Frances  1945Leigh, Kent, England I0682356168
10 Sales, George  29 Mar 1898Leigh, Kent, England I0680737472
11 Sales, Jesse  13 Sep 1882Leigh, Kent, England I0680701007
12 Sales, John  1722Leigh, Kent, England I0682587439
13 Sales, Richard  1824Leigh, Kent, England I77402311884966
14 Sales, William  20 Jul 1835Leigh, Kent, England I77402311884955
15 Taylor, Frances  23 Oct 1880Leigh, Kent, England I0680701053
16 Upton, Thomas  28 Feb 1823Leigh, Kent, England I3500304368


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sales / Brown  1 Dec 1700Leigh, Kent, England F01825970
2 Sales / Hoare  18 Oct 1759Leigh, Kent, England F3333804456
3 Upton / Ford  23 Mar 1818Leigh, Kent, England F1345572773