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Limehouse, Middlesex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.512516, Longitude: -0.039708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Susan Elizabeth  1845Limehouse, Middlesex, England I18613
2 Armstrong, Emma Jane  1860Limehouse, Middlesex, England I18038528
3 Axe, George William  26 Sep 1905Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1016727455
4 Boss, Cecilia Dorothy  11 Jul 1899Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750120139
5 Boss, Emma Rebecca  4 Mar 1885Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124636
6 Boss, George Frederick  12 Sep 1897Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124642
7 Boss, Henry Thomas  23 Dec 1893Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124640
8 Boss, John William  Jun 1883Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124635
9 Boss, Joyce  1924Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500598625
10 Boss, Rose Elizabeth  25 Aug 1886Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124637
11 Boss, Susannah Jessie  11 Jul 1894Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124641
12 Boss, William  1817Limehouse, Middlesex, England I7738450492
13 Boss, William George  Jun 1889Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124638
14 Cole, Harry  1911Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124649
15 Cole, Olive Rebecca  11 Nov 1910Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124650
16 Greenside, Thomas  Abt 1850Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996223
17 Hayton, Anne G  Abt 1878Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750347660
18 Hayton, Henrietta  Abt 1883Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750347661
19 Hines, Charles Henry  Dec 1884Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124651
20 Hutton, Amelia E  1855Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500297436
21 Hutton, Hannah  1857Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500313321
22 Hutton, James  1855Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500313320
23 Hutton, Maria  1848Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500313319
24 Hutton, William  1845Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500313318
25 Jones, Leonard  1892Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39796
26 Norcott, Alfred ,Enoch  Abt 1859Limehouse, Middlesex, England I77400352435319
27 Norcott, Lydia  26 Oct 1872Limehouse, Middlesex, England I77400352435730
28 Norcott, Mary ,Anne ,(Agnes)  8 Mar 1877Limehouse, Middlesex, England I77400352435462
29 Preston, Elizabeth  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I7738450485
30 Preston, Thomas  1853Limehouse, Middlesex, England I7738450486
31 Sheldrake, Ernest  Abt 1884Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500302535
32 Shepherd, Emma  Abt 1855Limehouse, Middlesex, England I3500307405
33 Sleap, James  Abt 1760Limehouse, Middlesex, England I6775
34 Steer, Ephzibah  15 Nov 1888Limehouse, Middlesex, England I20380386
35 Thomas, Alice Amelia  17 Feb 1889Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39785
36 Thomas, Ann Elizabeth  1869Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39776
37 Thomas, Eliza Elizabeth  22 Jun 1852Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19670
38 Thomas, George  28 Feb 1861Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19651
39 Thomas, George  1878Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39780
40 Thomas, George Ashcroft  6 Sep 1838Limehouse, Middlesex, England I77402664111330
41 Thomas, Henry  1859Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39972
42 Thomas, John  Feb 1845Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39748
43 Thomas, John Alfred  28 Jul 1841Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19691
44 Thomas, Louisa  1871Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39778
45 Thomas, Mary Ann  1875Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39779
46 Thomas, Robert  29 Jan 1849Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19689
47 Thomas, Susannah  1846Limehouse, Middlesex, England I9655
48 Thomas, Walter  23 Apr 1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19675
49 Thomas, William  18 Jun 1844Limehouse, Middlesex, England I19690
50 Thomas, William  1846Limehouse, Middlesex, England I39749

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boss, Susannah Jessie  Between Apr-Jun 1896Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1750124641
2 Langford, Alfred William  3 Oct 1926Limehouse, Middlesex, England I77402664079892
3 Monkton, Ann Elizabeth  Between Apr-Jun 1925Limehouse, Middlesex, England I1016727405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Greenside, Elizabeth  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996214
2 Greenside, Thomas  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996223
3 Greenside, William  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996216
4 Greensitt, Elizabeth  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937710656
5 Greensitt, Grace Shirtcliff  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996219
6 Greensitt, John  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937996208
7 Greensitt, William  1851Limehouse, Middlesex, England I07937489309


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boss / Sharpe  01 Sep 1906Limehouse, Middlesex, England F672668398
2 Cole / Boss  19 Aug 1909Limehouse, Middlesex, England F672668399
3 Ennever / Thomas  4 Aug 1839Limehouse, Middlesex, England F1879
4 Hines / Boss  11 Sep 1909Limehouse, Middlesex, England F672668400
5 Nash / Boss  14 May 1910Limehouse, Middlesex, England F672668402
6 Sleap / Axe  1 Sep 1806Limehouse, Middlesex, England F3333887943
7 Thomas / Hasler  26 Nov 1887Limehouse, Middlesex, England F2552
8 Thomas / Peene  21 Mar 1864Limehouse, Middlesex, England F2550