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Liverpool, Lancashire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.410777, Longitude: -2.977838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  Abt 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9953
2 Catharine  Abt 1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England I123059620
3 Elizabeth  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18060028
4 Ellen  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I51899
5 Frances E  Abt 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748861883
6 Hannah  Abt 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I59749
7 Hannah Harriet  Abt 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748845590
8 Margaret  1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664099117
9 Martha  Abt 1829Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748861655
10 Mary  Abt 1789Liverpool, Lancashire, England I59834
11 Mary  Abt 1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9959
12 Mary  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6698
13 Abbott, Luna  Abt 1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748842331
14 Allen-Hooligan, Joseph  1 Jul 1931Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7412
15 Anderson, Thomas Carnegy  2 Feb 1832Liverpool, Lancashire, England I99529
16 Ashcroft, James  Abt 1770Liverpool, Lancashire, England I43167
17 Ashley, Augusta  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664099396
18 Ashley, Helena A  1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664099398
19 Atherley, Thomas  12 Jun 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426807
20 Atherley, William  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426806
21 Axe, John  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748585600
22 Axe, William John  1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480038994
23 Backhouse, Annie  Abt 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664088931
24 Bailey, Dorothy  1900Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041931
25 Bailey, Emily  1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041929
26 Bailey, John  1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041691
27 Bailey, John  1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041695
28 Bailey, Margaret Jane  1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041692
29 Bailey, Maud  1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480041928
30 Baines, Mary  1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664085643
31 Baker, Thomas (Tom) Stewart  Jan 1934Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7738450454
32 Bancroft, Peter Arthur  2 Jan 1934Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664110579
33 Bancroft, Samuel Herbert  18 Oct 1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664110578
34 Barlow, Mary E  1864Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664099120
35 Barrick, Adah  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002101
36 Barrick, Irene  1834Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002088
37 Barrick, Irene  1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002098
38 Barrick, Jane  1826Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002084
39 Barrick, Rhoda  1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002089
40 Barrick, Thomas Bowes  1828Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002086
41 Barrick, Thomas William Gordon  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002099
42 Barrick, William Bowes  1832Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002085
43 Barrick, Zillah  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122002087
44 Bassindale, Jean   I50933
45 Battams, Mary  Mar 1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I43635
46 Bedell, Catherine Emma  18 Aug 1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664079403
47 Bedell, ElizaMary  22 Jul 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664079396
48 Bennett, Agnes Nancy  3 Nov 1914Liverpool, Lancashire, England I674712
49 Benson, Alice  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I54294
50 Best, Mary Sarah  Abt 1817Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3499832221

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Atherley, Thomas  8 Jul 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426807
2 Axe, George  29 May 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480033273
3 Axe, Georgina  07 Nov 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480033275
4 Axe, Henry William  15 Feb 1857Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480033274
5 Harrand, Emily  15 Jan 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I69444
6 Maxton, John Purdie  9 Sep 1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I102131
7 Milner, Ada  29 Jun 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7738644488
8 Rouse, George  20 Oct 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426782
9 Ryder, James Albert  2 Jan 1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426808
10 Shearwood, Minnie Elizabeth  Apr 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7739821119
11 Torr, Edith Ann  5 Jun 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18060007
12 Torr, Percy Braithwaite  19 Oct 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18060006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen-Hooligan, Joseph  1977Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7412
2 Atherley, Henry George  18 Nov 1950Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426804
3 Atherley, Thomas  3 Jan 1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426807
4 Axe, John  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1748585600
5 Axe, William John  30 Jan 1937Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480038994
6 Backhouse, Frederic  11 Mar 1926Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1749982340
7 Bancroft, Samuel Herbert  4 Jan 1966Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664110578
8 Bedell, Catherine Emma  Between Jan-Mar 1924Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664079403
9 Bedell, ElizaMary  31 Oct 1930Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664079396
10 Bedell, John  7 Mar 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402109324900
11 Bedell, John Percival  Between Jan-Mar 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664079401
12 Bilbrough, Thomas Priestly  17 Feb 1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3500311185
13 Blakemore, Margaret Eleanor  1960Liverpool, Lancashire, England I0765996435
14 Borrill, Sarah Ann  1904Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7739821110
15 Boundy, Thomas  Dec 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402109331820
16 Boundy, Thomas  1927Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402109328335
17 Bowen, Peter  Between Jul-Sep 1942Liverpool, Lancashire, England I49123
18 Boyle, Gustave Henry  20 Aug 1924Liverpool, Lancashire, England I40543
19 Broomhead, Ellen Davies  1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480193010
20 Broomhead, John  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480192963
21 Brunskill, RobertMoss  4 Dec 1906Liverpool, Lancashire, England I656
22 Bullen, George Henry  1959Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8027
23 Bullen, Pauline Mary  18 Aug 2013Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7413
24 Burnskill, May  17 Feb 1940Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402102183051
25 Cann, Elizabeth Annie  1951Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402109329205
26 Capstick, Dorothy  21 Aug 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I729
27 Carey, Mary  1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I40000104
28 Carr, Ann  25 Dec 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352420231
29 Chartran, Elizabeth  Aft. 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664085650
30 Close, Catherine  29 Apr 1921Liverpool, Lancashire, England I657
31 Copeman, Charles Richard  Between Apr-Jun 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7738448808
32 Copeman, Constance Gertrude  Between Oct-Dec 1953Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7738448810
33 Copeman, Henry  25 May 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7738448807
34 Cramsie, Eliza  17 Aug 1981Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664225320
35 Crompton, Ralph  Abt Jun 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750403557
36 Cunningham, Catherine  1948Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8181
37 Davies, Ellen  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I480193008
38 de FRIES, Pauline Teresa  Jun 1978Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122026522
39 Ellerton, William  1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I0739562065
40 Eskdale, Alexander  Jun 1921Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18042551
41 Everitt, Charles  1986Liverpool, Lancashire, England I84892
42 Garniss, William Farrow  1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I07053388696
43 GOODYEAR, George  1954Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5117
44 Gough, Elizabeth  1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England I40000106
45 Grace, Walter Abraham  29 Apr 1921Liverpool, Lancashire, England I13922
46 Harrand, Emily  Q3 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I69441
47 Harrand, John William  Q3 1884Liverpool, Lancashire, England I69445
48 Hepple, Maud Elizabeth  26 Aug 1951Liverpool, Lancashire, England I48707
49 Hewlett, Henry Castle  1 Mar 1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18031247
50 Hewlett, John  1 Jun 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18035364

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bullen, George Henry  1959Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8027
2 Cunningham, Catherine  1948Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8181
3 Hugo, Thomas  02 Aug 1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England I40000095
4 O'Brien, Kathleen  01 Jul 1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I40000096
5 Pilcher, Arthur  1934Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8186
6 Pilcher, Maud Mary  1981Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8184
7 Pilcher, William  1991Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8187

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Menzies, John Henry  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750166336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Walter Reginald Frost  29 Sep 1959Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664091593
2 Broomhall, Benjamin Charles FRCS  21 Oct 1916Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352432054
3 Gardner, Thomas  11 Jan 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22000669
4 Gardner, Thomas  11 Jan 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22000669
5 Holker, Joseph Henry  10 Oct 1921Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664089850
6 Hunt, Mary Jane  3 Oct 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22000591
7 Northrop, Richard Knox  24 Jun 1958Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21010492
8 Parkin, Wilfred W  21 Oct 1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664082365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 MILLS, Charlotte  26 Jul 1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122020272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dyhrenfurth, Caroline  08 Nov 1820Liverpool, Lancashire, England I00000491

Birth Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 Parry, EdithM  1913Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426845
2 Rogers, Frederick Arthur Gordon  1914Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426833
3 Rouse, Alfred Price  1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Leeman or Parcisson, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I665352
2 Maw, Edith  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666302
3 Maw, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666303
4 Maw, George Herbert  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666297
5 Maw, Herbert  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666304

Death Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Registration    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Thomas Henry  Dec 1942Liverpool, Lancashire, England I31673
2 Rouse, George  Jan - Mar 1928Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
3 Rouse, William Henry  Jan-Mar 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 Andresen, Anna Christina  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21010456
2 Aspray, Owen Talbot  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664088023
3 Atkinson, Annie Backhouse  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I47259
4 Backhouse, Arthur Bernard  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664090465
5 Backhouse, Betty  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664090447
6 Backhouse, Charles  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664093105
7 Backhouse, Clifford Gerald  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664093661
8 Backhouse, Enoch  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664087993
9 Backhouse, George William  1912Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664090970
10 Backhouse, John  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I35591
11 Backhouse, Kate Isobel  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664091660
12 Collier, Matilda  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664088657
13 Collis, EdwinMartin Sr  1915Liverpool, Lancashire, England I00000698
14 Floyd, Ann  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664091728
15 Goddard, Oscar Elmo  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664080345
16 Haig, Jane Burgoyne  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664091797
17 Holker, Joseph Henry  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664089850
18 Holker, Louisa  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664092499
19 Kimball, Heber Chase  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21010362
20 Kinghorne, Lilley  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664092774
21 Martin, Samuel  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664093308
22 Morton, George Backhouse  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664093250
23 Parkin, Ann  23 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664082238
24 Parkin, Herbert  23 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664082273
25 Parkin, Patrick  23 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664082268
26 Polkey, Dorothy Wilhelmine  25 Jan 1930Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664080274
27 Reeves, Robert Albert  20 Sep 1929Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664080277
28 Robinson, HannahMary  1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22000511
29 Scruton, Charles Rigg  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I890900
30 Scruton, Charles Rigg  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I890900
31 Scruton, William  1 Aug 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I890557
32 Smedley, Joseph B  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664080306
33 Spittlehouse, Sydney  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5000329
34 Wass, John  1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664090185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Carney?, Rose Anna  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I48243
2 Ducker, Harry  31 Mar 1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1342
3 Parkin, Frederick  1 May 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I077402664082270
4 Readman, George  1913Liverpool, Lancashire, England I100175
5 Sheard, Archibald  23 Feb 1913Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402109324819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Joachim, Margaret Emily  3 Sep 1946Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122025777
2 Kelsey, James Henry  31 May 1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7739805155
3 Kelsey, Pearson Pettinger  16 Dec 1956Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750348348
4 Kelsey, Samuel John  12 May 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14385
5 Thompson, Maimie Frances  29 April 1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England I122023435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Byron, Sir Robert  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I75548
2 Haigh, Jack'the IronMan'  Between 1950 and 1952Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750358135
3 Hope, Samuel  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I43197267
4 Maw, Edith  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666302
5 Maw, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666303
6 Maw, George Herbert  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666297
7 Maw, Herbert  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I666304
8 Rouse, George  1875-1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
9 Rouse, George  1883-1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
10 Rouse, George  1892-1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
11 Torr, Percy Braithwaite  1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18060006


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I59834
2 Atkins, Timothy  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77402664090828
3 Frazer, Hannah  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750120426
4 Harrison, Mary  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750064428
5 Leggott, Alice  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008479
6 Roberts, Annie  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008482
7 Roberts, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008483
8 Roberts, Clifford Leggott  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008477
9 Roberts, Frank  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008481
10 Roberts, Hilda Clara  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008478
11 Roberts, William Henry  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008453
12 Roberts, William Leggott  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008480
13 Roberts, William White  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008476
14 Rouse, George  1873-1880Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
15 Rouse, George  Aft 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77400352426775
16 Salisbury, Americus  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1750120425
17 Smith, George William  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I0863358811
18 Wagstaff, Harriet (Hariot)  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I58830
19 Wagstaff, Richard  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I58837
20 Wagstaff, Thomas  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I58840
21 White, Catherine Isabella  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26008475
22 Wright  Liverpool, Lancashire, England I77532


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Holden  29 Sep 1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333808344
2 Apperley / Waring  1 Mar 1843Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28024086
3 Ashcroft / Nickson  Abt 1795Liverpool, Lancashire, England F4949
4 Axe / Baird  05 Jun 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1827170
5 Axe / Dean  1935Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672142216
6 Backhouse / Milligan  Q2 1932Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333816716
7 Bancroft / Turner  24 Jun 1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333823095
8 Barrick / Gordon  1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England F122002019
9 Bedell / Almgill  24 Dec 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333810821
10 Beecham / Evans  Jun 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28023038
11 Bickers / Simcock  Abt 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England F10046
12 Bilbrough / Lister  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1345574388
13 Billing / Hewlett  1 Sep 1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28023857
14 Brunyard / Hutton  28 Oct 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England F618442
15 Bullen / Pilcher  1927Liverpool, Lancashire, England F14666
16 Butler / Twidale  26 Aug 1826Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1944440780
17 Cowley / Kelly  1956Liverpool, Lancashire, England F13180
18 Cullabine / Schofield  1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1830667
19 Dawson-Yelverton / Lawrence  Abt May 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672618785
20 Deakin / Hirst  Mar 1945Liverpool, Lancashire, England F650032
21 Dycher / O'Brien  1958Liverpool, Lancashire, England F40000205
22 Ellerton /   29 Sep 1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England F01826558
23 Gladstone / Robertson   F5481
24 Grace / Unknown  15 Aug 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England F14342
25 Hewlett / Smith  1 Mar 1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28023453
26 Hewlett / Ward  1 Mar 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28024714
27 Hirst / Simpson  Liverpool, Lancashire, England F650016
28 Horabin / Houghton  24 Jul 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333813327
29 Horsley / Nolan  Jun 1925Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1345591209
30 Leggott / Cooper  Oct 1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England F4301
31 Leggott / Lancaster  Dec 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England F19555
32 Linford / Hewlett  1 Mar 1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England F28023853
33 Lumb / Peniston  1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1830464
34 Margetts / Parr   F28022589
35 Mason / Bradley  27 03 1817Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1944438599
36 Maw / Boothroyd  Sep 1970Liverpool, Lancashire, England F15294
37 Maw / Murphy  Sepr 1947Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672140958
38 Milligan / Bonner  Q4 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333816711
39 Moon / Davis  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England F828800
40 Oates / Depport   F0882993
41 Pedder /   Dec 1875Liverpool, Lancashire, England F30906
42 Perry /   Oct-Nov-Dec 1930Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333816665
43 Revill / Clayton  Between Oct and Dec 1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672312780
44 Ridgill / Clowes  Mar 1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England F123003712
45 Rouse / Pearce  9 Feb 1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1944438134
46 Ryder / Rouse  1923Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1944438137
47 Salisbury / Frazer  5 Oct 1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672667501
48 Sanders / Fairclough  May 1943Liverpool, Lancashire, England F1812589
49 Scott / Burnskill  8 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancashire, England F3333770450
50 Shillitoe / Shaw  Between Apr and Jun 1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England F672807785

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Allen-Hooligan / Bullen  1970Liverpool, Lancashire, England F5322