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Liverpool, Lancashire, UK



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chesters, Ellen  1806Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116856
2 Evans, Eliza  1836Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116839
3 Evans, Isabella  1828Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116836
4 Evans, Sarah Jane  1826Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116835
5 Evans, Susannah  1838Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116840
6 Evans, William Henry  1832Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116838
7 Garvey, Michael  20 Dec 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116841
8 Garvey, Susannah  1849Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116842
9 Hiatt, Agnes Mary  20 Oct 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116867
10 Lunt, Arthur  11 Feb 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I117120
11 McCaffley, Ann  27 Jan 1887Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116874
12 McCaffley, Arthur (Twin)  1 Jul 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116870
13 McCaffley, Edmund L.  1924Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116879
14 McCaffley, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1917Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116869
15 McCaffley, Ellen jane  8 Aug 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116873
16 McCaffley, Henry  16 Aug 1890Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116876
17 McCaffley, Henry S.  1927Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116880
18 McCaffley, Kathleen Agnes  1914Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116868
19 McCaffley, Walter James  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116871
20 McCaffley, William Henry  1843Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116865
21 McCaffley, William Henry (Twin)  01Jun 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116866
22 Morley, George Henry  4 Mar 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116844
23 Morley, George Joseph  20 Oct 1866Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116845
24 Morley, Mary Agnes  1864Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116846
25 Taylor, Charles  1838Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116861
26 Taylor, Elizabeth  1825Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116857
27 Taylor, Ellen Ann  1834Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116859
28 Taylor, Emma  1835Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116860
29 Taylor, Henry  1844Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116863
30 Taylor, Henry John  1826Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116858
31 Taylor, Ralph  1829Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116864
32 Taylor, Robert Boulton  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116862
33 Titherington, Ellen  1839Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116851
34 Titherington, Jane  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116852
35 Titherington, Robert  1836Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116849
36 Titherington, Susannah  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116850
37 Titherington, Thomas  1831Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116848


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bridson, Thomas  1971Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116430
2 Graham, Mary  1993Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116413
3 Marquis, David Astley  17 Mar 2010Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116213
4 McCaffley, William Henry  1911Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116865
5 McCrea, Elizabeth Margaret  1891Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116281
6 Middleton, Amelia  Aug 1854Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116363
7 Neaves, Charles Furlong  1974Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116331
8 Neaves, Elizabeth Ellen  1977Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116332
9 Neaves, Florence  1897Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116325
10 Neaves, George  1895Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116324
11 Neaves, John Halkett  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116301
12 Neaves, Nicholas  1979Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116338
13 Snape, Elsie  28 Feb 2016Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116211
14 Taylor, Elizabeth  Apr 1826Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116857
15 Titherington, Elizabeth Jane  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116316
16 Titherington, Ellen  Apr 1810Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116391
17 Titherington, Emma  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116360
18 Titherington, Henry  Jun 1837Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116379
19 Titherington, Isabella  Apr 1814Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116389
20 Titherington, Susannah  Apr 1798Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116383
21 Winstanley, Susannah  Jan 1827Liverpool, Lancashire, UK I116380


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garvey / Evans  1847Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29910
2 McCaffley / Garvey  1875Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29918
3 McCaffley / Hiatt  1903Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29922
4 McCaffley / Williams  1920Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29927
5 Neaves / Griffiths  1925Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29239
6 Neaves / McCrea  8 Jul 1866Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29203
7 Taylor / Chesters  1823Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29917
8 Titherington / Graham  1929Liverpool, Lancashire, UK F29316