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Liverpool, Lancashire UK



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bright, Elizabeth Phoebe  16 Oct 1863Liverpool, Lancashire UK I103819
2 Childs, Joyce Rosia  2 Apr 1918Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109409
3 Childs, Maurice Stanley  25 Feb 1920Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109410
4 Dawbarn, Frederic  25 May 1877Liverpool, Lancashire UK I106667
5 Derricutt, Mildred Joyce  1927Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109568
6 Grundy, Elizabeth Louisa  1821Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110297
7 Hamilton, Charles Hans  1837Liverpool, Lancashire UK I103879
8 Holyoake, Agnes May  1 Sep 1900Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109472
9 Holyoake, Florence Heyman  4 Jun 1892Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109471
10 Holyoake, Tom  20 Jan 1895Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109477
11 Holyoake, Tom Vernon W.  13 Oct 1923Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109504
12 Holyoake, William Knowles  18 May 1906Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109473
13 Hughan, Peter Whitehouse  1898Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110144
14 Hughes, Agnes Annie  1868Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109469
15 Johnstone, Samuel Henry Naire  18 Jun 1832Liverpool, Lancashire UK I106965
16 Malan, Esther  1874Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109429
17 McGill, Ellen  2 Apr 1889Liverpool, Lancashire UK I106713
18 McLeod, Murdoch  1837Liverpool, Lancashire UK I105253
19 Mills, Dorothy M.  1934Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109440
20 Mills, William Alexander  17 Mar 1929Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109417
21 Mulraney, Catherine May  11 Jul 1886Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109042
22 Randles, Jack  1909Liverpool, Lancashire UK I106696
23 Randles, Violet  1906Liverpool, Lancashire UK I106695
24 Reilly, Ada  1885Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109048
25 Rice, Eileen Marguerite  11 Aug 1909Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109370
26 Rice, George Henry  1878Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109367
27 Rice, George Henry  16 Apr 1904Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109369
28 Rice, Reginald Chambers  19 Oct 1899Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109368
29 Stewart, Amelia Jane  9 Jan 1831Liverpool, Lancashire UK I107273
30 Stewart, Frederick Palmer  9 May 1836Liverpool, Lancashire UK I107283
31 Stewart, Thomas Sloan  24 Sep 1834Liverpool, Lancashire UK I107282
32 Whitehead, Jane Bird  1850Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109451
33 Wilkinson, Emily Bird  1872Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109521
34 Wood, Gordon R.  1925Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109426
35 Wood, Lilliam K.  1922Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109427
36 Woodward, George Radcliffe  1811Liverpool, Lancashire UK I103498
37 Workman, Frank  24 Jul 1903Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109371
38 Wylie, Andrew James  16 Mar 1915Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109052
39 Wylie, Catherine Maria  17 May 1913Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109053
40 Wylie, Eveline  1906Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109049
41 Wylie, George  1910Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109046
42 Wylie, Gertrude  5 Feb 1907Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109043
43 Wylie, James  1871Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109087
44 Wylie, Maud  1908Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109045
45 Wylie, Robert  6 Feb 1907Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109047
46 Wylie, Robert A  1920Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109054
47 Wylie, Sarah  10 Oct 1873Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109088


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Burrows, William  2 Jan 1881Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110152
2 Hughan, Peter Whitehouse  14 Mar 1898Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110144
3 Whitehead, Jane Bird  3 Apr 1850Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109451
4 Woodward, Basil Hall  8 Apr 1850Liverpool, Lancashire UK I103567
5 Woodward, George Radcliffe  25 Jan 1849Liverpool, Lancashire UK I103566


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brade, Dora Eaton  1979Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109415
2 Burrows, Peter  1998Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110160
3 Childs, Frederick Benjamin  1991Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109401
4 Childs, George Henry  1976Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109399
5 Childs, John James  1990Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109407
6 Childs, Margaret Eva  1972Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109418
7 Childs, Maurice Stanley  1980Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109410
8 Dinnell, Margaret  1892Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109014
9 Holyoake, Agnes May  1979Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109472
10 Holyoake, Florence Heyman  1974Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109471
11 Holyoake, Tom  1983Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109477
12 Holyoake, William Knowles  1984Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109473
13 Martindale, Margaret Ann  1933Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109396
14 Pakenham, William Henry Verner  1956Liverpool, Lancashire UK I104842
15 Vidulich, John  1973Liverpool, Lancashire UK I108833
16 Wakefield, Arthur Henry  1974Liverpool, Lancashire UK I110165
17 Wood, Emily Beatrice  2006Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109421
18 Wylie, Andrew  1934Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109035
19 Wylie, Henry Alexander  1972Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109033
20 Wylie, Leah  1905Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109338
21 Wylie, Phyllis  1996Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109057
22 Wylie, Sarah  1875Liverpool, Lancashire UK I109088


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Childs / Woodward  1925Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25844
2 Merivale / Bright  1889Liverpool, Lancashire UK F24202
3 Parkes / Wylie  1931Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25832
4 Rice / Wylie  1898Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25829
5 Simon / Childs  1923Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25843
6 Vidulich / Middleton  1939Liverpool, Lancashire UK F26021
7 Woodward / Bland  11 Oct 1856Liverpool, Lancashire UK F24096
8 Wylie / Marr  1911Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25824
9 Wylie / Reilly  1905Liverpool, Lancashire UK F25747