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Measham, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 52.7064, Longitude: -1.50674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dorothy  1693Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001724
2 Elizabeth  1690Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001718
3 Emma  1635Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001857
4 Maria  1664Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001728
5 Barton, Anne  1635Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001736
6 Barton, Eleanor  1661Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001722
7 Bourne, Mary  1694Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001726
8 Burn, Moses  1631Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001858
9 Burn, Moses  1685Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001860
10 Burn, Thomas  1610Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001866
11 Burn, Thomas  1657Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001734
12 Burn, Thomas  1696Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001727
13 Burne, Elizabeth  1699Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001863
14 Burne, Sarah  12 Aug 1722Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001716
15 Dennis, Ann  19 Jan 1723Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001731
16 Dennis, Henery  22 Jan 1692Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001870
17 Dennis, John  30 Mar 1689Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001725
18 Dennis, Sarah  1742Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001704
19 Dennis, Thomas  1660Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001729
20 Dennis, Thomas  13 Mar 1686Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001871
21 Dennis, Thomas  Oct 1716Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001730
22 Dennis, William  5 Jan 1728Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001732
23 Evans, Ann  1780Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001828
24 Evans, John  1730Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001827
25 Evans, Mary  1795Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
26 Evans, Richard  May 1758Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001543
27 Evans, William  20 Sep 1784Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001829
28 Harris, Thomas  Abt 1832Measham, Derbyshire, England I77402664088894
29 Haywood, Samuel  Abt 1802Measham, Derbyshire, England I713286
30 Jones, Sarah  Apr 1716Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001518
31 Mather, Sarah  1661Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001733
32 Pass, Hannah  1712Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001714
33 Spare, Anne  1721Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001832
34 Whitworth, Anne  1768Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001502
35 Whitworth, Elizabeth  Abt 1770Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001711
36 Whitworth, Samuel  Sep 1739Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001708
37 Wildman, Henry  5 Jan 1767Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001503
38 Wildman, John  4 Mar 1638Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001737
39 Wildman, John  21 Aug 1664Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001723
40 Wildman, John  1743Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001705
41 Wildman, Samuel  1714Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001715
42 Wildman, Thomas  1688Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001719
43 Wileman, John  6 May 1794Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001500
44 Wright, Anne  1753Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001838
45 Wright, Anthony  1728Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001831
46 Wright, James  1759Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001839
47 Wright, Joseph  1705Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001835
48 Wright, Joseph  1744Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001836
49 Wright, Mary  Jan 1758Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001542
50 Wright*, Sarah  1746Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Haywood, Samuel  13 Sep 1802Measham, Derbyshire, England I713286


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dorothy  19 Sep 1767Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001724
2 Emma  1666Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001857
3 Maria  5 Feb 1722Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001728
4 Barton, Eleanor  Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001722
5 Burn, Moses  1743Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001860
6 Burn, Thomas  1701Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001734
7 Burne, Sarah  1817Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001716
8 Dennis, Ann  17 May 1724Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001731
9 Dennis, Henery  26 Jul 1702Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001870
10 Dennis, Henry  1813Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001717
11 Dennis, John  16 Sep 1728Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001725
12 Dennis, Sarah  1825Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001704
13 Dennis, Thomas  25 May 1687Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001871
14 Dennis, Thomas  5 Feb 1722Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001729
15 Haywood, Samuel  1882Measham, Derbyshire, England I713286
16 Mather, Sarah  4 Jul 1714Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001733
17 Whitworth, Anne  10 Jan 1837Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001502
18 Wildman, Henry  7 Jan 1839Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001503
19 Wildman, John  Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001723
20 Wildman, John  1826Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001705
21 Wildman, Thomas  1732Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001719
22 Wileman, John  Abt 1855Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001500


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Burn, Thomas  25 Aug 1696Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001727
2 Burne, Sarah  12 Aug 1722Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001716
3 Dennis, Henry  14 Dec 1718Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001717
4 Dennis, John  31 Mar 1689Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001725
5 Dennis, Sarah  1743Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001704
6 Evans, Mary  1 Mar 1795Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
7 Evans, Richard  28 May 1758Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001543
8 Pass, Hannah  6 Jan 1712Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001714
9 Whitworth, Anne  28 Aug 1768Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001502
10 Whitworth, Samuel  16 Sep 1739Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001708
11 Wildman, Henry  5 Jan 1767Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001503
12 Wildman, John  13 Mar 1742Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001705
13 Wildman, Samuel  16 May 1714Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001715
14 Wildman, Thomas  12 Aug 1688Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001719
15 Wileman, Ann  1821Measham, Derbyshire, England I22000970
16 Wileman, John  11 May 1794Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001500
17 Wright, Anthony  7 Dec 1728Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001831
18 Wright, Mary  15 Jan 1758Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001542


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Evans, Mary  1841Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
2 Evans, Mary  1851Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
3 Evans, Mary  1861Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
4 Evans, Mary  1871Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001501
5 Wileman, John  1841Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001500
6 Wileman, John  1851Measham, Derbyshire, England I22001500


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burn / Bourne  1721Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000363
2 Burn / Mather  12 Jun 1682Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000395
3 Dennis /   1685Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000399
4 Evans / Wright  1780Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000385
5 Haywood / Wildman  8 Jun 1802Measham, Derbyshire, England F617866
6 Wildman / Dennis  5 Nov 1761Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000357
7 Wildman / Pass  12 May 1737Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000358
8 Wileman / Evans  5 Nov 1814Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000285
9 Wright / Spare  12 Dec 1742Measham, Derbyshire, England F22000388