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Messingham, Lincolnshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.52824, Longitude: -0.653611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allise  Abt 1829Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71050
2 Amelia  Abt 1812Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748839215
3 Ann  Abt 1845Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I11854
4 Christiana  Abt 1863Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I16207
5 Elizabeth  Abt 1788Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I59681
6 Elizabeth  Abt 1824Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750247261
7 Hannah  Abt 1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767257
8 Hannah  Abt 1808Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748842092
9 Mary  Abt 1805Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480095556
10 Mary  Abt 1829Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I100667
11 Sarah  Abt 1802Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748846735
12 Sarah  1908Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745089
13 Ashley, Elizabeth  Abt 1885Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I41295
14 Axe, SusannahMay  11 Jan 1895Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480039039
15 Bassindale, Elizabeth  1715Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709299
16 Bassindale, Frances  1720Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709306
17 Baxtindale (Bassindale), William  Bef 17 May 1706Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709412
18 Benson, Ann  1778Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103709
19 Benson, Ann  1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192660
20 Benson, David  1799Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192657
21 Benson, David  28 Dec 1856Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I121052110
22 Benson, Elizabeth  1795Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103707
23 Benson, George  Abt 1715Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50439
24 Benson, George  22 Jun 1740Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50437
25 Benson, George  1774Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50438
26 Benson, Hannah  1784Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103710
27 Benson, Hannah  1802Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192654
28 Benson, James  1780Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103705
29 Benson, James  1781Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103706
30 Benson, Mary  1800Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103712
31 Benson, Richard  1776Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103708
32 Benson, Richard  1810Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192659
33 Benson, Richard  Dec 1877Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I121025732
34 Benson, Sarah  4 May 1758Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745083
35 Benson, Sarah  Abt 1801Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I30718
36 Benson, Sarah  1801Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192658
37 Benson, William  1812Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50445
38 Betts, Ann  1727Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627410
39 Betts, Dorothy  1699Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627413
40 Betts, Elizabeth  1692Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627411
41 Betts, Elizabeth  1725Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627409
42 Betts, Maragret  1700Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627412
43 Betts, Mary  1723Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I627408
44 Betts, Mary  Aug 1762Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625703
45 Betts, Thomas  1769Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625931
46 Bingley, Hannah  Abt 1821Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748846046
47 Bond, Edith  Abt 1873Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I95452
48 Booth, Alice  21 Oct 1745Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748847294
49 Booth, Alice Booth  9 Sep 1705Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480095826
50 Booth, Dorothy  6 Sep 1707Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480095827

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ann  5 Feb 1777Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103664
2 Bassindale, Ann  16 Jan 1747Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709277
3 Bassindale, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1833Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748854519
4 Bassindale, Samuel  31 Jan 1836Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748854515
5 Bates, Ann  23 Feb 1819Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750247966
6 Bates, George  22 Aug 1821Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750247967
7 Bates, Mary  17 Apr 1824Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479355115
8 Benson, Ann  03 Sep 1778Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103709
9 Benson, Ann  08 Sep 1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192660
10 Benson, David  30 Jun 1799Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192657
11 Benson, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1795Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103707
12 Benson, George  13 Jul 1774Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50438
13 Benson, Hannah  19 Nov 1784Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103710
14 Benson, Hannah  16 Nov 1802Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192654
15 Benson, James  12 Apr 1780Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103705
16 Benson, James  17 Nov 1781Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103663
17 Benson, James  17 Nov 1781Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103706
18 Benson, Mary  12 Oct 1800Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103712
19 Benson, Richard  02 Mar 1776Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480103708
20 Benson, Richard  28 Dec 1810Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192659
21 Benson, Sarah  26 Apr 1801Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480192658
22 Benson, William  27 May 1812Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50445
23 Betts, Mary  17 Aug 1762Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625703
24 Broderick, George  3 May 1838Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7738450510
25 Burrell, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1839Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891171
26 Burrell, George  10 Jul 1836Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891164
27 Burrell, Harriet  21 Jan 1832Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499874157
28 Burrell, Joseph  1 May 1838Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891170
29 Burrell, Louisa  10 Nov 1839Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891172
30 Cawkwell, Eliza Jane  17 Mar 1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625417
31 Cawkwell, Henry  9 Nov 1856Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625365
32 Cawkwell, James  4 Aug 1839Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625506
33 Cawkwell, John  4 Mar 1846Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625502
34 Cawkwell, Joseph  1 Dec 1811Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625541
35 Cawkwell, Martha  8 May 1799Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625676
36 Cawkwell, Mary Ann  12 Dec 1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I626274
37 Cawkwell, Sarah  12 Dec 1802Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625677
38 Coggan, Martha  20 Jul 1834Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I51409
39 Fields, Susannah  10 Jun 1811Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
40 Fish, Ann  26 Jul 1813Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246139
41 Fish, Helen  31 Oct 1803Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246135
42 Fish, Jane  21 Jul 1808Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246138
43 Fish, Mary  15 Apr 1793Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246136
44 Fish, Mary  8 Jul 1806Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246137
45 Fish, Valentine  14 Mar 1801Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I17408
46 Fox, George  11 Nov 1829Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748857072
47 Fox, Martha  8 Apr 1828Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748857070
48 Glew, Ann  20 Jan 1813Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7098278041
49 Glew, Mary  20 Jan 1813Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7098278042
50 Godfrey, Elizabeth  15 Jun 1813Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625362

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1935Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745089
2 Baxtindale, Edward  Jan 1723Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709291
3 Bouldram, Hestor  Jan 1716Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750129717
4 Brackenbury, Emma  Oct 1953Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I744951
5 Burrell, Joseph  30 Sep 1838Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891170
6 Cawkwell, James  Jul 1856Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625329
7 Cawkwell, Joseph  1839Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625687
8 Fish, Mary  Bef 1806Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750246136
9 Godfrey, Elizabeth  Feb 1887Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625362
10 Godfrey, William  Sep 1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625547
11 Hall, William  24 Apr 1873Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480095162
12 Leeman, Anne  Feb 1781Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750126929
13 Leeman, Elizabeth  Bef Oct 1795Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750126538
14 Leeman, Elizabeth  Apr 1869Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750126539
15 Lindley, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1813Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748516593
16 Major, Robert  14 Dec 1844Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I480095154
17 Markham, Jane  Jan 1837Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625338
18 Mason, William  24 Feb 1786Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891229
19 Maw, John  13 Nov 1922Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767646
20 Park, Elizabeth  Jan 1723Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I711464
21 Rainforth, Rebecca  17 Apr 1790Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I50605
22 Ross, Frederick  1967Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I744957
23 Ross, Jack  May 1946Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745066
24 Scutt, Ann Elizabeth  Oct 1935Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745086
25 Smith, Elizabeth  7 Jul 1887Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I77400352419766
26 Spilman, Catherine  Abt 1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I30832
27 Spilman, Jane  17 Jul 1919Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I30899
28 Stow, James  1921Messingham, Lincolnshire, England  I7738450445
29 Taylor, Eliza  14 Nov 1921Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767647
30 Wakefield, Elizabeth  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625688
31 Walker, Hannah  Jan 1863Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625548
32 Watkinson, Hannah  Mar 1830Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1750346856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bassindale, Thomas  28 May 1832Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709400
2 Cawkwell, James  16 Jul 1856Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625329
3 Godfrey, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1887Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625362
4 Godfrey, William  10 Sep 1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625547
5 Markham, Jane  16 Jan 1837Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625338
6 Scutt, Ann Elizabeth  Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745086
7 Stow or Mason, Frances  Jun 1926Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I69029
8 Walker, Hannah  5 Jan 1863Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bassindale, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1715Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709299
2 Bassindale, Thomas  26 Feb 1770Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709400
3 Bassindale, Thomas  26 Feb 1770Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I709400
4 Fowler, Rebecca  03 Jul 1781Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I744978
5 Lockwood, Sarah  24 Jul 1762Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I41411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767663
2 Elizabeth  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767663
3 Mary  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767682
4 Mary  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767682
5 Mary  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767682
6 Cawkwell, James  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I625329
7 Fields, Susannah  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
8 Fields, Susannah  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
9 Fields, Susannah  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
10 Fields, Susannah  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
11 Fields, Susannah  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767694
12 Hall, Martha  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766950
13 Maw, Alice  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767650
14 Maw, Alice  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767650
15 Maw, Ann  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
16 Maw, Ann  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
17 Maw, Ann  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
18 Maw, Annie  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767238
19 Maw, Annie  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767238
20 Maw, Arthur  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767671
21 Maw, Arthur  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767666
22 Maw, Arthur  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767671
23 Maw, Arthur  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767666
24 Maw, Arthur  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767671
25 Maw, Arthur Platt  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
26 Maw, Arthur Platt  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
27 Maw, Arthur Platt  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
28 Maw, Arthur Platt  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
29 Maw, Dinah  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767706
30 Maw, Edward  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767690
31 Maw, Eliza  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766786
32 Maw, Eliza  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767669
33 Maw, Eliza  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767669
34 Maw, Elizabeth  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767707
35 Maw, Elizabeth  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767708
36 Maw, Elizabeth  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767704
37 Maw, Elizabeth  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767648
38 Maw, Elizabeth  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767648
39 Maw, Ernest  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767651
40 Maw, Fields  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
41 Maw, Fields  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
42 Maw, Fields  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
43 Maw, Fields  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
44 Maw, Frank  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767652
45 Maw, Fred  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767656
46 Maw, Fred  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767656
47 Maw, George  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479770395
48 Maw, George  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
49 Maw, George  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
50 Maw, George  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767654

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Mary  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767682
2 Mary  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767682
3 Cook, William  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1749277357
4 Lindley, Richard  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748847679
5 Maltby, William  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I21871
6 Maw, Ann  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
7 Maw, Ann  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
8 Maw, Ann  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767695
9 Maw, Annie  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767238
10 Maw, Arthur  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767671
11 Maw, Arthur  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767671
12 Maw, Arthur Platt  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
13 Maw, Arthur Platt  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
14 Maw, Arthur Platt  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
15 Maw, Arthur Platt  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767668
16 Maw, Edward  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767690
17 Maw, Eliza  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766786
18 Maw, Fields  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
19 Maw, Fields  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
20 Maw, Fields  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
21 Maw, Fields  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767653
22 Maw, George  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
23 Maw, George  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
24 Maw, George  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767654
25 Maw, George  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
26 Maw, George  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767654
27 Maw, George  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767662
28 Maw, Jane  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767702
29 Maw, Jane  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767702
30 Maw, John  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766949
31 Maw, John  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767646
32 Maw, John  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766949
33 Maw, John  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767680
34 Maw, John  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767646
35 Maw, John  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767646
36 Maw, John  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767646
37 Maw, John Fields  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767674
38 Maw, Mary Elizabeth  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479772667
39 Maw, Robert  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767667
40 Maw, Robert  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766598
41 Maw, Robert  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767667
42 Maw, Robert  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479766598
43 Maw, Robert  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767667
44 Maw, Robert  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767699
45 Maw, Robert  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767667
46 Maw, Robert  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767667
47 Maw, Robert  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767677
48 Maw, Sarah Ann  1891Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767655
49 Maw, Sarah Ann  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767655
50 Maw, Susannah  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I479767701

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allise  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71050
2 Allise  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71050
3 Booth, Mary  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748847287
4 Elsome, Allice  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71056
5 Elsome, Frank  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71055
6 Elsome, James  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71049
7 Elsome, James  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71049
8 Elsome, James  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71054
9 Elsome, John  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71051
10 Elsome, Mary Elizabeth  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71057
11 Elsome, Sarah  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I70992
12 Elsome, Thomas  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71053
13 Elsome, Thomas  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71053
14 Elsome, William  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71052
15 Elsome, William  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I71052
16 Frow, Sarah Ann  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07023203508
17 Frow, Sarah Ann  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07023203508
18 Gravnyer (Grosvenour), Martin  Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7739821062
19 Hiles, Alice M  1901Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07024080374
20 Hiles, Henry  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07023202906
21 Hiles, William Henry  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07023201927
22 Hunsley, Fergus  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I77402664082966
23 Lindley, Sarah  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748516597
24 Lindley, Susannah  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748516594
25 Lindley, Thomas  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I1748516598
26 Lockwood, Sarah  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745047
27 Lockwood, William  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745045
28 Marshall, Sarah Ann  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I745039
29 Platt, Westoby  1841Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I77400352426274
30 Platts, William  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I439
31 Richardson, Elizabeth Thomason  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I06718247946
32 Richardson, Henry  1881Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I06568298275
33 Stanewell, John  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7001651090
34 Stanewell (Stannewell), William  1851Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I7001651087
35 Tindall, Eleanor  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I3499891178
36 Tindall, Harriet  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I84626
37 Tindall, Mary Jane  1871Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I84622
38 Truelove, George  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07363036741
39 Truelove, Not Named  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I07363036744
40 Whiteley, HannahMaria  1861Messingham, Lincolnshire, England I60791


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arrand / Stow or Mason  28 Jul 1915Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F14619
2 Bassindale / Lions  27 Aug 1715Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F271359
3 Bassindale / Smith  26 Jun 1848Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1389330865
4 Bassindale / Taylor  16 Jul 1789Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F271946
5 Bassindale / Vason  2 May 1769Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F272135
6 Bassindale / Watts  9 Oct 1740Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F272151
7 Bates / Bassindale  24 Apr 1827Messingham, Lincolnshire, England  F1943989585
8 Benson / Fowler  29 Sep 1784Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1897457
9 Benson / Francis  14 Jul 1772Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F29415
10 Benson / Lockwood  31 Oct 1799Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1897448
11 Benson / Rainforth  8 Sep 1735Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F29418
12 Benson / Sowersby  10 Jan 1799Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1976698
13 Betts / Gibson  22 May 1722Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247962
14 Betts / Rhodes  2 May 1689Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247963
15 Betts / Thompson  15 Oct 1761Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247881
16 Booth / Key  21 May 1733Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1841536
17 Booth / Stevenson  29 Nov 1704Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1841537
18 Broderick / Clark  5 Mar 1838Messingham, Lincolnshire, England  F1943989787
19 Burtwistle / Cawthorne  29 Nov 1880Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1943987042
20 Caldicott / Coulbeck  24 Dec 1917Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F81810
21 Cawkwell / Godfrey  1 Feb 1838Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247678
22 Cawkwell / Markham  21 Jun 1798Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247751
23 Cawkwell / Wakefield  15 May 1798Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247872
24 Collinson / Lockwood  1843Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672539074
25 Collinson / Readhead  1850Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672539076
26 Drewery / Ross  Dec 1912Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F553392
27 Dudding / STOCKS  9 Aug 1647Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1345607296
28 Emerson / Caldicott  27 Sep 1915Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F74944
29 Foster / Bates  22 Nov 1852Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F719102
30 Godfrey / Walker  16 Jun 1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247770
31 Hasselby / Taylor  28 Aug 1747Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F4174
32 HILL / Cawkwell  1820Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247870
33 Hilton / Godfrey  30 May 1836Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F247838
34 Hunter / Davy  09 Jun 1791Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1346103856
35 Lindley / Leves  22 Sep 1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672142239
36 Lockwood / Booth  19 May 1807Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672312314
37 Lockwood / Hack  24 Nov 1757Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F28410
38 Lockwood / Hearsley  8 Oct 1731Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F31017
39 Lockwood / Hornsby  27 Nov 1759Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F28412
40 Lockwood / Middleton  13 Feb 1831Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672308842
41 Lockwood / Pycock  8 Jan 1811Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F3291
42 Lockwood / Witham  21 May 1793Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672307155
43 Marshall / Burrell  21 Jul 1836Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1345480208
44 Mason / Jepson  20 May 1779Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F1345480225
45 Maw / Fields  29 Dec 1834Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F849734
46 Maw / Kirgath  28 May 1745Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F121008515
47 Parkin / Gillatt  25 Jul 1850Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F27393
48 Peart / Caldicot  27 Aug 1883Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F272391
49 Popplewell / Green  08 Aug 1858Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672524183
50 Popplewell / Hallifield  26 Jan 1854Messingham, Lincolnshire, England F672804637

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