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Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England



Latitude: 54.57301, Longitude: -1.23791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane Ann  Abt 1863Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1748899080
2 Mary  Abt 1851Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7738449961
3 Addison, Harry  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277029
4 Addison, John T  1899Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277520
5 Aithwaite, George   I27733
6 Alder, Ida Grace  1877Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277098
7 Arnold, Thomas  1840Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I22000120
8 Athey, Charles William  Abt 1904Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I18043252
9 Athey, Charles William Jeffrey   I18043261
10 Athey, DorisM   I18043254
11 Athey, Eva Annie  Mar 1900Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I18043251
12 Athey, George Frederick   I18043257
13 Athey, Jeffrey   I18043258
14 Athey, Mary Emma  Jun 1907Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I18043253
15 Athey, Michael   I18043259
16 Athey, Peter   I18043256
17 Axe, JoshuaMichael   I480085701
18 Bage, George W   I3500640495
19 Bailey, William  1883Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I480097407
20 Baker, John Robert  Sep 1899Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000029
21 Baker, Muriel Peggy  10 Nov 1921Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000032
22 Baldwin, John Henry  1873Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277334
23 Baldwin, Louisa  1900Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277422
24 Ballen, Annie  1884Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277114
25 Ballen, Elizabeth  1887Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277057
26 Ballen, George T  1864Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277355
27 Ballen, George Thomas  1890Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277503
28 Ballen, Jane  1886Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277049
29 Barker, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jun 1882Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I82162
30 Barnard, Lydia Jane  1852Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I701186
31 Beckett, AmandaMaria   I96086798
32 Beckett, Hannah Louise   I20839503
33 Beckett, Ian Ross Paul   I48900277
34 Beckett, Michael Paul Anthony   I66011240
35 Beckett, Rhiannon Judith   I42046538
36 Bell, Arthur   I77402664100960
37 Bell, Colin   I77402664100959
38 Birks, Arthur Horace  Abt 1883Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750245551
39 Birks, Evelyn Charlotte  Abt 1888Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750245552
40 Birks, HildaMary  Abt 1885Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750245553
41 Birks, Walter Hutton  Abt 1880Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750245554
42 Blakey, Mary Annie  Abt 1869Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1748920471
43 Blenkey, Christopher  Abt 1852Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750203749
44 Blenkey, Florence Ada  Abt 1883Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750203753
45 Blenkey, John  Abt 1860Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750250702
46 Blenkey, Margaret  Abt 1870Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750195773
47 Blenkey, Mary Louisa  Abt 1872Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750203752
48 Blenkey, Thomas Henry  Abt 1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750203754
49 Bloom, Matilda Naomi  Mar 1876Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I67939
50 Bloom, SareptaMary  Dec 1877Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I67940

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brown, Thomas Wheatley  10 May 1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I64562387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arran, Fred  Q4 1944Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I69714
2 Arrand, George Henry  Feb 1886Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500287641
3 Backhouse, Charles William  1953Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088021
4 Boothby, Frances Ann  Between Jul-Sep 1921Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426951
5 Boothby, Frances Ann  Between Oct-Dec 1962Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750874855
6 Boothby, John William  1951Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7739821450
7 Boothby, John William  Jan 2000Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426745
8 Boothby, Marjorie  1912Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7739821452
9 Boothby, Millie  Feb 1999Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352429170
10 Boothby, Olive Joyce  Between Apr-Jun 1982Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426952
11 Boothby, Peter  16 Feb 2012Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352427037
12 Boothby, Ronald William  Feb 2005Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426678
13 Boothby, Thomas Henry  Jan 1998Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426746
14 Boynton, Catherine Van Allwarden  Apr 1882-Jun 1882Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7739800445
15 Bulmer, Frances  Q4 1891Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500287639
16 Castelow, Frances  Between Jan-Mar 1957Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I64129
17 Chilvers, Humphrey John  Mar 1929Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109528
18 Clark, Sarah Ann  Apr 1913Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109538
19 Colley, George William  02 Jul 1989Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479200547
20 Comer, Ida Ann  1951Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277560
21 Cooper, Isobel  6 Aug 1949Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277113
22 Dalton, James  Between Jan-Mar 1969Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I44640
23 Docherty, Jeannie Lindsay  1985Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1748693234
24 Dodsworth, Alan  Between Oct-Dec 1963Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352428691
25 Dodsworth, Henry  Between Jul-Sep 1925Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352428687
26 Dodsworth, John  Between Apr-Jun 1907Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I480033265
27 Dodsworth, John William  Between Jan-Mar 1926Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I480033266
28 Dodsworth, Laura  Between Jan-Mar 1928Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352428688
29 Dodsworth, Thomas Henry  Between Apr-Jun 1894Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7738447893
30 Dodsworth, Thomas Henry W  Between Oct-Dec 1942Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1749762434
31 Drury, Thomas  Mar 1918Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109649
32 Eastgate, John William  Between Jul-Sep 1965Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426673
33 Foster, Henry  Sep 1870Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479355606
34 Foxton, Mabel E  Dec 1927Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000137
35 Frank, Hannah Pease  May 1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I18040250
36 FROUDE, Mary  Sep 1927Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7264
37 Gallagher, Maria  1910Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I480039586
38 Gledhill, Sarah Ann  23 Nov 1916Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I08164982176
39 Graham, Eleanor  Apr 1994Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352427036
40 Graham, Margaret Rose  2002Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479206742
41 Heaney, James  Mar 1952Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640370
42 Hughes, Richard  Mar 1972Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640193
43 Hutton, Charlotte  06 Oct 1866Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1748860298
44 Ilsley, Alfred Louis  Dec 1917Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I18041755
45 Johnson, Florence May  Between Jan-Mar 1979Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426744
46 Kelsey, Derek BP  Aug 2003Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640083
47 Kelsey, Eric Lyon  Jun 1903Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7739832612
48 Kelsey, Sarah Ann  Mar 1959Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640051
49 Kenley, Privacyrequested  Yes, date unknownMiddlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277221
50 Lamb, Gladys  Between Jan-Mar 1915Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59464

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Arrand, George Henry  14 Feb 1886Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500287641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Harrison, John  6 Nov 1853Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I28290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bray, D'Arcy Arthur  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772596
2 Bray, Edwin  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772593
3 Bray, Eric  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772598
4 Bray, Frank  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772582
5 Bray, Isabella  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772597
6 Deacon, Sarah Helena  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772594
7 Whitfield, Eliza  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277120
8 Whitfield, Eliza  1891Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277120
9 Whitfield, Gladys  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I7098277073


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bray, Frank  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479772582
2 Foster, Henry  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I479355606
3 Heaney, James  2 Apr 1911Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640370
4 Lightfoot, John  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750247961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ann  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06859647538
2 Frances  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000479
3 Mary  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110499
4 Mary  1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110499
5 Baker, James Henry  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000027
6 Baker, John Robert  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000029
7 Baker, Mary Ann  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000031
8 Baker, Violet  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I59000035
9 Brodigan, James  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750123121
10 Brodigan, James  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750123121
11 Brodigan, Michael  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I1750123144
12 Chilvers, Humphrey John  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109528
13 Flatters, Abraham  1841Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I78464
14 Grimstead, Samuel  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109744
15 Grimstead, Samuel  1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109744
16 Grimstead, Samuel  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109744
17 Grinsted, Sarah  1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109747
18 Heaney, Mary Eveline  2 Apr 1911Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500642066
19 Heaney, Patrick  2 Apr 1911Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500642065
20 Langford, Andrew  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I05880744625
21 Langford, Beatrice  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07072560829
22 Langford, Edith Clive  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07072562989
23 Langford, Frank  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07072562987
24 Langford, Fred  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07072562988
25 Marshall, Barbara A  1891Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I890954
26 Marshall, Barbara A  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I890954
27 Martin, Mary E  1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07072560827
28 Meek, John  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I50576
29 Morrall, George  1851Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06853212024
30 Morrall, George  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06853212024
31 Morrall, George  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06853212024
32 Morrall, John G  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07095973789
33 Morrall, Samuel J  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I07095973773
34 Morrall, Sarah Ann  1851Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06853173706
35 Morrall, Sarah Ann  1861Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I06853173706
36 Oake, Mary Ann  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110033
37 Pentney, Mary Ann  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I50599
38 Sands, Robert  1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110174
39 Sands, Thomas Edward  1871Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110177
40 Shipley, Isabella  2 Apr 1911Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I3500640100
41 Usher, Fanny  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000437
42 Usher, George  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000438
43 Usher, Isaac  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000440
44 Usher, Jacob  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000441
45 Usher, JamesM  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000442
46 Usher, Joseph  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000443
47 Usher, Richard  1881Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England I104000445


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aithwaite / James  25 Jul 1880Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F7367
2 Athey / Hepburn  Sep 1927Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F28026790
3 Athey / Mack   F28026791
4 Athey / May  Dec 1894Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F28026789
5 Baldwin / Whitfield  1898Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1389231753
6 Beckett / Johnstone   F32598444
7 Bell / Semper  1930Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333820626
8 Boothby / Graham   F1944438206
9 Boothby / Johnson  Between Apr-Jun 1917Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1944438122
10 Boothby / Marron  Between Oct-Dec 1939Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F14272
11 Boothby / Towell  1939Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F14269
12 Boothby / Waldron   F18108
13 Boothby / Wood   F14291
14 Brown / Lockey   F45168127
15 Brunton / Gibbon  Jun 1954Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F21554
16 Chessman / Wetherill  Between Oct-Dec 1894Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1944438481
17 Chilvers / Grinsted  Jun 1883Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333822504
18 Dodsworth / Stewart  Between Jul-Sep 1924Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1944438716
19 Dodsworth / Wheatley  Between Jul-Sep 1909Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F672502134
20 Duchars / Meredith  1890Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333820785
21 Eastgate / Manton  Between Jul-Sep 1934Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1944438884
22 Fellows / Heaney  1937Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1345769526
23 Ford / Darbyshire  1908Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333820007
24 Forrest / Dodsworth  Between Jul-Sep 1902Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F12872
25 Glennie / Boothby   F17969
26 Glover / Whitfield  1912Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1389231758
27 Green / Thomas  Dec 1895Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1070
28 Green / Whitfield  1875Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1389231737
29 Guest / Littlewood  14 Mar 1931Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333884277
30 Hargreaves / Billany  Between Oct and Dec 1877Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F672338923
31 Harris / Colley   F619091
32 Hart / Semper  1923Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333820650
33 Holmes / Bailey  1 Dec 1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F19020686
34 Holmes / Bartle  1 Dec 1901Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F19020547
35 Holtby / Barnard  15 May 1883Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F700461
36 Holtby / Haith   F100432
37 Jackson / Barrowcliff  Jun 1891Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F18674
38 Jaques / Harrison  Sep 1905Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1818331
39 Jenkinson / Kelsey   F1345769404
40 Kelsey / Kelsey  14 Jun 1921Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F3333813693
41 Kelsey / Ledgerwood  Mar 1906Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1345769439
42 Kelsey / Pine  Mar 1914Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1345769441
43 Kelsey / Rogers   F1345769367
44 Loosemore / Johnston  1906Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1389231751
45 Maister / Green  Mar 1912Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F28026077
46 Milburn / Whitfield  1898Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1389231754
47 Newsam / Boothby   F14290
48 Purdy / Gilbraith  Jun 1917Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1345769448
49 Readman /   Between Jan and Mar 1891Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F672324103
50 Readman / Gatenby  Dec 1899Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England F1943989609

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