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Middlesex, England


Notes: Old English Middelseaxe "Middle Saxons" "Kingdom of the Middle Saxons"

Latitude: 44.29277, Longitude: -72.67935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1811Middlesex, England I1750123339
2 Anna  Abt 1777Middlesex, England I86119
3 AnnaMaria  1801Middlesex, England I36997
4 Charlotta  Abt 1838Middlesex, England I744322
5 Elizabeth  1781Middlesex, England I1750123341
6 Elizabeth  1835Middlesex, England I18655
7 Hannah  Abt 1801Middlesex, England I39625
8 Margaret  Abt 1622Middlesex, England I77402664227559
9 Mary  Abt 1834Middlesex, England I77400352436218
10 Mary  1842Middlesex, England I77402664103301
11 Rebecca  1821Middlesex, England I18007093
12 Akers, Tiffany   I7001647421
13 Allan, Amy  1889Middlesex, England I18025668
14 Allan, Charlotte  1886Middlesex, England I18021465
15 Allan, Thomas  1890Middlesex, England I18021468
16 Andrews, Margaret  Abt 1745Middlesex, England I43131
17 Appleton, John  Abt 1751Middlesex, England I77400352420122
18 Ashcroft, John  Abt 1620Middlesex, England I77402664227558
19 Ashcroft, Richard  Abt 1743Middlesex, England I43130
20 Axe, Thomas  Abt 1766Middlesex, England I7098276841
21 Baines, Matthew MD  Abt 1825Middlesex, England I1750046752
22 BARRIE, Andrew  1874Middlesex, England I77402664228193
23 Bassett, Alfred  1856Middlesex, England I77402664228191
24 Bean, James  Abt 1815Middlesex, England I61503
25 Bonehill, Jane  Abt 1843Middlesex, England I1750123268
26 Bonehill, Julie  Abt 1841Middlesex, England I1750123267
27 Boyce, EllenMary  Abt 1903Middlesex, England I1748487445
28 Brabyn, Ellen  1 Sep 1869Middlesex, England I18027368
29 Bradstock, Eliza  Abt 1843Middlesex, England I85248
30 Brock  1830Middlesex, England I1748489671
31 Brock, Albert Thomas  1865Middlesex, England I1748489788
32 Brock, Arthur John  1859Middlesex, England I1748486589
33 Brock, Catherine Harriet  1857Middlesex, England I1748483620
34 Brock, Elizabeth  1830Middlesex, England I1748489798
35 Brock, Henry  1833Middlesex, England I1748489670
36 Brodie, Matthew  Abt 1805Middlesex, England I77402664225200
37 Brown, Anne  Abt 1847Middlesex, England I31138
38 Carter  Abt 1833Middlesex, England I61520
39 Cass, Annie  1855Middlesex, England I480088488
40 Clements, Joseph  1801Middlesex, England I39560
41 Coleson, Joan  1587Middlesex, England I21003926
42 Coope, John  Abt 1762Middlesex, England I86118
43 Coope, John William  1766Middlesex, England I86135
44 Crow, Emma  1830Middlesex, England I479196817
45 Cuming, Jane  Abt 1807Middlesex, England I1748851589
46 Davis, Henry  1782Middlesex, England I07344988119
47 Dickens, Walter (Savage) Landor  8 Feb 1841Middlesex, England I77402664228888
48 Dodd, Elizabeth  Abt 1811Middlesex, England I54278
49 Dodd, William  Abt 1776Middlesex, England I54279
50 Duncombe, Blanche Elizabeth Caroline  Abt 1845Middlesex, England I7739257811

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Appleton, John  Middlesex, England I77400352420122
2 Appleton, John  1844Middlesex, England I77400352423118
3 Backhouse, Alfred  30 Jan 1907Middlesex, England I77402664091299
4 BIDDLE, Edward  24 Jan 1862Middlesex, England I122024019
5 Bird, Emma  Abt 1910Middlesex, England I14341
6 Butler, Marie  7 Jan 1980Middlesex, England I1750404377
7 Butler, William George  17 Mar 1987Middlesex, England I1750404375
8 Chantler, William  1 Sep 1904Middlesex, England I1748477578
9 Cox, Albert James  23 Jun 1923Middlesex, England I39217
10 Crinnall, Elizabeth  1905Middlesex, England I59959064
11 Davis, Henry  1844Middlesex, England I07344988119
12 de Vitré, Hawise  1 Jun 1139Middlesex, England I121004418
13 Dorsett, Jane  Aft 1901Middlesex, England I77398329201995
14 Errington, Sarah Anne  6 Nov 1924Middlesex, England I38641
15 Fennell, William  1866Middlesex, England I1748840573
16 Fone, George John  1951Middlesex, England I77400352435387
17 Forbes, Mary  1881Middlesex, England I479985771
18 Gardner, Matilda  5 Jun 1876Middlesex, England I86140
19 Grayling, Thomas  Abt 1829Middlesex, England I77402664090111
20 Herklots, Mary Veronica  1902Middlesex, England I99151
21 Hindsley, Catherine  Middlesex, England I77400352420121
22 Hopwood, William George  1961Middlesex, England I108695
23 HUTCHISON, Isabella  Abt 1908Middlesex, England I2178
24 Ingold, Joan I  Jul 1990Middlesex, England I07464378444
25 Johnson, Harold  Abt Jan 1976Middlesex, England I24514480
26 Margetts, John  1 Apr 1809Middlesex, England I18024377
27 Newborn, Richard Morris  May 1993Middlesex, England I07464373411
28 Parker, Ann  Abt 1893Middlesex, England I1292
29 Richardson, Susanna  Abt 1832Middlesex, England I77402664111341
30 SUTTON, Marion  Abt 1911Middlesex, England I2159
31 SWAN, GeorgianaMary  Abt 1899Middlesex, England I2063
32 Thomas, Agnes E  Abt 1926Middlesex, England I77402664228161
33 Thomas, Alfred John  Abt 1926Middlesex, England I2180
34 Thomas, Amelia  Abt 1906Middlesex, England I2122
35 Thomas, Ann  Jan 1915Middlesex, England I37006
36 Thomas, Arthur  Abt 1913Middlesex, England I2137
37 Thomas, Arthur Edward  1873Middlesex, England I15224
38 Thomas, Arthur John  Abt 1935Middlesex, England I2182
39 Thomas, Caroline  9 Jun 1904Middlesex, England I77402664227977
40 Thomas, Caroline EllenMary  Abt 1965Middlesex, England I2351
41 Thomas, Charles  Abt 1928Middlesex, England I2238
42 Thomas, Charles A  Abt 1918Middlesex, England I2126
43 Thomas, Charles Frederick  Abt 1910Middlesex, England I77402664228155
44 Thomas, Charlotte  Abt 1898Middlesex, England I77402664228172
45 Thomas, Edmund  Jul 1879Middlesex, England I14207
46 Thomas, Edwin Alfred  Abt 1922Middlesex, England I77402664228160
47 Thomas, Edwin George  Abt 1940Middlesex, England I2183
48 Thomas, Eliza  Abt 1895Middlesex, England I77402664228171
49 Thomas, Elizabeth  Abt 1906Middlesex, England I77402664228153
50 Thomas, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1910Middlesex, England I2573

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dawnay, Hugh Richard 8th Viscount Downe  Middlesex, England I79788
2 Moore, George  Between 1851 and 1861Middlesex, England I1750404152


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byng, Alfred John George  Middlesex, England I7739238090
2 Byng, Charles Cavendish George  Middlesex, England I7739238079
3 Byng, Lionel Francis George  Middlesex, England I7739238101
4 Cranfield, Lionel Earl of Middlesex  Middlesex, England I7739049923
5 Fellowes, Diana Rosamund  Middlesex, England I7739154324
6 Fellowes, Captain Reginald Ailwyn  Middlesex, England I7739154335
7 Gambier, David  Middlesex, England I7739211080
8 Gambier, John  Middlesex, England I7739211079
9 Hamilton  Middlesex, England I7739203188
10 Hamilton, Albertha Frances Anne Marchioness of Blandford  Middlesex, England I7739221418
11 Hamilton, Alexandra Phyllis  Middlesex, England I7739203190
12 Hamilton, Anthony George  Middlesex, England I7739203166
13 Hamilton, 2nd Lieutenant Arthur John  Middlesex, England I7739203187
14 Hamilton, Charles  Middlesex, England I7739203185
15 Hamilton, Claud Francis  Middlesex, England I7739203186
16 Hamilton, Claud Nigel  Middlesex, England I7739203189
17 Hamilton, Cosmo  Middlesex, England I7739203149
18 Hamilton, Cynthia Elinor Beatrix  Middlesex, England I1750124569
19 Hamilton, Major Douglas James  Middlesex, England I7739203124
20 Hamilton, Ernest William  Middlesex, England I7739203151
21 Hamilton, Frederick Spencer  Middlesex, England I7739203150
22 Hamilton, George Francis  Middlesex, England I7739203146
23 Hamilton, Lieutenant Gilbert Claud  Middlesex, England I7739203162
24 Hamilton, Guy Ernest Frederic  Middlesex, England I7739203171
25 Hamilton, Ida  Middlesex, England I7739203163
26 Hamilton, Jean Barbara Bertha Elizabeth  Middlesex, England I7739203174
27 Hamilton, John George Peter  Middlesex, England I7739203172
28 Hamilton, Katherine  Middlesex, England I7739203196
29 Hamilton, Mary Brenda  Middlesex, England I7739203173
30 Hamilton, Mary Cecilia Rhodesia  Middlesex, England I7739203195
31 Hamilton, Midshipman Robert Cecil  Middlesex, England I7739203167
32 Hamilton, Ronald Douglas  Middlesex, England I7739203147
33 Harrison, Thomas  Middlesex, England I74099
34 Phelips, Robert  Middlesex, England I77402664082328
35 Russell, Commander John  Middlesex, England I1750066282
36 Russell, William Lord  Middlesex, England I7738644567
37 Sackville, Charles 6th Earl of Dorset  Middlesex, England I7739038926
38 Wright, EdithMary  Middlesex, England I7739286884


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Berney  1910Middlesex, England F292
2 / Plowman  Jan 1855Middlesex, England F3333816600
3 Ashcroft /   Abt 1640Middlesex, England F3333884801
4 Battie-Wrightson / Thomas  24 Mar 1821Middlesex, England F3333886620
5 Campbell / Grosvenor  1 Jul 1858Middlesex, England F1944244802
6 Carden / May  1875Middlesex, England F1944438179
7 Carter / Thomas  Abt 1853Middlesex, England F12500
8 Clixby / Backway  Mar 1954Middlesex, England F21513
9 Dalby / Butler  10 Jan 1843Middlesex, England F29886
10 FRENCH / Jefferson  25 Nov 1849Middlesex, England F3333821053
11 Morgan /   Jan 1855Middlesex, England F3333816576
12 Taylor /   Jul 1912Middlesex, England F3333816452
13 Thomas /   Abt 1820Middlesex, England F2036
14 Thomas /   Bef Sep 1837Middlesex, England F3333886642
15 Thomas /   Abt 1869Middlesex, England F1144
16 Thomas / Harris or Hampton  Abt 1835Middlesex, England F12467
17 Thomas / Liell  Abt 1815Middlesex, England F1693
18 Thomas / Mann  Abt 1880Middlesex, England F769
19 Thomas / Silvester   1910Middlesex, England F3333884191
20 Thomas / Unknown  Abt 1840Middlesex, England F12496
21 Thomas / Unknown  Abt 1900Middlesex, England F3333884939
22 Webb /   Abt 1820Middlesex, England F2516