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Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.61397, Longitude: 0.8864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1365Norfolk, England I77402664110454
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1811Norfolk, England I20589
3 Elizabeth  1850Norfolk, England I77402664097682
4 Frances G  1826Norfolk, England I77402664098297
5 Mary A  Abt 1854Norfolk, England I85099
6 Mary Ann  Abt 1843Norfolk, England I0680738205
7 Mary Ann  Abt 1843Norfolk, England I77402310032299
8 Bartlett, George  1630Norfolk, England I1750709775
9 Bartlett, Robert III  27 May 1603Norfolk, England I1750680921
10 Baxter, Susannah  Abt 1767Norfolk, England I08580196271
11 Betts, Ann  1786Norfolk, England I177752919
12 Bigod, Hugh 3rd Earl of Norfolk  Abt 1175/86Norfolk, England I1748533975
13 Bigod, Roger 2nd Earl of Norfolk  1130/50Norfolk, England I1749991208
14 Bircham, Thomas  1778Norfolk, England I08750744640
15 Blogg, Frank  Sep 1861Norfolk, England I07998339984
16 Blogg, John  Dec 1866Norfolk, England I07998341146
17 Boleyn, Elizabeth  1436Norfolk, England I121003876
18 Bottomley, William  Norfolk, England I480042481
19 BRAHAM, John  12 May 1799Norfolk, England I5834
20 Brock, Isaac  1799Norfolk, England I1748489673
21 Burroughs, Thomas Henry  Abt 1834Norfolk, England I1750047047
22 Bustens, Robert  Abt 1793Norfolk, England I08544759751
23 CAPES, John  15 Feb 1855Norfolk, England I122023525
24 Chilvers, Simon  Abt 1751Norfolk, England I77402664109530
25 Colman, Joseph  Abt 1763Norfolk, England I08580196594
26 Costerton, Frederick Samuel  Abt 1820Norfolk, England I37046
27 Craven, John  Abt 1827Norfolk, England I34739
28 Dack, John  17 Feb 1895Norfolk, England I7001649779
29 Daniels, Catharine  1781Norfolk, England I08578487851
30 Daniels, Dulcie May  Apr 1909Norfolk, England I08750739473
31 Daniels, Elsie (Bobbie)  16 Mar 1904Norfolk, England I08750739469
32 Daniels, Ida (Nelly)  1907Norfolk, England I08750739471
33 Daniels, Iris Josephine (Dink)  Oct1919Norfolk, England I08750739478
34 Daniels, Lena (Helena?)  1908Norfolk, England I08750739472
35 Daniels, Maria (Mary Ann)  Jun 1854Norfolk, England I08751183835
36 Daniels, May Helena  27 Apr 1897Norfolk, England I08498868449
37 Daniels, Rhoda  1902Norfolk, England I08750739467
38 Daniels, Robert  Abt 1860Norfolk, England I08751183840
39 Daniels, Ronald Henry  21 Nov 1914Norfolk, England I08750739475
40 DAWSON, Captain William  1830Norfolk, England I122022763
41 de Gael, Amicia Countess of Leicester  Abt 1100Norfolk, England I1748534914
42 de St Omer, Katherine  1340Norfolk, England I121003897
43 de St. Hilaire du Harcourt, Matilde (orMaud)  1132Norfolk, England I1748695242
44 Easton, Edith  Abt 1890Norfolk, England I51441
45 Edney, Nicholas James   I1748747654
46 Eliot, Elizabeth  Abt 1588Norfolk, England I18004823
47 Forrow, Elizabeth  Abt 1771Norfolk, England I07855778072
48 Forrow, John  Abt 1776Norfolk, England I07855777436
49 Foster, Thomas  Abt 1856Norfolk, England I35029
50 Frost, Ann  1806Norfolk, England I77402664099087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amy  1602Norfolk, England I77402664110444
2 Elizabeth  1460Norfolk, England I77402664110454
3 Arman, Judith  Dec 1872Norfolk, England I08544474665
4 Barney, Phoebe  Mar 1878Norfolk, England I08544861471
5 Barney, Rebecca  Dec 1892Norfolk, England I08133428934
6 Barney, Robert  Mar 1893Norfolk, England I08133429669
7 Barney, William  Mar 1872Norfolk, England I08133429337
8 Barney, William  Sep 1875Norfolk, England I08544862026
9 Bircham, Thomas  Jun 1871Norfolk, England I08750725858
10 Blogg, Edward  Jun 1849Norfolk, England I08170936421
11 Blogg, Francis  Jun 1853Norfolk, England I08170924378
12 Boleyn, Ann  1510Norfolk, England I121003874
13 Boleyn, William  1505Norfolk, England I121003868
14 Broughton, Robert  Jun 1878Norfolk, England I08133409253
15 Burgulion, Anne  1375Norfolk, England I77402664109500
16 Colman, Judith  1866Norfolk, England I08580226940
17 Cranefield, Martha  Sep 1903Norfolk, England I08544558677
18 Critchell, Alfred James  21 Jun 2003Norfolk, England I38622
19 d'Albini (d'Aubigny), William 3rd Earl of Arundel  Bef 30 Mar 1221Norfolk, England I1748538733
20 Daniels, Anne Farrow  Jun 1894Norfolk, England I08268451371
21 Daniels, Dulcie May  1968Norfolk, England I08750739473
22 Daniels, HannahMartha  Sep 1881Norfolk, England I08545327990
23 Daniels, Mary Ann  Mar 1884Norfolk, England I08545349102
24 Daniels, Samuel  1877Norfolk, England I08580211414
25 Daniels, Samuel  1912Norfolk, England I08544632143
26 Daniels Ayton, Blanche Elizabeth  Mar 1883Norfolk, England I08545247744
27 Farrow, Elizabeth  Jun 1874Norfolk, England I08133425939
28 Fretwell, Marjorie  Sept. 2013Norfolk, England I3500447449
29 GAGE, Ann Gedge  Apr 1864Norfolk, England I122021496
30 Grooms, Arthur Willoughby  Jun 1987Norfolk, England I480042938
31 Holah, john  1893Norfolk, England I77400352426281
32 Jeary, Sarah  Mar 1874Norfolk, England I07815736432
33 Newstead, William  Sep 1861Norfolk, England I07900475272
34 Paine, Anne  Sep 1853Norfolk, England I08580206927
35 Parker, Walter Charlres  Dec 1990Norfolk, England I942
36 Pease, John C  Nov 2009Norfolk, England I18040540
37 Riches, Susan  02 Dec 1874Norfolk, England I77402664110132
38 Shelton, Margaret  1606Norfolk, England I21015236
39 Silence, Maria  Sep 1866Norfolk, England I08133416822
40 Starling, Robert  Sep 1880Norfolk, England I07900708140
41 Thomas, Emily Edith  Oct 1878Norfolk, England I77402664227622
42 Waites, JoanMary  Nov 1992Norfolk, England I7739806674
43 Walker, Joseph Cawood  Sep 1894Norfolk, England I52245
44 Yelverton, Sir Robert  1377Norfolk, England I77402664110439

Alt. Died

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Died    Person ID 
1 Barney, Rebecca  Dec 1892Norfolk, England I08133428934
2 Bircham, Thomas  Jun 1871Norfolk, England I08750725858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chilvers, William  12 Apr 1818Norfolk, England I77402664109531
2 Riches, Susan  Abt. 1794Norfolk, England I77402664110132


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Oates, Samuel  Bef 1646Norfolk, England I1748585560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boleyn, Sir Geoffrey  Norfolk, England I1750046569
2 Bret, Sir John  Norfolk, England I1750066790
3 Ella, Raymond Earl Oswine   I80848
4 Harbord, John Baron Suffield  Norfolk, England I7739211248
5 Harbord, Victor Alexander Charles Baron Suffield  Norfolk, England I7739211247
6 Howard, Edmond Lord  Norfolk, England I83607
7 Linne, William  Norfolk, England I1750054039
8 Mynne, Nicholas  Norfolk, England I1750044928
9 Rolfe, Elizabeth  Norfolk, England I1750055489


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barney / Carr  Jun 1854Norfolk, England F1943987617
2 Daniels / Porrett  Mar 1854Norfolk, England F1943987612
3 Heneage / Goddard  Abt 1410Norfolk, England F672596608
4 Jenkerson / Loynes  1878Norfolk, England F1943987387
5 Knott / Loynes  Jun 1875Norfolk, England F1943987385
6 Overton / Blogg  1840Norfolk, England F1943987107
7 Tyndale / Mondeford  1485Norfolk, England F3333822653
8 Williams / Daniels  1881Norfolk, England F1943987121
9 Woodhouse / Shelton  1555Norfolk, England F21006029
10 Yelverton / LE GRoss  1411Norfolk, England F3333822835