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Normanton, West Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.699838, Longitude: -1.415499


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1846Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1750124859
2 Addy, John  Abt 1729Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1750246563
3 Apperley, George Levi  1 Mar 1895Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I18028515
4 Apperley, Richard William  1 Jun 1897Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I18021596
5 Bassindale, Annie  Between Jan and Mar 1891Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092921
6 Bassindale, Ellen  Between Oct and Dec 1891Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091159
7 Bassindale, John Edward  Between Jul and Sep 1896Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092919
8 Bassingdale, George Clifford  Feb 1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088442
9 Baxter, Henry  Abt 1880Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I7738448776
10 Baxter, Moses  Abt 1868Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I7738448773
11 Bedford, Anne  Abt 1758Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850541
12 Bedford, Betty  Abt 1762Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850545
13 Bedford, George  Abt 1767Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850542
14 Bedford, George  Abt 1772Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850543
15 Bedford, George  Abt 1792Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850523
16 Bedford, John  Abt 1760Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850544
17 Bedford, Martin  Abt 1763Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850526
18 Bedford, Sarah  Abt 1769Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850546
19 Bellwood, Harry  Abt 1870Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832200
20 Bellwood, James Herbert  Abt 1877Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499832202
21 Booth, Dorothy  Abt 1725Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499890226
22 Brears, Agnes Ann  Abt 1876Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I210549
23 Brears, George  Abt 1842Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I210993
24 Brears, James  Abt 1872Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I210548
25 Briggs, Ernest  Abt 1882Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748857314
26 Carless, Joy  Abt 1900Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499893612
27 Clarke, Hubert John  4 Sep 1894Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77400352427856
28 Elsley, Kathleen  6 May 1906Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1738
29 Frobisher, Ann  Abt 1808Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748859596
30 Frobisher, Hannah  Abt 1804Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748859595
31 Gaynon, Elizabeth  1876Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664083738
32 Gillard, Hannah  8 Feb 1910Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I30714
33 Graham, Florence  2 Apr 1874Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I11147
34 Graham, William Henry  1877Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I39812
35 Hall, Florence  1899Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I18021014
36 Jackson, Hannah  Abt 1889Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108303
37 Jackson, John  Abt 1887Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108302
38 Kay, Albert  1880Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I480043877
39 Kay, Annie Elizabeth  1878Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I480043876
40 Kay, Clara  1885Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I480043878
41 Kay, Fred  1877Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I480043886
42 Lawrence, Lawrence  1884Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664228813
43 Lawrence, Martha  1886Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664228814
44 Lawson, Willie  1900Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I18026364
45 McCawley, Sarah J  Abt 1888Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I211526
46 Moat, Ethel  Abt 1888Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748852193
47 Moat, Gertrude Eveline  Abt 1889Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748852194
48 Moat, John Harold  Abt 1885Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748852192
49 Pinder, Emily Alice  9 Apr 1876Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I23210
50 Poole, John William  Abt 1874Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I230020

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bedford, Anne  16 Jul 1758Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850541
2 Bedford, Betty  28 Feb 1762Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850545
3 Bedford, George  12 Jul 1767Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850542
4 Bedford, George  7 Jun 1772Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850543
5 Bedford, George  8 Apr 1792Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850523
6 Bedford, John  9 Mar 1760Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850544
7 Bedford, Martin  27 Dec 1763Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850526
8 Bedford, Sarah  8 Oct 1769Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850546
9 Booth, Dorothy  26 Apr 1725Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499890226
10 Bramham, Joshua  29 Sep 1793Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085975
11 Frobisher, Ann  11 Apr 1808Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748859596
12 Frobisher, Hannah  25 Dec 1804Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748859595
13 Haigh, Sarah  16 Jan 1831Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085974
14 Thompson, Elizabeth  4 May 1845Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I45121193
15 Torr, AnnabellaMary  21 Nov 1822Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I58475
16 Torr, Lettice Jane  14 Feb 1802Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I58528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apperley, George Henry  Oct 1920Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I18033743
2 Bedford, George  3 May 1768Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748850542
3 Bellwood, Ann  8 Jun 1915Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1748844340
4 Bramham, George  25 Apr 1946Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085964
5 Bramham, Joshua  7 Apr 1805Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085979
6 Dunn, Hetty  5 Apr 1975Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I80617
7 Fellows, Phoebe Anne  22 Dec 1957Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093906
8 Hampson, Mary  1934Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499833137
9 Illingworth, Anelay  Mar 1936Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I45123795
10 Poskitt, Julia  1886Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I1750195945
11 Rawden, Rose  20 Feb 1818Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085980
12 Tomlinson, David  19 Jan 1944Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093907
13 Turre, Gregory  May 1669Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3942
14 Turre, Nicholas  Abt 1749Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I4712
15 Walker, Enoch  Abt 1960Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I41829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hannah  26 Nov 1869Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085976
2 Bramham, Joshua  Apr 1805Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085979
3 Bramham, Joshua  13 Jul 1864Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085975
4 Illingworth, Anelay  12 Mar 1936Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I45123795
5 Rawden, Rose  Feb 1818Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bramley, Bernard  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I45123797
2 Bramley, Bernard  1911Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I45123797
3 Hampson, Charles  1871Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I3499833125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Edwin  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092668
2 Backhouse, Francis  1891Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091279
3 Backhouse, Harriett  1891Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090365
4 Backhouse, Harriett  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090365
5 Backhouse, Jane Lawrence  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093285
6 Backhouse, Jessie  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087752
7 Bassindale, Annie  1891Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092921
8 Bassindale, Annie  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092921
9 Bassindale, Ellen  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091159
10 Bassindale, John Edward  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092919
11 Davies, Elizabeth  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088924
12 Fellows, Phoebe Anne  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093906
13 Jackson, Edith  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108301
14 Jackson, Fred  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108299
15 Jackson, Hannah  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108303
16 Jackson, John  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004108302
17 Jackson, John Tyler  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08547759681
18 Longley, Elizabeth  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I08004107837
19 Tomlinson, David  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093907
20 Tomlinson, Joseph  1901Normanton, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093947


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks /    F23000004
2 Bedford / Patrick  31 Jan 1758Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F672312987
3 Farnill / Booth  15 Mar 1751Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F1345480022
4 Favell / Torr  14 Mar 1803Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F272304
5 Frobisher / Foxcroft  27 Feb 1804Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F672314767
6 Shillito / Rowley  24 Sep 1820Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F672312586
7 Terry / Cockel  10 Dec 1832Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F10531
8 Torr / Milnes  23 Aug 1774Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F272297
9 Turre / Smith  27 May 1751Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F30231
10 Watson / Harrap  7 Oct 1804Normanton, West Yorkshire, England F28022851