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Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England



Location : Latitude: 54.3388964, Longitude: -1.4341449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Arthur  1880Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664100284
2 Ann, Jane  1864Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7098277573
3 Atkinson, Alice  1865Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18035662
4 Atkinson, Ann Elizabeth  1 Apr 1860Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18027096
5 Atkinson, Anne  1867Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18035663
6 Atkinson, Emma  1 Mar 1862Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18026788
7 Barron, Mark C  1970Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7001661278
8 Boothby, Edith Letitia  20 Oct 1896Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426719
9 Boothby, Gertrude Elizabeth  Sep 1895Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426717
10 Boothby, James George  Sep 1895Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426718
11 Boothby, Violetta Rose Mary Thompson  Mar 1899Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426720
12 Burton, William  1836Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1750403337
13 Cade, Annie  1892Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102913
14 Calvert, George  1852Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402647844722
15 Colenso, May Latimer  1879Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I5401
16 Evitt, Teresa Angela  1970Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402101174987
17 Fossick, Lancelot  Abt 1703/4Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I80888
18 Heath, Margaret R   I077402664081833
19 Holmes, John William  1872Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18021774
20 Holmes, RobertMariner  1 Jun 1859Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18035592
21 Holtby, Emma Jane   I101514
22 Holtby, Lee Robert   I101513
23 Leighton, Catherine   I77402664101365
24 Leighton, John   I77402664101364
25 Lowther, Ann  1815Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042608
26 Lowther, Elizabeth  1821Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043099
27 Lowther, George  1826Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1749981679
28 Lowther, Hannah  26 Nov 1798Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042517
29 Lowther, Hannah  24 Aug 1805Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1749981097
30 Lowther, Harriet  11 Jan 1803Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042018
31 Lowther, Henry  5 Aug 1811Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042521
32 Lowther, James  1835Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043103
33 Lowther, John  28 Feb 1808Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1749981098
34 Lowther, Mary  7 Oct 1800Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042518
35 Lowther, Richard  1828Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1749981680
36 Lowther, Thomas  1823Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1749981678
37 McLane, Sarah Ann  19 Nov 1840Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I85569312
38 Mellor, Jennifer  1947Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I3500642624
39 Middleton, Charles  Abt 1862Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368023
40 Middleton, Ellen  Abt 1867Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368025
41 Middleton, Emma  Abt 1856Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368020
42 Middleton, George  Abt 1859Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368022
43 Middleton, John  Abt 1858Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368021
44 Middleton, Matilda  Abt 1864Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368024
45 Middleton, Thomas H  Abt 1868Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7738368026
46 Naisbitt, Arthur  21 Apr 1910Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77874
47 Oliver, Andrew  1860Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102885
48 OLIVER, William  1845Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102801
49 Parker, Annie  1863Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I479780874
50 Place, John Baker  Jun 1910Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664106804

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, William  1 Jan 1866Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18026787
2 Backhouse, Catherine Ann  16 Feb 1921Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664092754
3 Baker, Frank  Jun 1992Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I40971
4 Boothby, John George  Between Jul-Sep 1943Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I1750874848
5 Clement, Florence Ada  Jul 1990Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I7370
6 Cliburn, Alice  1855Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043098
7 Hodkin, Leonard  16 Jun 1946Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I59194
8 Holling, Winifred  14 Jul 1991Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I69740
9 Holmes, RobertMariner  1 Jun 1859Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I18035592
10 Holtby, Everard  Oct 1986Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I101491
11 Lowther, Charles  1835Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043105
12 Lowther, Elizabeth  1838Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043099
13 Lowther, Hannah  10 Feb 1799Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042517
14 Lowther, James  1853Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480043103
15 Lowther, John  9 Sep 1840Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042515
16 OLIVER, Andrew  1874Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102637
17 Oliver, Boston  1900Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102880
18 oliver, Thomas  1866Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664103220
19 Ramshaw, Ann  1819Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I480042516
20 Sedgwick, Sarah Elizabeth  Between Jan-Mar 1964Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Tankard, Job  1851Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I45103543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lascelles, Daniel  Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I76995
2 Metcalfe, William  Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I76997
3 Miller, Ernest  1901Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087876
4 Morton, John William  02 Apr 1911Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088754


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atkinson / Holmes  1 Dec 1858Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F28021517
2 Evitt / Ellerton   F3333767986
3 Holtby / Garbutt   F100430
4 Lund / Heeley   F1944438626
5 OLIVER / BOSTON  1864Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F3333821143
6 Oliver / Brown  1858Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F3333821141
7 Oliver / Robinson  1873Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F3333821147
8 Oliver / Wright  1861Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F3333821144
9 Powys-Lybbe / Turner   F672634702
10 robinson / Oliver  1839Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England F3333821220