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Northumberland, England



Latitude: 55.20825, Longitude: -2.07841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eadgyth (Edith) Princess of Northumbria  Abt 1015Northumberland, England I1748535719
2 Eadwulf Earl of Bernicia  Aft 1005Northumberland, England I1748747546
3 Elizabeth  1805Northumberland, England I77402664105953
4 Jane  Abt 1806Northumberland, England I1748897679
5 Judith  Abt 1074Northumberland, England I1748535241
6 Martha  Abt 1806Northumberland, England I300235
7 Anderson, David  Abt 1850Northumberland, England I480032710
8 Armstrong, Eleanor  (1560)Northumberland, England I480041985
9 Armstrong, Eleanor  INT (1560)Northumberland, England I1749980563
10 Atkinson, Robert Buchan  23 Jan 1900Northumberland, England I39917
11 Ayre (Cockburn), Mary  1822Northumberland, England I77402664105944
12 Bell, Reginald  1680Northumberland, England I77402664098465
13 Bolam, James N  Mar 1938Northumberland, England I83876
14 Carr, George  (1759)Northumberland, England I480041675
15 Carr, Nicholas  1660Northumberland, England I77402664098473
16 CHICKEN, William  Northumberland, England I77402664109527
17 Clark, Ann  1836Northumberland, England I99102
18 Clark, Christopher  07 Nov 1867Northumberland, England I99091
19 Davison, Constance Mary  24 Sep 1903Northumberland, England I480043092
20 de Umfreville, Alice  Abt 1165Northumberland, England I1750019047
21 de Umfreville, Elizabeth  Abt 1306Northumberland, England I1750019032
22 de Umfreville, Margery  Abt 1160Northumberland, England I1750019045
23 de Umfreville, Robert 9th Earl of Angus  Abt 1270Northumberland, England I1749991135
24 Dickinson, Rosemary A  19 Jan 1940Northumberland, England I43228601
25 Dixon, HildaMay  Abt 1890Northumberland, England I31604
26 Dixon, William  1669Northumberland, England I77402664109635
27 Dobson, Jane  1836Northumberland, England I77402664101200
28 Doyle, Moira   I77402664100353
29 Elliott, Thomas  Abt 1842Northumberland, England I77402664090670
30 Embleton, Alexander  1815Northumberland, England I480041643
31 Fisher, Sarah  Abt 1807Northumberland, England I66675
32 FitzBjorn, Sybil (Suthen) Queen consort of Scots  Abt 1014Northumberland, England I1748534520
33 FitzOsbern, Siward Barn'the Red (Radbairn)''the Warrior'  Aft 1045Northumberland, England I1748695437
34 FitzOsbern, Siward Barn'the White (Fairbairn)''Strong Arm (or Armstrong)'  Aft 1045Northumberland, England I1748695438
35 FitzSiward, Osbern (Aswulph)'Bulax'  Abt 1033Northumberland, England I1748695435
36 FitzSiward, Sybil  Aft 1033Northumberland, England I1748695439
37 FitzSiward, Waltheof II Earl of Huntingdon and Northumbria  1045Northumberland, England I1748534221
38 Fletcher, John  1680Northumberland, England I77402664098461
39 Forster, Mary Isabella  1867Northumberland, England I77402664097603
40 Goulding, John  Abt 1854Northumberland, England I1748957361
41 Grundy, Thomas  INT (1600)Northumberland, England I1749980560
42 Grundy, Thomas  Abt 1600Northumberland, England I480041982
43 Hagon, Frank   I1749981021
44 Hagon, Margery   I1749981022
45 Hawkes, John  Abt Mar 1770Northumberland, England I66643
46 Hawkes, John  Abt Dec 1775Northumberland, England I66385
47 Hayllar, Eleanor Arkless  1 Mar 1888Northumberland, England I1748479909
48 Heeds, Isaac  1800Northumberland, England I77402664103214
49 heeds, isabella  1800Northumberland, England I77402664103206
50 Hogg, Margaret  Abt 1778Northumberland, England I65428

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maud (Matilda) Countess of Angus  1261Northumberland, England I1750019039
2 Abdy, Cyril Irvin  1990Northumberland, England I0764860959
3 ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth  Jul 1853Northumberland, England I122018951
4 Ashcroft, Emily  1980Northumberland, England I61119
5 Ashcroft, George  May 1985Northumberland, England I61116
6 Bell, William John  21 Sep 1859Northumberland, England I77402664109408
7 Benson, ElizabethMary  Northumberland, England I7739797110
8 Brabyn, CeliaMary  1 Sep 1994Northumberland, England I18022586
9 Brown, Matthew  Northumberland, England I99029
10 Brown, Matthew  May 1939Northumberland, England I99017
11 Brown, Ralph Henry  Feb 1982Northumberland, England I99022
12 BRUNTON, Frances Anderson  1995Northumberland, England I122025587
13 Carey, Edward  1993Northumberland, England I77402664099525
14 Chrystie, Margaret  Abt 1766Northumberland, England I43296
15 Clark, John  30 Apr 1912Northumberland, England I99068
16 Clark, William  19 Oct 1925Northumberland, England I99092
17 COLTMAN, Amelia Jane  9 DEC1944Northumberland, England I122022894
18 Curry, Bridget  May 1940Northumberland, England I99008
19 Douglas, HenriettaMargaret  1977Northumberland, England I81894
20 Eltringham, Jane Ann  1874Northumberland, England I1749981155
21 Hume, Robert  Jun 1913Northumberland, England I99115
22 HUNTER, Edith Amelia  16 Jul 1961Northumberland, England I122022898
23 Isle, Hannah  1918Northumberland, England I07979596171
24 Lodbrok, Ragnar Sigurdsson Legendary King of Denmark  865Northumberland, England I1748534431
25 Nelson, Roy Eltringham Digby  1969Northumberland, England I1749983177
26 Ness, DennisMarshall  17 Jan 1985Northumberland, England I480096620
27 Nichol, Theresa Isabel  Jul 1905Northumberland, England I122020962
28 Nichol, William Henry  1952Northumberland, England I122020946
29 Nicholson, Edward  1862Northumberland, England I99060
30 Nicholson, Gladys  1975Northumberland, England I99013
31 Nicholson, Hannah  1906Northumberland, England I99076
32 PEARSON, Isaac  Jan 1848Northumberland, England I122024300
33 Reeves, Brian Nigel  Jun 1999Northumberland, England I80043
34 Sheriff, Richard  Dec 1912Northumberland, England I08438980301
35 STAPYLTON, Norah Cecelia  15 Sep 1942Northumberland, England I122022933
36 Symcox, Mary Jane  Abt 1965Northumberland, England I8552
37 Thompson, Ronald Stuart  Jul 1973Northumberland, England I122020951
38 Tindle, Angus  17 Nov 1882Northumberland, England I54227416
39 TWIZELL, William  29 Jul 1836Northumberland, England I122023572
40 Varty, Tingate  1915Northumberland, England I93630875
41 Walker, Hannah  1974Northumberland, England I61117
42 Watson, Rebecca  1783Northumberland, England I98501937
43 Watson, Sydney Harold  Aug 1987Northumberland, England I86995
44 Wearmouth, Joseph  9 Jan 1845Northumberland, England I77402664110378
45 Woodward, Elizabeth  Dec 1949Northumberland, England I81725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Benson, ElizabethMary  Northumberland, England I7739797110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, John  1666Northumberland, England I77402664109392
2 Nicholson, Ann  Abt 1845Northumberland, England I99077


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 de Mowbray, Robert Earl of Northumberland  1095Northumberland, England I1748697501
2 de Percy, Henry 1st Earl of Northumberland, 4th Lord Percy of Alnwick  1405Northumberland, England I1749983491


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Blanshard, William  Northumberland, England I1748585363


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Percy, Henry George 7th Duke of Northumberland  Northumberland, England I7739286559
2 Pickering, Sir William  Northumberland, England I1750048043


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adamson / Huthwaite  3 Dec 1812Northumberland, England F1944438510
2 Ashcroft / Walker  Abt 1930Northumberland, England F12380
3 DOWNIE / ARMSTRONG  1802Northumberland, England F122012938
4 Doyle / Carey   F3333820394
5 Hawkes / Fisher  Abt 1827Northumberland, England F13867
6 Hawkes / Fisher  Abt 1827Northumberland, England F13868
7 Laing / Nicholson  Nov 1853Northumberland, England F99012
8 Moxon / Dresser   F3333820977
9 Nichol / Thompson  Apr 1913Northumberland, England F122013681
10 Nicholson / Robinson  4 May 1828Northumberland, England F99014
11 Patten / Davison  1933Northumberland, England F672538153
12 Peebles / Renwick   F3333821467
13 Robinson / Whitfield  1732Northumberland, England F1389231874
14 Siddle / Cormack  Sep 1952Northumberland, England F19213
15 Siddle / Unknown  Jun 1975Northumberland, England F19225
16 TWIZELL / ARMSTRONG  1798Northumberland, England F122014491
17 Walker / Chrystie  Abt 1729Northumberland, England F5105
18 Walker / Hogg  Abt 1797Northumberland, England F13553
19 Watson / Egdell  1912Northumberland, England F1829915