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Nottinghamshire?, England



Latitude: 53.1285, Longitude: -0.9031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha  Abt 1790Nottinghamshire?, England I30342
2 Bacon, Ann  Abt 1776Nottinghamshire?, England I109662
3 Carnall, John  Abt 1733Nottinghamshire?, England I107708
4 Coggan (Coggon), John (Johis)  Bef 1696Nottinghamshire?, England I38488
5 Flower, Sarah  Abt 1790Nottinghamshire?, England I110422
6 Halcon, Sarah  Abt 1788Nottinghamshire?, England I110072
7 Hutchinson, William  Abt 1875Nottinghamshire?, England I1750300300
8 Lowis, Annie  Abt 1895Nottinghamshire?, England I59829
9 Milns, Ada Jane  Abt 1869Nottinghamshire?, England I30264
10 Powell, Mary  Abt 1791Nottinghamshire?, England I109615
11 Rowley, William  1785 AbtNottinghamshire?, England I77402664084877
12 Spencer, Ann  Abt 1785Nottinghamshire?, England I109659
13 Steels, Sarah  Abt 1785Nottinghamshire?, England I113738
14 Wright, Ann  Abt 1814Nottinghamshire?, England I1748846152


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1901Nottinghamshire?, England I77408898761947
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1887Nottinghamshire?, England I4927
3 Cook, Sarah  Abt 1843Nottinghamshire?, England I77403888828585
4 GREASLEY, Charlotte  Abt 1867Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889224757
5 Hawley, Sarah  Abt 1958Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889624597
6 Smith, Elizabeth  Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889119847
7 Spencer, Lizzy Hannah  Abt 1945Nottinghamshire?, England I43662
8 Staniland, Ivy  Abt 1990Nottinghamshire?, England I43666
9 Turner, Mary  Abt 1845Nottinghamshire?, England I4931
10 Walker, Albert  Abt 1938Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889228975
11 Walker, Ann  Abt 1859Nottinghamshire?, England I77403888824858
12 Walker, Ann Sophia  Abt 1930Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889924669
13 Walker, Anne  Abt 1917Nottinghamshire?, England I4925
14 Walker, Annie  Abt 1979Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889724698
15 Walker, Catherine Emma  24 Jul 1995Nottinghamshire?, England I3227
16 Walker, Charlotte Eliza  Abt 1947Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889924597
17 Walker, Daisy  Apr 1982Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889824676
18 Walker, Eliza  Abt 1890Nottinghamshire?, England I4921
19 Walker, Elizabeth  Abt 1888Nottinghamshire?, England I4920
20 Walker, Elizabeth  Abt 1936Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889911947
21 Walker, Ernest Alfred  Abt 1842Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889225885
22 Walker, Ernest Alfred  Abt 1912Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889229875
23 Walker, Francis  Abt 1864Nottinghamshire?, England I77403888811898
24 Walker, Frederick  Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889228997
25 Walker, Fredrick Joseph  Abt 1880Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889225867
26 Walker, George  Abt 1909Nottinghamshire?, England I5903
27 Walker, George Edwin  Abt 1933Nottinghamshire?, England I5959
28 Walker, George Hutchinson  12 May 1986Nottinghamshire?, England I3231
29 Walker, Hannah  1909Nottinghamshire?, England I4913
30 Walker, Harold  Abt 1965Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889811947
31 Walker, Harriett  Abt 1905Nottinghamshire?, England I4922
32 Walker, Henry  Abt 1876Nottinghamshire?, England I4935
33 Walker, Isabella Ann  Abt 1940Nottinghamshire?, England I4961
34 Walker, Ivan William  Abt 1967Nottinghamshire?, England I3226
35 Walker, James  Abt 1860Nottinghamshire?, England I4933
36 Walker, James  Abt 1918Nottinghamshire?, England I4930
37 Walker, John  Abt 1817Nottinghamshire?, England I77403888824589
38 Walker, John  Abt 1845Nottinghamshire?, England I77403888811558
39 Walker, John  1871Nottinghamshire?, England I4891
40 Walker, John  Abt 1915Nottinghamshire?, England I4926
41 Walker, John  Abt 1935Nottinghamshire?, England I5960
42 Walker, John Henry  Abt 1955Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889224787
43 Walker, John Joseph  Abt 1834Nottinghamshire?, England I4960
44 Walker, Katherine K  Abt 1926Nottinghamshire?, England I77403885854597
45 Walker, Ludford  Abt 1958Nottinghamshire?, England I77403889118947
46 Walker, Mable ACarnell  Abt 1973Nottinghamshire?, England I774038898711987
47 Walker, Maria  Abt 1902Nottinghamshire?, England I4923
48 Walker, Mary  Abt 1866Nottinghamshire?, England I4932
49 Walker, Mary Ann  Abt 1896Nottinghamshire?, England I4919
50 Walker, Sarah  1912Nottinghamshire?, England I4914

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