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Ormskirk, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.56652, Longitude: -2.88689


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Robert  1792Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403595
2 Ashcroft, Thomas  1747Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77402664225197
3 Crompton, Alice  1819Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403598
4 Crompton, Alice  1839Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403612
5 Crompton, Ann  1820Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403599
6 Crompton, Edward  1837Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403593
7 Crompton, Henry  1816Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403597
8 Crompton, Henry  1846Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403614
9 Crompton, James  1801Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403587
10 Crompton, James  1825Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403606
11 Crompton, James  1829Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403602
12 Crompton, James  1839Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403594
13 Crompton, Jane  1826Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403607
14 Crompton, Jane  1835Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403592
15 Crompton, John  1805Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403586
16 Crompton, John  1813Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750404748
17 Crompton, John  1830Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403603
18 Crompton, John  1832Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403609
19 Crompton, John  1880Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403590
20 Crompton, Margaret  12 May 1816Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403132
21 Crompton, Margaret  1826Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403601
22 Crompton, Margaret  1834Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403610
23 Crompton, Mary  1794Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403585
24 Crompton, Mary  19 Oct 1825Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403564
25 Crompton, Mary  1832Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403591
26 Crompton, Peter  11 Apr 1823Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750404750
27 Crompton, Ralph  Nov 1789Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403557
28 Crompton, Ralph  20 Dec 1820Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750404749
29 Crompton, Sarah  1836Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403611
30 Crompton, Thomas  1830Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403565
31 Crompton, Thomas  1835Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403604
32 Crompton, Thomas  1840Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403613
33 Crompton, William  1765Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403582
34 Crompton, William  1822Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403600
35 Crompton, William  1826Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403589
36 Crompton, William George  1792Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403584
37 Donnelly, James  Abt 1853Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I95575
38 Donnelly, JN  Abt 1848Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I95587
39 France, Ann  1768Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403583
40 Gobbin, William  Abt 1768Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1748957268
41 Gregory, Mary  1803Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403605
42 Hopley, Robert  Abt 1892Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I32618
43 L'Estrange Fawcett, Arthur Wellesley  31 Dec 1893Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I100916
44 Margetts, Leonard Tunstall   I18031903
45 Marland, James  1785Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403149
46 Ollerton, Marian   I18024649
47 Shaw, David   I3500300779
48 Shaw, Rebecca   I3500300780
49 Smith, Elizabeth  1751Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77402664225198
50 Smith-Maxwell, John Douglas Hamilton  6 Jan 1902Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I13504

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Gobbin, William  26 Jun 1768Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1748957268


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blundell, James  Sep 1844Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77400352428319
2 Busfeild, Frances Louisa  1 Jun 1853Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750047403
3 Clayton, Joseph Wilfrid  Mar 1971Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77402664088719
4 Corbett, James  1907Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77400352421091
5 Crompton, Alice  1893Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403598
6 Crompton, Henry  1874Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403597
7 Crompton, John  1866Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403586
8 Crompton, Thomas  1864Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403565
9 Crompton, William  1895Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403600
10 Gregory, Mary  1866Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403605
11 Maw, Anne Elizabeth  Juntr 1904Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750155520
12 Maw, Caroline  Dectr 1868Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750157340
13 Maw, Henry  Abt 1915Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750347848
14 Maw, Margaret  Dectr 1913Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750155521
15 North, Aris  1903Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77400352421132
16 Oldfield, George Adams  1921Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77402664096855
17 Pitchfork, Albert Henry  1930Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I18285
18 Redmore, Sophia  1872Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1748697488
19 Terry, Ellen  Between Jan-Mar 1971Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I48675
20 Terry, Jane Ann  Between Jan-Mar 1976Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I49266
21 Walker, Daisy Huby  Between Jul-Sep 1973Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I77402664080022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Stanley, Ferdinando 5th Earl of Derby, 13th Baron Strange  6 May 1594Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750048294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Crompton, Margaret  5 Jun 1816Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403132


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crompton, William  1827Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403589

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Parkin, George Alfred  19 Apr 1917Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I077402664081617


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Crompton, Margaret  1851Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403132
2 Crompton, Ralph  1841Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403557
3 Crompton, Ralph  1851Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403557
4 Crompton, William George  1812Ormskirk, Lancashire, England I1750403584


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Crompton  3 Apr 1815Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672928311
2 Ashcroft / RAWSTHORNE  5 Nov 1776Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F3333887742
3 Ashcroft / Smith  10 Feb 1771Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F3333884172
4 Blundell / Mason  Mar 1842Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F1944438600
5 Briggs / Anderton  Between Apr and Jun 1896Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F1839923
6 Crompton / Fox  1849Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672928573
7 Harrison / Pettinger  Dec 1908Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F22639
8 Margetts / Unknown  1 Mar 1910Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F18120086
9 Nottingham / Nicholson  Between Jan and Mar 1890Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672808012
10 Ollerton / Margetts  1 Sep 1903Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F28023540
11 Ormesher / Payne  Jun 1882Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672310752
12 Slack / Kershaw  27 Aug 1834Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F27974
13 Slack / Mason  Sep 1848Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F27975
14 Tebb / Crompton  14 Oct 1837Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672928180
15 Woosey / Prescott  26 Dec 1770Ormskirk, Lancashire, England F672928304