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Outwell, Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.61781, Longitude: 0.23051


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doubleday, Arthur  Abt 1862Outwell, Norfolk, England I60532
2 Doubleday, Charles William  Abt 1818Outwell, Norfolk, England I60526
3 Doubleday, Hannah  Abt 1864Outwell, Norfolk, England I60533
4 Doubleday, Louis  Abt 1866Outwell, Norfolk, England I60534
5 Doubleday, Sarah Ann  Abt 1859Outwell, Norfolk, England I60531
6 Doubleday, Wesley  Abt 1869Outwell, Norfolk, England I60535
7 Townley, Ann  1810Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855437699
8 Wrate, Agnes  Abt 1832Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914826541
9 Wrate, Agnes  1839Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914823242
10 Wrate, Alice  Abt 1856Outwell, Norfolk, England I06913499734
11 Wrate, Anna Eliza  Abt 1878Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914828385
12 Wrate, Charles  Abt 1832Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914826540
13 Wrate, Charles  1838Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914823504
14 Wrate, Elizabeth  1843Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821306
15 Wrate, Flora  1842Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821007
16 Wrate, Frances  1840Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821534
17 Wrate, Francis  1847Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821167
18 Wrate, John  1806Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
19 Wrate, Mary  1835Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914822828
20 Wrate, Mary Ann  Abt 1858Outwell, Norfolk, England I06913499736
21 Wrate, Susannah  1849Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914822697
22 Wrate, William  1830Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574460


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bell, Dorothy  19 Oct 1572Outwell, Norfolk, England I1750062244


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brownlow, George  1901Outwell, Norfolk, England I30043


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brownlow, George  Abt 1891Outwell, Norfolk, England I30034
2 Brownlow, George  1901Outwell, Norfolk, England I30034


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boor, Alice Foster  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I29961
2 Dixey, Isabella  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60527
3 Doubleday, Arthur  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60532
4 Doubleday, Charles William  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I60526
5 Doubleday, Charles William  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60526
6 Doubleday, Elizabeth Ann  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60530
7 Doubleday, Henry  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60528
8 Doubleday, Louis  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60534
9 Doubleday, Sarah Ann  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60531
10 Doubleday, Walter  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60529
11 Doubleday, Wesley  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60535
12 Doubleday, William  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I60466
13 Doubleday, William  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60466
14 Doubleday, William  1871Outwell, Norfolk, England I60466
15 Martin, Ann  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914826795
16 Reynolds, Susannah  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574758
17 Reynolds, Susannah  1891Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574758
18 Townley, Ann  1841Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855437699
19 Townley, Ann  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855437699
20 Townley, Ann  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855437699
21 Wrate, Agnes  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914826541
22 Wrate, Anna Eliza  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914828385
23 Wrate, Charles  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914826540
24 Wrate, Charles  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914823504
25 Wrate, Eliza  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914828382
26 Wrate, Elizabeth  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821306
27 Wrate, Elizabeth  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574078
28 Wrate, Flora  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821007
29 Wrate, Flora  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821007
30 Wrate, Flora  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821007
31 Wrate, Flora  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821007
32 Wrate, Frances  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821534
33 Wrate, Francis  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821167
34 Wrate, Francis  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821167
35 Wrate, Francis  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914821167
36 Wrate, Frank  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914828383
37 Wrate, John  1841Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
38 Wrate, John  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
39 Wrate, John  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
40 Wrate, John  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
41 Wrate, John  1861Outwell, Norfolk, England I06855436902
42 Wrate, Mary  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914822828
43 Wrate, Susannah  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I06914822697
44 Wrate, Susannah  1881Outwell, Norfolk, England I06913499739
45 Wrate, William  1841Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574460
46 Wrate, William  1851Outwell, Norfolk, England I05850574460