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Ovingham, Northumberland, England



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bewick, Sarah  1735Ovingham, Northumberland, England I122018728
2 Browell, Charles  1738Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098231
3 Carr, Isabella  1698Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098477
4 Carr, John  1696Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098476
5 Carr, Mabel  1689Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098449
6 Carr, William  1692Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098474
7 Copeland, Isabel  1719Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098485
8 Hall, Mary  1786Ovingham, Northumberland, England I47851
9 Heron, James  1745Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664107206
10 Lawson, Ann  1751Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101941
11 Lawson, John  1715Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098479
12 Lawson, John  1744Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101938
13 Lawson, Mabel  1742Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101937
14 Lawson, Margaret  1747Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101939
15 Lawson, Ralph  1749Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101940
16 Lawson, Richard  1741Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101936
17 Lawson, Richard  1754Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101942
18 Lawson, Richard  1759Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101944
19 Lawson, Robert  1757Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101943
20 Lumley, Ann  1793Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098436
21 Lumley, Anne  1717Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098478
22 Lumley, Coupling  1764Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104899
23 Lumley, Dorothy  1681Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098460
24 Lumley, Dorothy  1723Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098482
25 Lumley, Elizab Eth  1679Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098458
26 Lumley, Hannah  1682Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098464
27 Lumley, Hannah  1738Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098487
28 Lumley, Henry  1741Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098488
29 Lumley, Isabel  1746Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104680
30 Lumley, Jane  1742Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104677
31 Lumley, John  1685Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098466
32 Lumley, John  1721Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098483
33 Lumley, John  1753Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104900
34 Lumley, Joseph  1733Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098187
35 Lumley, Joseph  1751Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104902
36 Lumley, Joseph  1791Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098174
37 Lumley, Mabel  1744Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104678
38 Lumley, Mabel  1788Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104905
39 Lumley, Margaret  1760Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104903
40 Lumley, Mary  1718Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098480
41 Lumley, Mary  1758Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104682
42 Lumley, Richard  1725Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098486
43 Lumley, Richard  1748Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104679
44 SHOTTON, Margaret  1812Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664101193
45 Temperley, Ann  1845Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664095553
46 Wilkinson, John  1715Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098481


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lumley, Richard  1748Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664098450


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bewick, Barbary  5 Jul 1735Ovingham, Northumberland, England I122023033
2 Heron, James  21 Apr 1745Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664107206
3 Lumley, Jane  17 Nov 1742Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104677
4 Lumley, Joseph  2 Apr 1751Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104902
5 Lumley, Mabel  15 Aug 1744Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104678
6 Lumley, Richard  27 Dec 1748Ovingham, Northumberland, England I77402664104679


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browell / Lumley  5 Jan 1764Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333819866
2 Ferens / Bewick  3 May 1759Ovingham, Northumberland, England F122012870
3 Kirsop / Lumley  13 Feb 1769Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333821597
4 Lumley / Bowlt  24 May 1788Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333819811
5 Lumley / Carr  1 Mar 1714Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333819889
6 Ridley / Lumley  21 Nov 1763Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333821567
7 Thompson / Lumley  15 Sep 1766Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333821568
8 Wilkinson / Lumley  14 May 1747Ovingham, Northumberland, England F3333819792