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Pennsylvania, USA



Latitude: 41.20332, Longitude: -77.19452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  1867Pennsylvania, USA I480029607
2 Augusta Jane  Sep 1850Pennsylvania, USA I479775849
3 May  1888Pennsylvania, USA I480029586
4 Alwine, Catherine  1838Pennsylvania, USA I3500311244
5 Bates, Josephine R  1 Sep 1913Pennsylvania, USA I77402109322987
6 Bear, Jane  Abt 1812Pennsylvania, USA I1750703721
7 Beckett  Abt 1790Pennsylvania, USA I18001961
8 Beckett, Benjamin H  Abt 1793Pennsylvania, USA I18001962
9 Beckett, Egbert  Abt 1809Pennsylvania, USA I18001968
10 Beckett, Eliza  11 Jul 1803Pennsylvania, USA I18001966
11 Beckett, Lucy"Carle"  24 Apr 1801Pennsylvania, USA I18001965
12 Beckett, Maria  8 Mar 1806Pennsylvania, USA I18001967
13 Beckett, Mary (Polly)  Abt 1813Pennsylvania, USA I18001970
14 Beckett, William Frazier  23 Nov 1798Pennsylvania, USA I18001964
15 Bilbrough, Garfield  1 Dec 1882Pennsylvania, USA I3500311250
16 Bilbrough, Harry  1 Oct 1876Pennsylvania, USA I3500311251
17 Bilbrough, John A  1 Jun 1873Pennsylvania, USA I3500311252
18 Bilbrough, Mable  1 Feb 1886Pennsylvania, USA I3500311254
19 Bilbrough, Samuel Joseph  1 Jul 1832Pennsylvania, USA I3500311241
20 Bilbrough, Samuel Joseph  1 Jan 1864Pennsylvania, USA I3500311246
21 Bilbrough, Thomas  1798Pennsylvania, USA I3500311221
22 Blakeley, Adeline E  1 Jan 1873Pennsylvania, USA I3500309175
23 Blakeley, Albert F  1 Jun 1867Pennsylvania, USA I3500309173
24 Blakeley, Bertha T  1 Dec 1869Pennsylvania, USA I3500309174
25 Boone, Rachel  17 Sep 1767Pennsylvania, USA I1750683304
26 Brammel, Ann  Pennsylvania, USA I1750703023
27 Brammell, William  Pennsylvania, USA I1750703024
28 Brown, Fred Arthur  May 1868Pennsylvania, USA I00000808
29 Brown, HellenM  22 Sep 1830Pennsylvania, USA I77402664080327
30 Burns, Benjaman  May 1886Pennsylvania, USA I00000620
31 Burns, Emma A  Aug 1897Pennsylvania, USA I00000625
32 Burns, Eva  Apr 1893Pennsylvania, USA I00000623
33 Burns, Ione  Dec 1899Pennsylvania, USA I00000627
34 Burns, Olla  Jun 1891Pennsylvania, USA I00000624
35 Burns, Selena'Louis'  Sep 1895Pennsylvania, USA I00000626
36 Bush, Charles Fenner  Jul 17 1877Pennsylvania, USA I480029645
37 Bush, Edgar Wheatcroft  Nov 25 1907Pennsylvania, USA I480029646
38 Butler, Jerome  1838Pennsylvania, USA I00000814
39 Butler, John  1840Pennsylvania, USA I00000806
40 Butler, Matilda  1831Pennsylvania, USA I00000807
41 Butler, Nelson  1848Pennsylvania, USA I00000849
42 Butler, William D  Abt 1872Pennsylvania, USA I00001031
43 Cory, Joseph  1737Pennsylvania, USA I3500309580
44 Creamer, Margaret  1803Pennsylvania, USA I3500311240
45 DeLap, Margaret  1817Pennsylvania, USA I1750679404
46 Emery, Eleanor  Abt 1678Pennsylvania, USA I18002865
47 Farmer, Carrie  1866Pennsylvania, USA I46671
48 Farmer, May  May 01 1890Pennsylvania, USA I480029551
49 Farmery, John Henry  17 Nov 1888Pennsylvania, USA I46839
50 Farmery, Joyce Williams  10 Apr 1919Pennsylvania, USA I46858

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Van Alstine, Aaron  29 Mar 1775Pennsylvania, USA I18002074
2 Van Alstyne, Isaac J  6 Jan 1773Pennsylvania, USA I18004347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Babb, Isacc  Abt 1803Pennsylvania, USA I18001486
2 Brown, Fred Arthur  16 Nov 1958Pennsylvania, USA I00000808
3 Courtwright, Harry M  1941Pennsylvania, USA I480029640
4 Jenks, Mary Ellen  Jul 1936Pennsylvania, USA I1748747921
5 Mummert, Dederick  26 Mar 1770Pennsylvania, USA I18004767
6 Rogers, Walter  26 May 1953Pennsylvania, USA I3500306808
7 Rusling, Horace  24 Oct 1990Pennsylvania, USA I77402109323298
8 Van Alstine, Aaron  1802Pennsylvania, USA I18002074
9 Walker, Elizabeth  Mar 28 1898Pennsylvania, USA I480029535
10 Wheatcroft, Bertha  Nov 25 1924Pennsylvania, USA I480029639
11 Wheatcroft, Dorothy  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, USA I480029622
12 Wheatcroft, Gertrude Alice  May 1950Pennsylvania, USA I480029643
13 Wheatcroft, Henry  Dec 18 1901Pennsylvania, USA I50370
14 Wheatcroft, Jane Ellen  May 06 1943Pennsylvania, USA I480029644
15 Wheatcroft, Lillian Lister  May 18 1946Pennsylvania, USA I480029647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cole, Mary  Bef 1749Pennsylvania, USA I18003257
2 Whitaker, Joseph  Pennsylvania, USA I18004801

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Ozbun, Matthew  12 Jan 1697Pennsylvania, USA I18000557


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coffin, Eliza Jane  13 Jun 1820Pennsylvania, USA I00000005
2 Coffin, Sarah Sally  01 Sep 1811Pennsylvania, USA I00000466
3 George, Benjamin  Pennsylvania, USA I00000758
4 Griffin, Clara Victoria  May 1863Pennsylvania, USA I00000271
5 Hunt, Charles  Aug 1852Pennsylvania, USA I00000306
6 Hunt, Charles  Aug 1852Pennsylvania, USA I00000306
7 Hunt, Hannah Jane  Abt 1842Pennsylvania, USA I00000252
8 Hunt, Hannah Jane  Abt 1844Pennsylvania, USA I00000252
9 Judd, Leonardo  Abt 1842Pennsylvania, USA I00000602
10 Judd, Thurwalsden  Abt 1845Pennsylvania, USA I00000597
11 Judd, Thurwalsden  Abt 1847Pennsylvania, USA I00000597
12 McCoy, Emmaline Octavia'Emma'  1865Pennsylvania, USA I00000332
13 Miller-Jones, William  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, USA I00000353
14 Miller-Jones, William  Aug 1856Pennsylvania, USA I00000353
15 Miller-Jones, William  Aug 1856Pennsylvania, USA I00000353
16 Miller-Jones, William  Aug 1856Pennsylvania, USA I00000353
17 Waugh, Harriet J  Abt 1815Pennsylvania, USA I00000611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dyhrenfurth, Robert Gerge Franas Herman  Nov 1864Pennsylvania, USA I00000704


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Heffer /   1908Pennsylvania, USA F1825665
2 Scarlet / Bowater  1717Pennsylvania, USA F18000406
3 Van Alstine / Baltzly  Abt 1779Pennsylvania, USA F18000848
4 Woodling / Wheatcroft  Abt 1904Pennsylvania, USA F1825686