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Penzance, Cornwall, England



Latitude: 50.1186, Longitude: -5.53715


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Abt 1864Penzance, Cornwall, England I1748952371
2 Colenso, William John  17 Nov 1811Penzance, Cornwall, England I5385
3 Dalby, Annie  1860Penzance, Cornwall, England I52095
4 Dalby, Francis H  1853Penzance, Cornwall, England I52092
5 Dalby, Mary M  1857Penzance, Cornwall, England I52093
6 Hackett, Lydia Woodward  30 Oct 1869Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402109324281
7 Hallifax, Peter Johnde Courcy   I1750043004
8 Harvey, Eleanor  Abt 1828Penzance, Cornwall, England I3500437851
9 Higgs, Catharine Guy  1829Penzance, Cornwall, England I51956
10 Laity, Alfred  Q3 1897Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402109329337
11 Laity, Hilda  Q4 1899Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402109329262
12 Oats, Arisbe  1 Nov 1846Penzance, Cornwall, England I3500437173
13 Potter, Elizabeth Ann  Sep 1856Penzance, Cornwall, England I60902
14 Richards, Agnes Anne  Abt 1836Penzance, Cornwall, England I1750047004
15 Ryder, Ann  1779Penzance, Cornwall, England I60130
16 Sincock, Albert R  Jun 1913Penzance, Cornwall, England I48322
17 Sincock, Charles C  Sep 1914Penzance, Cornwall, England I48323
18 Sincock, Frank D  Sep 1911Penzance, Cornwall, England I48321
19 Sincock, Ivy L  Jun 1916Penzance, Cornwall, England I48324
20 Sincock, Janie Amy D  Dec 1904Penzance, Cornwall, England I48318
21 Sincock, Leonard R  Mar 1919Penzance, Cornwall, England I48325
22 Sincock, Maria  1825Penzance, Cornwall, England I45707
23 Sincock, Melinda  Mar 1908Penzance, Cornwall, England I48320
24 Sincock, Richard Gordon  Mar 1906Penzance, Cornwall, England I48319
25 Sincock, William John  3 Jun 1883Penzance, Cornwall, England I48315
26 Sincock, William John  Sep 1883Penzance, Cornwall, England I9003
27 Sincock, William John  Sep 1883Penzance, Cornwall, England I44635
28 Sincock, William John  Sep 1903Penzance, Cornwall, England I48317
29 St. Aubyn, Hebe  14 Sep 1814Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592183
30 St. Aubyn, Hebe Elizabeth  Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001561561
31 St. Aubyn, Joanna  11 Sep 1810Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592181
32 St. Aubyn, Lucy Catherine  1860Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001561489
33 St. Aubyn, Martha  12 Sep 1810Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592182
34 St. Aubyn, Mary  1787Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001561563
35 St. Aubyn, Mary  8 Dec 1806Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592180
36 St. Aubyn, Piers Stewart  11 Apr 1871Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592161
37 Wales, Thomas Francis  Abt 1852Penzance, Cornwall, England I1748860013


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LUGG, Catherine Thomas  11 Jan 1830Penzance, Cornwall, England I3500436940


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abdy, Charles Leslie  1976Penzance, Cornwall, England I0768355675
2 Bedell, ElizabethMaude  May 1989Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402664079433
3 Bennett, Harry  Apr 2001Penzance, Cornwall, England I66952
4 Brabyn, Ann Grigg  12 Apr 1876Penzance, Cornwall, England I18022700
5 Brabyn, Ellen  14 Jul 1876Penzance, Cornwall, England I18022702
6 Brabyn, William  8 Aug 1876Penzance, Cornwall, England I18022703
7 Eyles, Mary Hilda E  1 Mar 2000Penzance, Cornwall, England I18027333
8 Gummer, Eliza  Jun 1931Penzance, Cornwall, England I18044246
9 Hammerton, Mirlwyn Eileen  Between Apr-Jun 1986Penzance, Cornwall, England I48193
10 Hargrave, Ann  Sep 1901Penzance, Cornwall, England I08514981174
11 Laity, Alfred  1910Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402109326991
12 Leonard, Phyllis  2 Jul 1992Penzance, Cornwall, England I18005219
13 Milner, Dorothy Ethel  Jan 1997Penzance, Cornwall, England I68269
14 St. Aubyn, Hebe  Jun 1892Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592183
15 St. Aubyn, Joanna  Jun 1892Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592181
16 St. Aubyn, Mary  Jun 1892Penzance, Cornwall, England I7001592180
17 Tooke, Norman  Jul 1999Penzance, Cornwall, England I80652
18 Westaway, Elizabeth Alunda Lynda  1947Penzance, Cornwall, England I77402109326990


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hargrave, Ann  1901Penzance, Cornwall, England I08514981174


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baragwanath / Sincock  Jan 1851Penzance, Cornwall, England F10074
2 Dunstan / Blake  1 Mar 1872Penzance, Cornwall, England F19020710
3 Hackett /   Between Oct-Dec 1868Penzance, Cornwall, England F3333782642
4 Laity / Potter  Q3 1918Penzance, Cornwall, England F3333807184
5 Lawler / St. Aubyn  1892Penzance, Cornwall, England F1346042894
6 Sincock / Dingle  Mar 1903Penzance, Cornwall, England F10457
7 Sincock / Eddy  Dec 1847Penzance, Cornwall, England F10092