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Poole, Dorset, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.719412, Longitude: -1.98113


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Axe, Holly Lauren   I1748592624
2 Axe, Tanisha Chantel   I1748592625
3 Blackwood, Francis James  Abt Nov 1877Poole, Dorset, England I1750064284
4 Chinn, Arthur  Jun 1876Poole, Dorset, England I77400352427052
5 Christopher, Florence Bessie  1915Poole, Dorset, England I77400352428122
6 Haskins, Harry James  1880Poole, Dorset, England I64813
7 Hill, Christine Anne   I0482064708
8 Hill, Michael James  1937Poole, Dorset, England I87489
9 Hunt, Gladys  Abt 1901Poole, Dorset, England I1748695183
10 Jeans, PatriciaMargaret   I744067
11 Jeans, Susan Rosemary   I744068
12 Lander, William James  Abt 1824Poole, Dorset, England I0482061971
13 Laws, SarahMaria  Abt 1845Poole, Dorset, England I07900747642
14 Masters, Frederick  Abt 1860Poole, Dorset, England I97862
15 Milum, Luke Matthew  1995Poole, Dorset, England I77402664083388
16 Nicholas, Jonah   I1749982759
17 Shardlow, JanetMoira   I744209
18 Thomas, Anne  1894Poole, Dorset, England I61655
19 Thomas, Daisy  1897Poole, Dorset, England I61656
20 Thomas, Edith J  1899Poole, Dorset, England I61657
21 Thomas, Frederick J  27 Feb 1921Poole, Dorset, England I61663
22 Thomas, JeanM  Dec 1949Poole, Dorset, England I61666
23 Thomas, Raymond Leslie  2 Oct 1952Poole, Dorset, England I61667
24 Thomas, William  1904Poole, Dorset, England I61650
25 Weaver, Malcolm Dennis   I1750300029


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rose  Oct 2010Poole, Dorset, England I61664
2 Arrand, Frederick George  Q2 1931Poole, Dorset, England I52658
3 Axe, AlbertMachin  3 Sep 1956Poole, Dorset, England I480038996
4 Christopher, Caroline Bessie Annie  Between Jan-Mar 1966Poole, Dorset, England I77400352428025
5 Cook, George Edmund  2 Apr 1986Poole, Dorset, England I77400352426518
6 Cooper, Frederick Thomas Edmund  Jun 2005Poole, Dorset, England I77402664085773
7 Davies, ElizabethMary Ann  7 Jun 1952Poole, Dorset, England I0482064217
8 Dawson, Wilfred John  1 Jan 1961Poole, Dorset, England I1748515349
9 Farmery, Cyril  21 Feb 1997Poole, Dorset, England I46766
10 Gatrell, Edith E  Dec 1953Poole, Dorset, England I61648
11 Gaunt, Wilfred  Jun 1986Poole, Dorset, England I64102
12 Gooding, Walter James  1986Poole, Dorset, England I77402109332244
13 Hadad, Eva  Abt 1991Poole, Dorset, England I46985
14 Haskins, Wilfred George  Mar 1948Poole, Dorset, England I77402664112076
15 Herklots, Bernard  1934Poole, Dorset, England I99517
16 Hill, Albert Victor  6 Apr 1969Poole, Dorset, England I0481934559
17 HOUNSELL, Martha Ward  Sep 1910Poole, Dorset, England I4222
18 Howes, Elizabeth  Jul 1987Poole, Dorset, England I64105
19 Kitching, Mark Herbert  Oct 1983Poole, Dorset, England I100668
20 Lacroix, Laura Overbeck  1911Poole, Dorset, England I99550
21 Leggott, Walter  Dec 1980Poole, Dorset, England I26003576
22 Lightfoot, SarahMorris  1962Poole, Dorset, England I0481942092
23 Lister, Edward D'Arcy  Between Jul-Sep 1976Poole, Dorset, England I1748515358
24 Lloyd, Hugh Horton  Between Jan-Mar 1972Poole, Dorset, England I23267
25 LONG, Josiah  1888Poole, Dorset, England I4221
26 Loversuch, Joyce  1993Poole, Dorset, England I36411
27 Moorley, Hilda Clara  22 Jan 1952Poole, Dorset, England I0481934560
28 Moorley, Mary Alice  May 1982Poole, Dorset, England I0569600433
29 Morres, Mary Beatrice  31 Mar 1894Poole, Dorset, England I1750044129
30 Morris, Mary  1945Poole, Dorset, England I0497903797
31 Oates, Arthur Jackson  Jun 1977Poole, Dorset, England I3499893394
32 Oxley, Mary Maund  10 Apr 1913Poole, Dorset, England I82977
33 Palmer, Emma Bridge  Abt Feb 1892Poole, Dorset, England I1750064558
34 Parker, Eleanor  2000Poole, Dorset, England I1750130600
35 Powys, Sophia Jane  31 Oct 1905Poole, Dorset, England I1750042745
36 Quick, Alexander  1992Poole, Dorset, England I1750130601
37 Seth-Smith, Frank  1956Poole, Dorset, England I102509
38 Shaw, Emily Louisa  5 Nov 1967Poole, Dorset, England I1748515352
39 Thomas, Reginald  2001Poole, Dorset, England I15392
40 Trevelyan, Henry Willoughby  Sep 1929Poole, Dorset, England I18040508
41 Walter, Robert  21 Mar 1959Poole, Dorset, England I102430
42 Whitehead, Alice Mary  Oct 1960Poole, Dorset, England I42548
43 Womack, Lucy Walker  Between Jan-Mar 1939Poole, Dorset, England I22148


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Tyler   F672232970
2 Gambell / Powys  4 Mar 1905Poole, Dorset, England F672618221
3 Hill / Moorley  6 AprPoole, Dorset, England F01829104
4 KILVINGTON / Young  1928Poole, Dorset, England F3333820708
5 Ogley / Garrick  13 Jul 1972Poole, Dorset, England F3333811375
6 Woolley / Christopher  Between Apr-Jun 1938Poole, Dorset, England F1944438542