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Reading, Berkshire, England



Latitude: 51.45504, Longitude: -0.96909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1819Reading, Berkshire, England I1748850836
2 Ambrose, Richard  1851Reading, Berkshire, England I480088456
3 Bain, Rachel   I7001649444
4 Ball, Beatrice Alice  1880Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664095700
5 Ball, Edwin  1844Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098725
6 Ball, Eliza  1848Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098720
7 Ball, Elizabeth  1850Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098719
8 Ball, Ellen  1857Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098722
9 Ball, James  1860Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098724
10 Ball, Sarah  1855Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098721
11 Ball, William  1839Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098717
12 Beacon, Eliza Boyes  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire, England I19726
13 Brabyn, George Christopher   I18029443
14 Brabyn, Henry Matthew   I18022826
15 Bright, Frank  24 Jan 1911Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435632
16 Caines, Elsie F  Sep 1888Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435250
17 Caines, Hilda  Abt 1893Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435299
18 Caines, James Frederick  Abt 1884Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435249
19 Chandler, Arthur  1883Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483133
20 Chandler, Arthur  1908Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483132
21 Chandler, Elizabeth J  1884Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483138
22 Chandler, Frederick  1910Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483134
23 Chandler, Graham J   I1748483135
24 Chandler, John Thomas  1855Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483130
25 Chandler, Nevill  1900Reading, Berkshire, England I3500302612
26 Chandler, Peter   I1748483137
27 Chandler, Victor G   I1748483136
28 Chandler, William  1885Reading, Berkshire, England I1748483129
29 Chisholm, Suzanne H   I1748584866
30 Clemson, Ada  1875Reading, Berkshire, England I18041252
31 Clutterbuck, Emma  1844Reading, Berkshire, England I9773
32 Cumberbatch, Timothy Carlton Congdon  4 Oct 1939Reading, Berkshire, England I70291
33 Foster, Susan Ann   I100925
34 Fox, Jean Violet  1943Reading, Berkshire, England I77402109314348
35 Fox, John Harold  1945Reading, Berkshire, England I77402109314349
36 Fry, Francis William  11 Mar 1888Reading, Berkshire, England I08178575885
37 Green, Robert  1933Reading, Berkshire, England I3500301770
38 Harmer, Dorothy Ellen  Mar 1899Reading, Berkshire, England I1750710825
39 Hayter, Barbara J  1900Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098805
40 Hopkins, AndreaMary   I18041063
41 Hopkins, Cathryn Louise   I18041066
42 Hopkins, Marion Amanda   I18041062
43 Hopkins, Paul Allan W   I18041065
44 Hopkins, Sally Jayne   I18041064
45 Horwood, Thomas  1934READING, Berkshire, England I3500301769
46 Huggins, Ada Selina  1883Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098795
47 Huggins, Alfred J  1870Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098802
48 Huggins, Anne M  1853Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098787
49 Huggins, Beatrice  1875Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098543
50 Huggins, Eliza  1839Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664098776

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rebekah  ONDReading, Berkshire, England I77402664098530
2 Ashby, Elsie B  21 Aug 2007Reading, Berkshire, England I36827
3 Axe, Dorothy Mary  Aug 1986Reading, Berkshire, England I480089292
4 Blackburn, Violet  1 Mar 1999Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352426009
5 Crook, Evelyn  Abt 1989Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435631
6 Culpin, Thomas  Mar 1906Reading, Berkshire, England I712989
7 Davenport, William  14 Apr 1798Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201967
8 Drury, Ann  5 Jul 1907Reading, Berkshire, England I1750129078
9 Dudley, Beryl Evelyn  12 Dec 1997Reading, Berkshire, England I30576
10 Foley, LilianMargaret  Mar 1986Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352427093
11 Fox, Harold William  9 May 1997Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352426010
12 Greenwood, Edward  24 Jun 1849Reading, Berkshire, England I1750050888
13 Greenwood, Jane  10 Jan 1889Reading, Berkshire, England I1750050895
14 Greenwood, Priscilla  13 Mar 1890Reading, Berkshire, England I1750050894
15 Gunby, Arthur Dunderdale  1966Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664095733
16 Hackett, Geoffrey John  30 Aug 1977Reading, Berkshire, England I77402109324410
17 Harling, MalcolmMark  19 Dec 1999Reading, Berkshire, England I1748695363
18 Harrison, DorisMary  9 Jan 2000Reading, Berkshire, England I07312246799
19 Harrison, Dorothy  21 Jul 2006Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201986
20 Hebblethwaite, Helena  1983Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664090827
21 Huggins, Henry  JFMReading, Berkshire, England I77402664098789
22 Ilsley, Richard  Dec 1912Reading, Berkshire, England I18041203
23 Ilsley, Thomas  Mar 1892Reading, Berkshire, England I18041212
24 James, Clara  1931Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664096029
25 Jarratt, Edith  28 May 1950Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664082951
26 Lambden  Abt 1913Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435839
27 Marshall, Elizabeth  19 May 1799Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201968
28 Maw, Benjamin Jesup  Martr 1898Reading, Berkshire, England I1750347841
29 Maw, Louisa  Martr 1923Reading, Berkshire, England I1750347849
30 Merrick, William  8 Jan 1741Reading, Berkshire, England I1750053120
31 Miller, Chimham  Sep 1891Reading, Berkshire, England I18041175
32 Miller, Chimham  Jun 1929Reading, Berkshire, England I18041168
33 Norcott, Fanny  Abt Dec 1905 or 1909Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435495
34 Pond, StevenMichael  3 Jul 2000Reading, Berkshire, England I77402448098785
35 Rowark, Joseph  Jul 1993Reading, Berkshire, England I77402664082952
36 Searle, Ronald  Nov 2003Reading, Berkshire, England I480095625
37 Taylor, OBE, Gerald Charles  2 Jun 1946Reading, Berkshire, England I97008
38 Temlett, Ruth  Reading, Berkshire, England I5471
39 Thomas, Douglas Arthur  31 Aug 2010Reading, Berkshire, England I61672
40 Thomas, Leonard Charles  22 Aug 2005Reading, Berkshire, England I36825
41 Trapani, Giulio Antonio A  1 Jun 1987Reading, Berkshire, England I18025655
42 Wain, Robert  1998Reading, Berkshire, England I3500312379
43 Walter, Dorothy  1973Reading, Berkshire, England I102414
44 Walter, Stephen  1974Reading, Berkshire, England I102416
45 Williams, Eleanor  Juntr 1891Reading, Berkshire, England I1750347844
46 Woodage, Timothy  30 Jun 1896Reading, Berkshire, England I77400352435280
47 Yewdall, Harry Poat  27 Apr 1984Reading, Berkshire, England I77402102183144


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 William Prince of England  Reading, Berkshire, England I1748534689
2 FitzHerbert, Piers  Reading, Berkshire, England I1750053311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Simonds, George Blackall  Reading, Berkshire, England I96564
2 Simonds, William Blackall  Reading, Berkshire, England I96567


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Davenport, Sarah  Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201966
2 Davenport, William  Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201967
3 Davenport, William  Reading, Berkshire, England I77398329201969
4 Rayner, Edward  Reading, Berkshire, England I1750044331
5 Simeon, Richard  Reading, Berkshire, England I1750048709


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ambrose / Slade  1873Reading, Berkshire, England F1840927
2 Axe / Chisholm   F672177100
3 Bickerton / Margetts  1 Sep 1912Reading, Berkshire, England F28023680
4 Brabyn / Hill   F28021209
5 Branton / Reeves  1921Reading, Berkshire, England F90500
6 Bray / Margetts  1 Jun 1916Reading, Berkshire, England F28024346
7 Burgess / Huggins  1 Sep 1873Reading, Berkshire, England F3333820004
8 Clark / Beacon  Mar 1900Reading, Berkshire, England F5081
9 Eyre / Margetts  1 Mar 1918Reading, Berkshire, England F28024345
10 Fox / Blackburn   F1944437917
11 Fox / Taylor   F3333779973
12 Gunby / Wood  1919Reading, Berkshire, England F3333819158
13 Horwood / Horwell   F1345572145
14 Huggins / Meeks  1906Reading, Berkshire, England F3333820010
15 Huggins / Warner  1 Jun 1857Reading, Berkshire, England F3333820009
16 Ilsley / Norris  Sep 1900Reading, Berkshire, England F28026191
17 Ilsley / Owen  Dec 1873Reading, Berkshire, England F28026358
18 Kelsey / Moody  Sep 1907Reading, Berkshire, England F1943986619
19 King / Fox   F3333779972
20 Lane / Maw  Juntr 1877Reading, Berkshire, England F672837814
21 Lovejoy / Johnson  Jun 1920Reading, Berkshire, England F25769
22 Margetts / Clack  1 Dec 1926Reading, Berkshire, England F28021346
23 Margetts / Levens  1 Mar 1917Reading, Berkshire, England F28024818
24 Margetts / Penlerick  1 Jun 1928Reading, Berkshire, England F28024819
25 Margetts / Stroud  1 Jun 1944Reading, Berkshire, England F28024341
26 Margetts / Wernham  1 Sep 1895Reading, Berkshire, England F28024785
27 Matthews / Margetts  1 Jun 1907Reading, Berkshire, England F28024820
28 Miller / Church  Mar 1877Reading, Berkshire, England F28026188
29 Miller / Lawrence  Jun 1871Reading, Berkshire, England F28026187
30 Murdoch / Searle  Reading, Berkshire, England F1841389
31 Norris / Clemson  Mar 1898Reading, Berkshire, England F28026207
32 Norris / Miller  Mar 1874Reading, Berkshire, England F28026190
33 Reeves / Smith  1885Reading, Berkshire, England F90516
34 Ryan / Brabyn   F28021220
35 Salmon / Griffiths  1 Jul 1988Reading, Berkshire, England F28023704
36 Sharland / Rowark  Between Apr-Jun 1934Reading, Berkshire, England F3333813103
37 Sheppard / Rowark  Between Jul-Sep 1936Reading, Berkshire, England F3333813104
38 Simpkins / Huggins  1 Sep 1871Reading, Berkshire, England F3333820011
39 Windisch / Holmes   F3333808848