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Reigate, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.23765, Longitude: -0.20583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia Elizabeth  Abt 1818Reigate, Surrey, England I59544
2 Betchley, Florence Janet  Abt 1900Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484962
3 Brewer, Alice  1873Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485741
4 Brewer, Amy  1832Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485727
5 Brewer, Amy  1864Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485738
6 Brewer, Anne  1866Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485739
7 Brewer, Benjamin  Abt 1834Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485728
8 Brewer, David  1871Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485740
9 Brewer, Ellen Jane  1879Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485743
10 Brewer, Emma  1875Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485742
11 Brewer, George  1858Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485735
12 Brewer, Harriet  1836Reigate, Surrey, England I1748477549
13 Brewer, Mary  Abt 1860Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485736
14 Brewer, Rose  1881Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485744
15 Brewer, Thomas  1862Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485737
16 Brown, Ellen  Abt 1847Reigate, Surrey, England I18034084
17 Burrell, Emily  1835Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484492
18 Burrell, Jane Elizabeth  5 Jan 1820Reigate, Surrey, England I77402664111389
19 Chantler, Ellen  1873Reigate, Surrey, England I1748477579
20 Collard, Olga Caroline Powys'Ba'  24 Apr 1907Reigate, Surrey, England I1750042724
21 Collard, Sylvia Una'Arkie'  2 May 1908Reigate, Surrey, England I1750042725
22 Crews, Emma  1844Reigate, Surrey, England I1748486014
23 Dodd, Mary  Abt 1797Reigate, Surrey, England I1748490038
24 Duffell, Eliza  1855Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485372
25 Duffell, Jesse  1854Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485370
26 Duffell, William  1858Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485369
27 Durrant, EthelM  Sep 1917Reigate, Surrey, England I80773
28 Durrant, Thomas F  Sep 1915Reigate, Surrey, England I80772
29 Ede, Ann  1834Reigate, Surrey, England I1748481284
30 Hockley, Reginald Harry  Abt 1900Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484964
31 Kenrick, Margaret  23 Feb 1891Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857210
32 Kenrick, Mary Jaffray  Sep 1885Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857207
33 Maw, David Jaffray  Juntr 1917Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857216
34 Maw, DenysMowbray  20 Apr 1915Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857215
35 Maw, John Kenrick  6 Nov 1910Reigate, Surrey, England I1750874661
36 Maw, Michael Trentham  Dec 1912Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857214
37 Metcalfe, Colin R  Sep 1930Reigate, Surrey, England I88904
38 Metcalfe, Jean  2 Mar 1923Reigate, Surrey, England I88871
39 Midwood, Bessie  Abt 1884Reigate, Surrey, England I1750246520
40 Peat, Sarah  1794Reigate, Surrey, England I3500300842
41 Skeet, Emily  1846Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484933
42 Skinner, Anne  Reigate, Surrey, England I1750044748
43 Smithers, George  Abt 1843Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484625
44 Thatcher, Olive May  Abt 1908Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484966
45 Thornton, George Jonas  1856Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484493
46 Thornton, William  1860Reigate, Surrey, England I1748484496
47 Tullett, Ann  1853Reigate, Surrey, England I3500310624
48 Tullett, Ellen  1859Reigate, Surrey, England I1748477550
49 Tullett, Emma  1855Reigate, Surrey, England I3500310625
50 Tullett, George  1852Reigate, Surrey, England I3500302653

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Argles, Caroline Douglas  Abt Feb 1905Reigate, Surrey, England I1750061961
2 Cokayne, Mary  6 Feb 1650/51Reigate, Surrey, England I7739209163
3 Collins, Mary  1918Reigate, Surrey, England I3500302563
4 Crews, Lucy  1856Reigate, Surrey, England I1748486982
5 Dann, John  13 Mar 1853Reigate, Surrey, England I1748486006
6 Dann, Richard  3 Apr 1810Reigate, Surrey, England I1748486007
7 Maw, Charles  5 Jan 1905Reigate, Surrey, England I1750857130
8 Meeds, Norah  Jul 1972Reigate, Surrey, England I3500214950
9 Metcalfe, Guy Vivien  1967Reigate, Surrey, England I88872
10 Pattenden, Henry  30 Aug 1915Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485147
11 Pattenden, Thomas  1865Reigate, Surrey, England I1748485153
12 Poyntz, William  1601Reigate, Surrey, England I1750045360
13 Sadler, Maria  1879Reigate, Surrey, England I1748488504
14 Scully, Henry Joseph  4 Jan 1929Reigate, Surrey, England I3881
15 Seddon, Penelope  5 Jan 1821Reigate, Surrey, England I1748486009
16 Seth-Smith, William Howard  30 Aug 1928Reigate, Surrey, England I102454
17 Skinner, John  Reigate, Surrey, England I1750045687
18 Thomas, James  Mar 1912Reigate, Surrey, England I77402664227876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cokayne, Mary  11 Feb 1650/51Reigate, Surrey, England I7739209163
2 Howard, Charles 2nd Earl of Nottingham  8 Oct 1642Reigate, Surrey, England I7738428501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Poyntz, John  8 Dec 1577Reigate, Surrey, England I1750045361
2 Poyntz, Newdigate  16 Nov 1608Reigate, Surrey, England I1750045369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Jordan, William  Between 1716 and 1727Reigate, Surrey, England I1750054436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Poyntz, William  Reigate, Surrey, England I1750045360


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Charman / Betchley  1926Reigate, Surrey, England F672132751
2 Charman / Thatcher  1928Reigate, Surrey, England F672132753
3 Duffell / Wilkins  1852Reigate, Surrey, England F672132588
4 Durrant / Battricke  Dec 1915Reigate, Surrey, England F1345572342
5 Durrant / Stedman  Dec 1914Reigate, Surrey, England F1345572338
6 Ede / Brewer  1854Reigate, Surrey, England F672132933
7 Hamilton / Seth-Smith  1925Reigate, Surrey, England F23798
8 Heald / Dann  14 Jul 1870Reigate, Surrey, England F672133207
9 Hockley / Charman  1927Reigate, Surrey, England F672132752
10 Kelsey / Hollyman  Jun 1895Reigate, Surrey, England F1897404
11 Poyntz / Newdigate  23 May 1569Reigate, Surrey, England F672617677
12 Stedman / Rusbridge  Mar 1882Reigate, Surrey, England F1345572337
13 Tullett / Canning  1865REIGATE, Surrey, England F1345574261
14 Unknown / Robins  1 Sep 1905Reigate, Surrey, England F28023509
15 Vos / Russell  1887Reigate, Surrey, England F22932