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Ringmer, East Sussex, England



Latitude: 50.89322, Longitude: 0.05538


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catt, Mary  Abt 1595Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748490377
2 Foord, Anne  1678Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486699
3 Foord, Barbara  12 Aug 1792Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486655
4 Foord, Bridget  1687Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486695
5 Foord, Edward  1643Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486707
6 Foord, Edward  1676Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486696
7 Foord, Elisabeth  1649Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486706
8 Foord, Elizabeth  1643Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486708
9 Foord, Elizabeth  1673Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486693
10 Foord, Frances  27 Dec 1789Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486621
11 Foord, George  1680Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486694
12 Foord, Henry F  20 Jan 1799Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486651
13 Foord, Joane  1640Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486704
14 Foord, John  Abt 1595Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748490376
15 Foord, John  Abt 1618Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486691
16 Foord, John  1635Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486705
17 Foord, John  Abt 1660Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486672
18 Foord, John  1687Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486675
19 Foord, John  23 Dec 1787Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486654
20 Foord, Joseph  16 Oct 1796Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486656
21 Foord, Marey  Abt 1640Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486683
22 Foord, Marie  1638Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486702
23 Foord, Martha  25 Feb 1801Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486658
24 Foord, Mary  1670Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486697
25 Foord, Mary  1671Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486698
26 Foord, Mary  1685Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486688
27 Foord, Mary  24 Apr 1803Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486657
28 Foord, Phillis  20 Apr 1805Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486653
29 Foord, Samuel  12 Oct 1794Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486652
30 Foord, Susanna  1688Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486687
31 Foord, Thomas  1640Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486684
32 Foord, Thomas  1667Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486692
33 Foord, Thomas  26 Nov 1809Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486650
34 Foord, William  1646Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486703
35 Foord, William  1646Ringmer, East Sussex, England I3500296898
36 Holman, William  1808Ringmer, East Sussex, England I3500301420
37 Reade, Rose  Abt 1618Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486690
38 Wilding, Susan  Abt 1660Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fielder, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1851Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486646
2 Foord, Henry F  1 Apr 1803Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486651
3 Foord, Isaac  18 Oct 1846Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486647
4 Foord, Thomas  3 Nov 1892Ringmer, East Sussex, England I1748486650


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foord / Fielder  29 Sep 1787Ringmer, East Sussex, England F672133163
2 Foord / Reade  9 Feb 1634Ringmer, East Sussex, England F672133170