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Rochester, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.35, Longitude: 0.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AnnMaria  1797Rochester, Kent, England I77402664227934
2 Florence  1849Rochester, Kent, England I1750122591
3 Axe, Anne  13 Nov 1694Rochester, Kent, England I7098276830
4 Axe, Frances  13 Nov 1703Rochester, Kent, England I7098276831
5 Axe, John  14 Oct 1707Rochester, Kent, England I7098276824
6 Axe, Mary  05 Oct 1699Rochester, Kent, England I7098276833
7 Axe, William  19 Jun 1697Rochester, Kent, England I7098276832
8 Bale, Annie Ruth  Jun 1860Rochester, Kent, England I60911
9 Batchelor, Daphne Florence Edwina  10 Jan 1934Rochester, Kent, England I480050492
10 Bere, James  Abt 1530Rochester, Kent, England I21004189
11 Bere, Martin  Abt 1472Rochester, Kent, England I21004193
12 Bere, Mary  Abt 1535Rochester, Kent, England I21004194
13 Carpenter, Andrew   I249219482
14 Colyer, Sarah  Abt 1816Rochester, Kent, England I60983
15 Coulter, Martha  Abt 1823Rochester, Kent, England I53923
16 Downs, Theodosia  1764Rochester, Kent, England I39922
17 Gore, Maria  Abt 1817Rochester, Kent, England I1750046986
18 Harland, Grace Edith   I0872515174
19 Henderson, Donna Louise   I1748478468
20 Henderson, Janet   I1748483491
21 Henderson, Kerry  1960Rochester, Kent, England I1748483488
22 Hughes, Alfred Henry  11 Feb 1892Rochester, Kent, England I103262
23 Kingswood, Dorothy  Abt 1539Rochester, Kent, England I21004209
24 Kingswood, John  Abt 1504Rochester, Kent, England I21006458
25 Le Grove  Abt 1912Rochester, Kent, England I55071
26 Le Grove, GladysMary  Dec 1906Rochester, Kent, England I55062
27 Le Grove, Olive Kate L  1909Rochester, Kent, England I55063
28 Maund, Gertrude  1890Rochester, Kent, England I18023443
29 Maund, Mabel Priscilla  1889Rochester, Kent, England I18023442
30 Mole, Berveley   I1748482852
31 Mole, Heather   I1748482850
32 Mole, Howard   I1748482851
33 Mole, Lurline   I1748482849
34 Nye, Charles  30 Dec 1787Rochester, Kent, England I07802264243
35 Nye, Elizabeth  23 Oct 1774Rochester, Kent, England I07802264396
36 Nye, Frances  28 Jan 1781Rochester, Kent, England I07802263373
37 Nye, Frances  23 Feb 1783Rochester, Kent, England I07802263127
38 Nye, Mary Ann  17 Jan 1778Rochester, Kent, England I07802264212
39 Nye, Thomas John  28 Mar 1790Rochester, Kent, England I07802262778
40 Nye, William  30 Jan 1780Rochester, Kent, England I07802263783
41 Nye, William  28 Dec 1791Rochester, Kent, England I07802263662
42 Nye, William Joseph  16 Nov 1798Rochester, Kent, England I07802263092
43 Parker, Henry  Abt 1866Rochester, kent, England I60965
44 Rippon, Ann  29 Jan 1754Rochester, Kent, England I07802264418
45 Smith, Alice  24 May 1857Rochester, Kent, England I7738447769
46 Smith, Charles  Mar 1862Rochester, Kent, England I7738447771
47 Smith, Edith Constance  15 Apr 1900Rochester, Kent, England I55243
48 Smith, Eliza  1 Sep 1850Rochester, Kent, England I7738447765
49 Smith, Emma  10 Dec 1854Rochester, Kent, England I7738447768
50 Smith, Ernest Hubert  8 Jan 1911Rochester, Kent, England I55250

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axe, Harriet  Between Jan-Mar 1904Rochester, Kent, England I480038944
2 Burgess, Sydney Thomas  13 Jul 1994Rochester, Kent, England I77402664112086
3 Nye, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1864Rochester, Kent, England I07802264396
4 Nye, Frances  18 Sep 1781Rochester, Kent, England I07802263373
5 Pledge, Mary Ann  1847Rochester, Kent, England I39920
6 Reader, Mary  Jan 1875Rochester, Kent, England I29174
7 Smith, EthelMargaret  Between Jan-Mar 1941Rochester, Kent, England I55094
8 Smith, George  4 Dec 1901Rochester, Kent, England I480038948
9 Thomas, Eleanor Theodosia  Oct 1797Rochester, Kent, England I39947
10 Thomas, George Peters Patrick  Dec 1800Rochester, Kent, England I39951
11 Thomas, Henry  28 Oct 1940Rochester, Kent, England I14120
12 Thomas, John Henry James  1790Rochester, Kent, England I39937
13 Thomas, John William  Jan 1793Rochester, Kent, England I39945
14 Thomas, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Aug 1798Rochester, Kent, England I39950
15 Thomas, Mary Theodosia  Jan 1794Rochester, Kent, England I39944
16 Thomas, Owen  1795Rochester, Kent, England I39923
17 Thomas, Rebecca Elizabeth  Nov 1789Rochester, Kent, England I39941
18 Thomas, Samuel Philip  Jul 1795Rochester, Kent, England I39938
19 Thomas, Samuel Philip  9 Dec 1855Rochester, Kent, England I39919
20 Thomas, William  Mar 1872Rochester, Kent, England I39952


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Nye, Charles  30 Dec 1787Rochester, Kent, England I07802264243
2 Rippon, Sarah  19 May 1752Rochester, Kent, England I07802264238
3 Rippon, Sarah  19 May 1752Rochester, Kent, England I07802264238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Duffell, John  Rochester, Kent, England I1750046708
2 Thorndike, Agnes Sybil CH  1885Rochester, Kent, England I3500447341


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nye / Parsons  15 Mar 1798Rochester, Kent, England F1943964084
2 Nye / Rippon  26 Jun 1772Rochester, Kent, England F1943964017
3 Rippon / Hall  3 Apr 1736Rochester, Kent, England F1943963916