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Rotherfield, East Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.0463, Longitude: 0.219432


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1852Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0681487215
2 Mary?  Abt 1852Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402310781309
3 Berwick, Lucy  1838Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654012
4 Best, Ellen  1873Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682358103
5 Field, William  1846Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680256544
6 Freeman, Walter  Abt 1849Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77400352435067
7 Fry, Mary  13 Jul 1848Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309540952
8 Gilbert, Sarah  1720Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680264294
9 Grey, Joan Baroness Grey  Abt 20 Jul 1386Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I1750051461
10 Harman, Elsie Maria  27 Nov 1881Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311650882
11 Hewitt, Mary Rogers  Abt 1788Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309994877
12 Latter, Sarah  Abt 1783Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653564
13 Loftus, Elizabeth Ann  14 Jun 1880Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311655363
14 Loftus, Joseph  26 Feb 1882Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682361294
15 Loftus, Mary Ann  18 Apr 1884Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311655403
16 Moon, Eliza  11 Nov 1846Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654180
17 Paige, Philadelphia  20 Dec 1811Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653876
18 Parker, James  1835Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I1498
19 Parks, Naomi  1863Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I3500309999
20 Parks, Samuel Hall  1860Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I3500309993
21 Parks, Thomas  1861Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I3500309998
22 Parks, Thomas H  1828Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I3500309997
23 Phillips, Acton George  1881Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682357202
24 Roberts, Mary  1752Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680696922
25 Sales, Edith  Abt 1880Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682361333
26 Sales, Edward  26 Feb 1837Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653971
27 Sales, Edward  27 Oct 1869Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679950752
28 Sales, Edward  26 Mar 1888Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682357389
29 Sales, Elizabeth  15 Aug 1784Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309994471
30 Sales, Frederick  1847Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654322
31 Sales, George  1836Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653937
32 Sales, Harriett  1853Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654392
33 Sales, Harriett  1878Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679950981
34 Sales, Henry  1841Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680246682
35 Sales, Henry  20 Aug 1842Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654158
36 Sales, Henry  Abt 1857Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680258542
37 Sales, Henry  1876Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356669
38 Sales, James  21 May 1789Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309243666
39 Sales, Jesse  27 Nov 1792Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680701007
40 Sales, Jesse  24 Oct 1813Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653842
41 Sales, Jesse  9 Dec 1872Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356643
42 Sales, John  1826Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679655674
43 Sales, John  1827Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402308949768
44 Sales, John William  1850Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680246842
45 Sales, Joseph  26 Jun 1790Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680700736
46 Sales, Joseph  1816Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679655439
47 Sales, Joseph  1845Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680246794
48 Sales, Joseph Francis  1855Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654439
49 Sales, Lucy  1872Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679950951
50 Sales, Lucy  26 Nov 1898Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356689

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sales, Philadelphia  09 Jan 1870Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356622
2 Sales, Sarah  11 Mar 1866Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 de Grey, John 2nd Lord Grey of Rotherfield  1 Sep 1359Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I1750051998
2 Harman, Elsie Maria  9 Aug 1952Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311650882
3 Hewitt, Mary Rogers  1836Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309994877
4 Latter, Sarah  1837Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653564
5 Moon, Eliza  1917Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654180
6 Paige, Philadelphia  29 Jul 1877Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653876
7 Patchett, Amos  20 Feb 1887Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I78292
8 Phillips, Acton George  27 Nov 1955Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682357202
9 Roberts, Mary  1838Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680696922
10 Sales, George  1836Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679653937
11 Sales, Henry  1910Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679654158
12 Sales, Jesse  1945Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356643
13 Sales, Sarah  1871Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680701397
14 Sales, Sarah Elsie  1985Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682357039
15 Sales, William  29 Apr 1954Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0682356782
16 Tasker, George Frederick  1821Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0680737229
17 Turk, Lucy  1852Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I0679948297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Fry, Mary  6 Aug 1848Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402309540952
2 Harman, Elsie Maria  12 Feb 1882Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311650882
3 Loftus, Elizabeth Ann  8 Aug 1880Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311655363
4 Loftus, Mary Ann  8 Jun 1884Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311655403
5 Sales, Richard George  13 Sep 1886Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311651366
6 Sales, Samuel John  8 Apr 1883Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I77402311651340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Grey, Margaret  Rotherfield, East Sussex, England I1750056018


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Harman  6 Jun 1904Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333808252
2 / Sales  18 Jul 1803Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333806466
3 Field / Sales  18 Jun 1844Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333809107
4 Loftus / Sales  24 Oct 1878Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826398
5 Sales /   7 Oct 1854Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333809140
6 Sales /   6 Jun 1904Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826138
7 Sales / Hewitt  11 Jan 1815Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333806467
8 Sales / Maynard  28 Sep 1795Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333806464
9 Sales / Moon  28 Oct 1865Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826115
10 Sales / Paige  1 Dec 1835Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826113
11 Sales / Paige  7 Oct 1854Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826117
12 Sales / Turk  12 Oct 1785Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F3333809451
13 Smith / Sales  9 Jan 1885Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826429
14 Tasker /   18 Jul 1803Rotherfield, East Sussex, England F01826412