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Rotherhithe, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4897207, Longitude: -0.0485801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldam, Eugenie  Abt 1895Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851819
2 Austwick, Joseph  Abt 1860Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748843406
3 Barnett, Amy L  1879Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851750
4 Barnett, Edith  Abt 1884Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851753
5 Barnett, Frank  Abt 1886Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851754
6 Barnett, Frederick S  Abt 1881Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851751
7 Barnett, Hubert  Abt 1891Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851756
8 Barnett, Joseph  Abt 1895Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851758
9 Barnett, Lily  Abt 1888Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851755
10 Barnett, Nellie  Abt 1893Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851757
11 Barnett, William  Abt 1882Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1750851752
12 Batlett, Emma  1840Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300978
13 Batlett, Martha  1845Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300974
14 Biswell, Ada  Abt 1896Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500307753
15 Biswell, Catherine  Abt 1897Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500307754
16 Biswell, Elsie Florence  1904Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500307767
17 Brabyn, Charles Edyvean  1 Dec 1867Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I18027175
18 Brabyn, Edward Joseph  1876Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I18027162
19 Brabyn, John Lugg  1 Jun 1861Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I18022569
20 Brabyn, Mary  1 Jun 1865Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I18027159
21 CADBY, Ann Wood  1846Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228879
22 CADBY, Eliza Priscilla  12 Dec 1852Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228881
23 CADBY, Emily Matilda  18 Jan 1851Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228880
24 CADBY, Francis  1844Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228878
25 CADBY, Joseph  1855Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228882
26 Carpe, Emma  1890Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489387
27 Carpe, Joseph W  1888Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489382
28 Carr, James William  Oct 1827Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I62093
29 Carr, William Joshua  14 Jan 1831Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I62101
30 Corpe, Alice  1900Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489386
31 Corpe, Amelia  1869Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300993
32 Corpe, Ann E  1868Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489378
33 Corpe, Caroline  1849Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300973
34 Corpe, Caroline  1866Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300979
35 Corpe, Caroline A  1859Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489375
36 Corpe, Christiana  1834Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300969
37 Corpe, Eliza  1867Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489380
38 Corpe, Eliza  1887Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489381
39 Corpe, Elizabeth  1857Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500301003
40 Corpe, Elizabeth  1872Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300994
41 Corpe, Elizabeth  1873Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300984
42 Corpe, Elizabeth  1895Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489384
43 Corpe, Emma  1874Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489993
44 Corpe, Emma  1875Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300982
45 Corpe, Emma  1896Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300988
46 Corpe, Ezra  1844Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300971
47 Corpe, Ezra  1870Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300981
48 Corpe, Ezra  1880Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300996
49 Corpe, Ezra  1894Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500300987
50 Corpe, Frank  1907Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489374

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Henry Ebenezer  13 Nov 1853Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I39007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CADBY, Eliza Priscilla  13 Jun 1910Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I77402664228881
2 Corpe, Ann E  1868Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748489378
3 Flower, Sarah  Jan 1846Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I110422
4 Hyson, Lydia  1889Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I1748482476
5 Lee, Lydia Amelia  1900Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500312319
6 Lee, Stanley Clifford  1 Jan 1903Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I3500312320
7 Roberts, Alfred Charles  Rotherhithe, Surrey, England I99243


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Thomas / Burland  27 Mar 1910Rotherhithe, Surrey, England F75
2 Thomas / Salmon  Abt 1877Rotherhithe, Surrey, England F2396
3 Vermuyden / Lappe  16 Nov 1623Rotherhithe, Surrey, England F1345703137