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Rusper, West Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.128018, Longitude: -0.311614


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Browne, Phoebe  1 Oct 1620Rusper, West Sussex, England I121003477
2 Chantler, Jane  Abt 1856Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500306379
3 Chantler, William  1826Rusper, West Sussex, England I1748477585
4 Charman, John  1804Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310596
5 Charman, Mary  1801Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310595
6 Harwood, Mary  1807Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500309704
7 Napper, Louisa  1806Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310439
8 Palmer, Mary  1821Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310515
9 Pronger, Margaret Caroline  1869Rusper, West Sussex, England I1748479301
10 Tullett, Alfred  1868Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310520
11 Tullett, Amelia  1881Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310467
12 Tullett, Charlott  1810Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310447
13 Tullett, Daniel  1842Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310499
14 Tullett, Elizabeth  1808Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310446
15 Tullett, Frederick  1874Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310465
16 Tullett, George  1866Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310469
17 Tullett, Henrietta  1879Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310472
18 Tullett, Isaac  1852Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310486
19 Tullett, James  1843Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310518
20 Tullett, James  1866Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310485
21 Tullett, James  1876Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310466
22 Tullett, James  1877Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310471
23 Tullett, John  1841Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310516
24 Tullett, Lydia  1840Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310498
25 Tullett, Martha  1848Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310458
26 Tullett, Mary  1870Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310501
27 Tullett, Mary A  1850Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310459
28 Tullett, Michael  1802Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310437
29 Tullett, Peter  1803Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310445
30 Tullett, Rebecca  1739Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310422
31 Tullett, Samuel  1843Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310462
32 Tullett, Sarah  1737Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310421
33 Tullett, Thomas  1802Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310438
34 Tullett, Thomas  1871Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310502
35 Tullett, William  1811Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310449
36 Tullett, William  1828Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310440
37 Tyler, Hannah  Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500308446
38 Wickens, Lydia  1813Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310496
39 Wilkins, William  1765Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500300927
40 Worsfold, Ann  1856Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310510
41 Worsfold, Henry  1861Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310513
42 Worsfold, James  1850Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310507
43 Worsfold, John  1849Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310506
44 Worsfold, Martha  1852Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310508
45 Worsfold, Mary  1854Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310509
46 Worsfold, Sarah  1858Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310511
47 Worsfold, Thomas  1860Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310512


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Phoebe  1 Oct 1620Rusper, West Sussex, England I121003474
2 Palmer, Mary  1866Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310515
3 Tullett, Daniel  1869Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310493
4 Tullett, Elizabeth  1809Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310446
5 Tullett, George  1842Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310497
6 Tullett, John  1849Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310430
7 Tullett, Solomon  1887Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310514
8 Wickens, Lydia  1863Rusper, West Sussex, England I3500310496


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Botting / Tyler  14 Jan 1766Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345573701
2 Peters / Tullett  1821Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345574214
3 Rowland / Tullett  1798Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345574219
4 Tullett / Beedle  1737Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345574209
5 Tullett / Palmer  1840Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345574232
6 Tullett / Worsfold  1868Rusper, West Sussex, England F1345574230