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Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.280135, Longitude: -0.402401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy  Abt 1900Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110655
2 Kathleen   I77402664110711
3 Lucy Isabel  Abt 1866Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I11562
4 Mary Hannah  1841Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664102126
5 Michelle   I77402664110684
6 Sandra   I77402664110688
7 Anderson, Thomas  1801Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664098894
8 Atkinson, Stuart   I77402664110675
9 Axe, Victoria Jane   I1748529579
10 Backhouse, Audrey Eileen  09 Nov 1913Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087630
11 Backhouse, Hugh B  Oct 1912Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087629
12 Backhouse, MargaretMaud  19 Sep 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664087625
13 Bearpark, Albert Henry  Oct 1890Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000220
14 Bearpark, Florence  Oct 1885Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000221
15 Beaspark, Albert H  Abt 1890Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000218
16 Beaspark, Florence  Abt 1886Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000219
17 Bedford, Ann  Abt 1885Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748847644
18 Bedford, Emily  Abt 1886Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748847645
19 Bickers, Elizabeth A   I122000107
20 Bingley, Rosina  Abt 1892Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I3499892340
21 Brambles, Enid Marian  Nov 1929Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I82256
22 Branton, Arthur  1903Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I91432
23 Brown, Martin P  Jun 1962Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I100867
24 Brown, Rosalind  Sep 1960Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I100866
25 Brown, Vanessa  Mar 1959Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I100861
26 Bullimore, Emily  1870Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I479779285
27 Burns, Elsie  14 Aug 1912Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748584551
28 Coates, Jane  Abt 1832Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I121001347
29 Cooper, Amy  Abt 1894Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088369
30 Cooper, Annie  Abt 1892Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088096
31 Cooper, Edward  1737Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664227961
32 Cooper, Ethel  Abt 1899Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088094
33 COOPER, John William  1864Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I122021074
34 COOPER, Mary Ann  1860Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I122021072
35 Cooper, Samuel  Mar 1763Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664227958
36 Creaser, Olive Mary  14 Mar 1912Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664226152
37 Cross, Charles  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701854
38 Cross, EleanorMary  10 Jun 1894Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I68525
39 Cross, George  1865Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701853
40 Cross, Oswald  1875Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701855
41 Cullen, John R   I121001346
42 Cullen, Mary E   I121001345
43 Davis, Alison Lesley   I701653
44 Davis, Jack   I77402571010647
45 Davis, Ronald   I77402571010674
46 Davis, Stuart C   I701654
47 Dawson, Jane Edith  28 Jul 1880Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I709943
48 Dobson, Jane Winn  16 Apr 1833Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I43240
49 Dobson, Samuel  28 Dec 1823Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I6187
50 Doody, Winifred   I701648

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Beecroft, Margaret  18 Jun 1800Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I18004509
2 Cooper, Samuel  27 Mar 1763Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664227958
3 Nicholls, ElizabethMary  5 Feb 1792Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748970073
4 Nicholls, Jane  18 Feb 1794Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748969739
5 Nicholls, Mary Hannah  28 Dec 1789Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748970079
6 Nicholls, Thomas  25 Jan 1769Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748957403
7 Strickland-Constable, Ethel  Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I7739082679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Ruth  1903Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701531
2 Atkinson, Emily  05 Oct 1948Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664091916
3 Axe, Bernard  1970Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480032805
4 Axe, Dorothy Mary  31 Jan 2002Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480039118
5 Axe, George Douglas  6 Dec 1965Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480032803
6 Axe, Marie Hubie  1944Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480043765
7 Axe, Mary Elizabeth  05 Sep 1940Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480039027
8 Axe, Mary Jane  27 Dec 1944Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480033155
9 Axe, Robert John  29 Apr 1921Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I480032985
10 Backhouse, Gladys  15 Sep 1963Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664091015
11 Bearpark, Richard  7 Apr 1913Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000205
12 Beckitt, Robert  Between Apr-Jun 1953Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I49396
13 Blackburn, John William  30 Mar 1937Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748489478
14 Boak, John KH  1943Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I101257
15 Boothman, George  Jun 1927Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1750248181
16 Boyes, Bielby  Jun 1888Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I81451
17 Boyes, Clara Louisa  11 Jun 1961Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I64637
18 Branton, George  1899Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I90484
19 Branton, Hannah Jane  1954Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I90575
20 Brears, Irene Annie  1986Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1707
21 Briggs, Beryl Williamson  11 Feb 1982Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402787082123
22 Broughton, William Brewerton  Dec 1898Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I2116
23 Brown, WilliamM  1968Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I101254
24 Bruce, Bernard  1943Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I3500301931
25 Brunyee, Harry  1955Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I479199120
26 Brunyee, Joseph  1928Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I479199115
27 Caddick, Thomas Roland  Dec 1997Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I66898
28 Carr, George Arthur  9 Sep 1948Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I44000026
29 Carr, Selina Jane  1921Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I3500303365
30 Cathcart, Col the Hon AugustusMurray  14 Jul 1914Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1750047433
31 Cawkwell, Sarah Catherine  Between Oct-Dec 1912Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I69156
32 Cawthorn, John Elston  1944Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1748585446
33 Chadwick, Caleb Backhouse  21 Oct 1895Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I47242
34 Chessman, Noel Cedric  Between Jul-Sep 1966Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352427972
35 Constable, Henry Viscount Dunbar  1645Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1750057381
36 Cooper, Edward  Abt 1797Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664227961
37 Cox, Sarah  Dec 1921Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664226125
38 Craven, William 2nd Earl of Craven  25 Aug 1866Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I43020529
39 Crawford, Benjamin Simpson  1858Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I7739797958
40 Crawford, Dunn R  Jul 1904-Sep 1904Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I7739797978
41 Crawford, Robert  Oct 1858-Dec 1858Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I7739797957
42 Creaser, John Sydney  Sep 1974Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664226401
43 Creaser, Olive Mary  Sep 1980Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664226152
44 Crowcroft, Wilfred  27 Aug 1960Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I42918
45 Cutting, Jessie  8 Feb 1894Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I7739821080
46 Daniels, Vera  May 1984Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I08551065529
47 Deans, James Ernest  Jun 1973Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I18033626
48 Dent, Doris  1 Jan 2003Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77400352426231
49 Dobson, Jane Winn  Between Apr-Jun 1872Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I43240
50 Dobson, Spawforth  29 May 1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I23411

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Alt. Died

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Died    Person ID 
1 HODGSON, Mary  09 Jan 1802Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109822
2 Plummer, Abraham  19 Jul 1796Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110068
3 Plummer, Mary  10 Aug 1847Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HODGSON, Mary  01 Jan 1742Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109822
2 Plummer, Abraham  9 Dec 1757Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biloum, Francois   I77402664110605
2 Haslam, Martha  1720Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109768
3 HODGSON, Mary  1742Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109822
4 HODGSON, Mary  1742Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109822
5 Hodgson, Michael  1715Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664109823
6 Ozyer Keyes, Dennis   I77402664110609
7 Plummer, Abraham  1738Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110068
8 Plummer, Mary  01 Dec 1771Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110069
9 Scaife, Julia Ann  Sep 1863Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I104000355
10 Scaife, Julia Ann  Sep 1863Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I104000355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Holford, Gertrude Julia  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I6000028944
2 Maw, HarrietMary Anne  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I600005492
3 Watson, Henry Hickman  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I6000028942
4 Watson, Maria Georgina  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I600007033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Maw, HarrietMary Anne  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I600005492
2 Watson, Henry Hickman  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I6000028942
3 Watson, Maria Georgina  2 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I600007033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Eliza  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088918
2 Eliza  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088918
3 Lavinia  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090714
4 Lavinia  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090714
5 Lavinia  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090714
6 MariaMary  Aft 1915Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664081972
7 Atkinson, Emily  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664091916
8 Backhouse, Clara Edith  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I47274
9 Backhouse, Clara Edith  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I47274
10 Backhouse, Gladys  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664091015
11 Backhouse, Louisa Annie  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I47272
12 Backhouse, Louisa Annie  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I47272
13 Backhouse, Mary Jane  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664092217
14 Backhouse, Mary Jane  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664092217
15 Bearpark, Albert Henry  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000220
16 Bearpark, Albert Henry  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000220
17 Bearpark, Florence  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000221
18 Bearpark, Richard  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000205
19 Bearpark, Richard  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000205
20 Beaspark, Albert H  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000218
21 Beaspark, Florence  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000219
22 Branton, Emma  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664093274
23 Cooper, Amy  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088369
24 Cooper, Annie  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088096
25 Cooper, Ethel  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088094
26 Cooper, Wyndham  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088240
27 Cooper, Wyndym  02 Apr 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088097
28 Hesslewood, Thomas  1861Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I90445
29 Hind, Clara  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I479721205
30 Hind, Harry  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I479721157
31 Kitching, Mary  1861Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701518
32 Kitching, Mary  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701518
33 Lamplugh, Matthew  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I1750123089
34 Nalton, John Christopher  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090713
35 Nalton, John Christopher  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664090713
36 Nalton, John William  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088111
37 Nalton, John William  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664088111
38 Rowbottom, Frederick  Aft 1915Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664081971
39 Smith, Amelia  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000222
40 Smith, Amelia  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000222
41 Smith, Amelia  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000222
42 Smith, Amelia  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22000222
43 Smith, Caroline  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22001621
44 Smith, Esther  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22001620
45 Smith, Esther  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22001620
46 Smith, John  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22001619
47 Smith, John  1871Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I22001622
48 Snowden, Fred  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I77402664092011
49 Snowdon, Ethel Cecilia  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701562
50 Snowdon, Florence Margaret  1891Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England I701565

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Sotheran  1924Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333806859
2 / West  Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1713
3 Abdy /   1924Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F01826877
4 Anderson / Maw  Between Apr and Jun 1893Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1345480141
5 Backhouse / Branton  26 Aug 1911Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333815331
6 Backhouse / Lott  Abt Aug 1888Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333815309
7 Backhouse / Proctor  06 Jun 1860Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333815473
8 Backhouse / Renton  Apr 1905Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333815127
9 Bailey / Crawford  Oct 1870-Dec 1870Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944360324
10 Bickers / Warrener   F122000026
11 Blackham / Hartley   F3333782810
12 Boak / Ingle   F100349
13 Boak / Sedman  Jul 1892Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100089
14 Branton / Barker  1889Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F90147
15 Branton / Beedham  1901Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F90543
16 Brown / Holtby  Apr 1919Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100312
17 Burton / Crawford  1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333820019
18 Burton / Rowbottom  Mar 1915Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333812742
19 Butterworth / Cross  Between Apr-Jun 1923Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F14476
20 Carr / Massender  1866Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F7203
21 Carr / Taylor  Jul 1907Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100394
22 Chester / Skinner  02 May 1722Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333822757
23 Cooper / Holtby  Apr 1888Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100085
24 Cooper / Kirton  Abt 1762Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333884881
25 COOPER / Woodall  1860Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F122013717
26 Crawford / Duckwith  Apr-Jun 1857Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944360343
27 Crawford / Jameson  3 Jun 1865Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944360074
28 Crawford / Ross  Apr 1859-Jun 1859Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944360345
29 Creaser / Creaser  Jun 1934Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333884470
30 Creaser / Lund  Sep 1958Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333884473
31 Cross / Markham  Jun 1905Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F21932
32 Cullen / Jenkinson  1914Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F121001232
33 Dalton / Robinson   F0854151
34 Deane / Horsley  Oct 1895-Dec 1895Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944360508
35 Downing / Bestwick  Between Jan and Mar 1896Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F672314393
36 Fancy / Parker  Mar 1938Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F19459
37 Fawcett / Oglesby  Between Oct and Dec 1863Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F672313129
38 Fraser / Taylor  Oct 1904Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100114
39 Fraser / Young  Apr 1899Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100287
40 Glaves / Robinson  Jul 1907Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100285
41 Harrison / Bowes  Jul 1907Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100054
42 Harrison / Brunyee  1884Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F618632
43 Harrison / Johnson  Between Apr-Jun 1856Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F3333782774
44 Hartley / Axe   F1345703015
45 Haxby / Crawford  Jul 1857-Sep 1857Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F1944364826
46 Hayley / Wigglesworth  Mar 1883Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F30290
47 Hill / Tyson  Oct 1862-Dec 1862Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F25004924
48 Hogg / Holtby  Jan 1881Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100192
49 Hoggarth / Seller  1877Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England F100195
50 Holtby / Allan   F100350

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