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Scarborough, Yorkshire UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Eleanor (Ellen)  1791Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113912
2 Blades, William B.  30 Apr 1913Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114533
3 Burr, David  1892Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114265
4 Burr, John Trowsdale  1893Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114266
5 Coates, Albert Arthur  15 Apr 1884Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113988
6 Coates, Alfred  1860Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113970
7 Coates, Alfred Ernest  8 Jan 1885Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113986
8 Coates, Alfred Ernest  8 May 1901Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113994
9 Coates, Ann  1831Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113918
10 Coates, Anne  1864Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113973
11 Coates, Annie Lizzie  1881Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113923
12 Coates, Charles  1862Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113907
13 Coates, Charles William  1 Sep 1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113989
14 Coates, Dulcie  20 Dec 1895Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114003
15 Coates, Elizabeth  1864Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113909
16 Coates, Ellen  1832Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113919
17 Coates, Elsie  28 Aug 1894Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113992
18 Coates, Emily  1900Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114004
19 Coates, Florence Annie  1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113987
20 Coates, Frederick  1858Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113904
21 Coates, Frederick  1891Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113991
22 Coates, George Vary  1850Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113896
23 Coates, Harry  1888Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113990
24 Coates, Henry  1862Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113972
25 Coates, Hilda May  5 May 1897Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113993
26 Coates, Iris  10 Sep 1904Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114006
27 Coates, James  1852Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113899
28 Coates, James  1855Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113966
29 Coates, James Dukes  10 May 1883Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113985
30 Coates, John  1828Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113917
31 Coates, John  1857Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113968
32 Coates, Joseph  1866Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113974
33 Coates, Lilian Mary  21 Mar 1903Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113995
34 Coates, Mary Jane  1834Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113920
35 Coates, Mary Jane  1856Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113903
36 Coates, Sarah  1861Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113905
37 Coates, Sarah Jane  1853Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113964
38 Coates, William  1826Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113916
39 Cuthbert, Alfred Ernest  1881Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113977
40 Cuthbert, Edith  1882Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113978
41 Cuthbert, George  1850Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113965
42 Cuthbert, George  1878Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113976
43 Cuthbert, Hilda  1893Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113981
44 Cuthbert, James Henry  1876Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113975
45 Cuthbert, Nellie  1884Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113979
46 Cuthbert, William  1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113980
47 Dixon, Ada Elizabeth  1862Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114000
48 Dixon, Eliza Ann  1856Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113996
49 Dixon, Ellen Rebecca  1860Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113999
50 Dixon, Emma Jane  1857Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113997

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bell, Eleanor (Ellen)  20 Mar 1791Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113912
2 Gorbutt, Rebecca  18 Jun 1871Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114423
3 Thirlwall, John Staines  1808Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114073


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Jane  1845Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114915
2 Beanland, William Edward  1991Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114504
3 Beaver, Florence Isobel  1948Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114042
4 Bell, Edwin Noel  28 Sep 1968Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113873
5 Bell, Eleanor (Ellen)  1857Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113912
6 Burr, Thomas William  17 Mar 1980Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114270
7 Cass, Elizabeth  1918Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113935
8 Coates, Alfred  1934Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113970
9 Coates, Bertha Alice  12 May 1962Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113953
10 Coates, Charles  1913Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113907
11 Coates, Charles William  1973Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113989
12 Coates, Edward  1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113940
13 Coates, Edward  1905Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113956
14 Coates, Elizabeth  1943Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113954
15 Coates, Emily  1900Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114004
16 Coates, Frederick  1894Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113904
17 Coates, Grace  6 Jan 1970Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113955
18 Coates, Henry  Apr 1867Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113972
19 Coates, Henry  1940Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113936
20 Coates, Herbert  Oct 1918Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113957
21 Coates, James  1884Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113899
22 Coates, Joseph  1905Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113820
23 Coates, Joseph  1942Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113974
24 Coates, Louisa  1940Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113938
25 Coates, Nathanial  7 Mar 1896Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113915
26 Coates, Sarah Jane  1906Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113964
27 Cooper, Walter  1943Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114491
28 Cuthbert, Alfred Ernest  1897Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113977
29 Cuthbert, Edith  Nov 1910Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113978
30 Cuthbert, Hilda  1893Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113981
31 Danby, Albert William  1992Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113359
32 Dobson, Ann  Oct 1870Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113921
33 Dukes, Ann Elizabeth  1918Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113969
34 Fell, Henrietta  8 Sep 1928Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114843
35 Fletcher, Emily  1900Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113942
36 Fox, Clara  1950Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114472
37 Freer, Mary Hannah  1900Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114536
38 Fryirs, Jennie  21 Jan 1969Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114514
39 Groves, Elsa Louie (Louisa)  1954Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113959
40 Groves, Ethel May  1964Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113963
41 Groves, Hilda  1956Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113960
42 Groves, William  1936Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I113939
43 Hardy, Hannah  1901Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114882
44 Jennings, Edwin (born Trowsdale)  1931Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114792
45 Jennings, Henry Dundonald  1981Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114806
46 Jennings, John William  1963Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114793
47 Jennings, Maggie  1897Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114797
48 Jennings, William  1940Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114791
49 Kay, Edwin Jones  1951Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114957
50 Kay, Jane Gregory  1881Scarborough, Yorkshire UK I114955

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Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aitkinson / Coates  1933Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27957
2 Appleby Trowsdale / Robinson  1884Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28055
3 Atkinson (later Busfeild) / Schaak  25 Sep 1799Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F672625019
4 Blades / Pottage  1939Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28129
5 Cheetham / Pottage  1925Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28123
6 Coates / Clean (Widow)  1873Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27949
7 Coates / Oates  7 Dec 1872Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27928
8 Coates / Robinson  1883Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27952
9 Coates / Stephenson  1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27933
10 Cooper / Pottage  1921Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28116
11 Cuthbert / Coates  1875Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27948
12 Groves / Coates  1887Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27944
13 Jennings / Reed  1923Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28208
14 Kay / Groundwell  1904Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28241
15 Kemp / Coates  1894Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27932
16 Maltby / Jennings  1919Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28207
17 Murray / Pottage  1907Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28109
18 Newlove / Genn  1924Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27027
19 Newton / Groves  1920Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27947
20 Percy / Pottage  1938Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28117
21 Pottage / Cammish  1935Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28125
22 Pottage / Fryirs  1927Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28122
23 Pottage / Harrott  1925Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28124
24 Pottage / Millner  1934Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28126
25 Pottage / Purnell  1935Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28127
26 Rawlings / Coates  1914Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27946
27 Shepherd / Appleby  1886Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28054
28 Smithson / Vary  26 Sep 1853Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F27899
29 Thackray / Thirlwall  18 Apr 1870Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28012
30 Trowsdale / Harrison  1858Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28200
31 Vassalli / Reynolds  1902Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28230
32 Ward / Pottage  1879Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28106
33 Ward / Pottage  1904Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28108
34 Wilkinson / Pottage  1905Scarborough, Yorkshire UK F28112