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Shipley, West Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.985372, Longitude: -0.370719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Susannah  1656Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302610
2 Botting, Ann  6 Jun 1762Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308439
3 Botting, Betty  27 Apr 1746Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308422
4 Botting, Edward  1 Sep 1719Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308396
5 Botting, Edward  14 May 1749Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308417
6 Botting, Edward  1786Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308463
7 Botting, Elizabeth  1680Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308370
8 Botting, Elizabeth  1743Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488554
9 Botting, Frances  1770Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308441
10 Botting, Francis  1770Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308440
11 Botting, Hannah  15 Apr 1745Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308424
12 Botting, Henry  1 Dec 1734Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308416
13 Botting, Henry  15 Jul 1759Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308436
14 Botting, Henry  1860Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308644
15 Botting, James  1729Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308402
16 Botting, James  20 Mar 1738Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308420
17 Botting, James  1739Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488553
18 Botting, Jane  22 Aug 1736Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308423
19 Botting, Jane  29 Sep 1763Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308442
20 Botting, Jean  1719Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308404
21 Botting, Jenny  29 Sep 1763Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308431
22 Botting, John  1680Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308380
23 Botting, John  1 Oct 1723Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308395
24 Botting, John  12 Jan 1728Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308418
25 Botting, John  7 May 1745Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488555
26 Botting, John  1757Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308443
27 Botting, John  1776Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308464
28 Botting, John  1864Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308646
29 Botting, Mary  1688Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308369
30 Botting, Mary  21 Aug 1720Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308403
31 Botting, Mary  1743Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308415
32 Botting, Mary  1756Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308437
33 Botting, Mary  16 Aug 1756Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308433
34 Botting, Mary  1857Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308643
35 Botting, Mary Ann  1725Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308400
36 Botting, Richard  11 May 1690Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308367
37 Botting, Richard  1727Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308406
38 Botting, Richard  2 Nov 1740Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308421
39 Botting, Robert  1678Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308371
40 Botting, Sarah  1722Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308401
41 Botting, Sarah  6 Nov 1730Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308419
42 Botting, Sarah  1753Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308432
43 Botting, Sarah  30 Nov 1760Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308438
44 Botting, Sarah  1863Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308645
45 Botting, Thomas  1868Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308647
46 Botting, William  1681Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488567
47 Botting, William  1717Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308405
48 Botting, William  11 Feb 1732Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308413
49 Botting, William  1755Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748487450
50 Carter, Alice  1876Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748490049

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Susannah  1686Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302610
2 Botting, Ann  1818Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308430
3 Botting, John  1820Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488555
4 Botting, John  1871Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308646
5 Botting, Mary  1743Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308415
6 Botting, Sarah  1863Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308645
7 Botting, Thomas  1871Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308647
8 Botting, William  1768Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500308413
9 Carter, Amos  1899Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748477874
10 Cumper, Cherry  1774Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302604
11 Heasman, Elizabeth  1828Shipley, West Sussex, England I1748488559
12 Kenset, Sarah  1778Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302606
13 Laker, Mary  1749Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302608
14 Laker, Nicholas  1742Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302607
15 Laker, Nicholas  1782Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302605
16 Laker, William  Abt 1686Shipley, West Sussex, England I3500302609


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Botting / Langford  1706Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573689
2 Botting / Lannaway  7 Nov 1754Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573698
3 Botting / Milham  11 Feb 1752Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573697
4 Botting / Mills  8 Sep 1727Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573693
5 Botting / Thomason  26 Apr 1771Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573700
6 Chantler / Hoad  28 May 1812Shipley, West Sussex, England F672133053
7 Dewdney / Carter  13 Apr 1903Shipley, West Sussex, England F672133913
8 Herryett / Botting  12 May 1757Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573699
9 Holland / Botting  4 Apr 1763Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573703
10 Jupp / Giffeary  1 Jul 1656Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573672
11 Jupp / Hillman  4 Feb 1724Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573113
12 Nye / Botting  8 Mar 1763Shipley, West Sussex, England F1345573705
13 Pronger / Lucas  15 Jul 1843Shipley, West Sussex, England F672131718