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Slinfold, West Sussex, England



Latitude: 51.0709010, Longitude: -0.4042970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ansell, Mary  1718Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500308568
2 Farley, Mary Ann  Abt 1857Slinfold, West Sussex, England I1750218975
3 Groombridge, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1681Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310819
4 Grynfield, Elizabeth  1554Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310835
5 Jupp, Barnard  1775Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500308591
6 Knight, Charlotte  1788Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310813
7 Knight, Elenor  Abt 1582Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310845
8 Knight, Elizabeth  Abt 1580Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310847
9 Knight, Elizabeth  Abt 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310841
10 Knight, Elizabeth  Abt 1713Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310821
11 Knight, Henry  1530Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310851
12 Knight, Hughe  1535Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310852
13 Knight, Jane  Abt 1713Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310822
14 Knight, Joane  Abt 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310843
15 Knight, Johanna  7 Feb 1682Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310834
16 Knight, John  Abt 1705Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310823
17 Knight, Joseph  1681Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310820
18 Knight, Mary  Abt 1574Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310848
19 Knight, Mary  Abt 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310840
20 Knight, Matthew  Abt 1580Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310846
21 Knight, Nathanael  1713Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310818
22 Knight, Richard  Abt 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310838
23 Knight, Robert  1500Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310849
24 Knight, Robert  1525Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310844
25 Knight, Robert  1552Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310836
26 Knight, Robert  Abt 1575Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310854
27 Knight, Robert Jupp  1800Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310811
28 Knight, Samuel  16 Mar 1630Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310825
29 Knight, Sarah  10 Nov 1685Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310833
30 Knight, Thomas  10 Nov 1583Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310829
31 Knight, Thomas  Abt 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310842
32 Knight, Thomas  1752Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310807
33 Knight, William  1550Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310850
34 Potter, Jane  Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310853
35 Venn, Joseph  Abt 1790Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310295
36 Vincent, Edgar 1st Viscount D'Abernon, GCB GCMG PC FRS  19 Aug 1857Slinfold, West Sussex, England I98935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Grynfield, Elizabeth  27 Sep 1609Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310835
2 Jupp, Mary  17 May 1810Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500308586
3 Knight, Charles  1 Jan 1863Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310808
4 Knight, Charlotte  27 May 1824Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310813
5 Knight, Elenor  29 May 1605Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310845
6 Knight, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1754Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310817
7 Knight, Henry  1570Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310851
8 Knight, Joseph  13 Apr 1714Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310820
9 Knight, Mary  22 May 1712Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310826
10 Knight, Matthew  1 Feb 1854Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310816
11 Knight, Michael  28 Oct 1852Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310810
12 Knight, Nathanael  15 Jul 1781Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310818
13 Knight, Nathaniel  10 May 1871Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310812
14 Knight, Rebecca  14 Apr 1848Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310809
15 Knight, Robert  1575Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310844
16 Knight, Robert  16 Apr 1616Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310836
17 Knight, Robert Jupp  22 Feb 1879Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310811
18 Knight, Samuel  11 Oct 1694Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310825
19 Knight, Thomas  20 May 1632Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310829
20 Knight, Thomas  9 Dec 1825Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310807
21 Knight, Thomas  22 Jul 1836Slinfold, West Sussex, England I3500310814


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Charman / Ansell  7 Dec 1747Slinfold, West Sussex, England F1345573741
2 Knight / Grynfield  1575Slinfold, West Sussex, England F1345574312
3 Knight / Jupp  29 Dec 1785Slinfold, West Sussex, England F1345574305
4 Knight / Puttock  20 Apr 1682Slinfold, West Sussex, England F1345574310