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Somerset, England



Latitude: 51.0587, Longitude: -2.94991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cecilia  1844Somerset, England I18041273
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1710Somerset, England I480192925
3 Elizabeth  1849Somerset, England I18026758
4 Elizabeth (Betty)  1801Somerset, England I480030679
5 Sarah  1791Somerset, England I18020614
6 Allen, Henry  1840Somerset, England I18027629
7 Bale, Mary  Abt 1760Somerset, England I17106
8 Barnstable, Tryphena  1836Somerset, England I1748483960
9 Bellemy, Simon  Abt 1710Somerset, England I480192746
10 Bland, Edward Henry  1812Somerset, England I1748481142
11 Bromley, Margery  Abt 1538Somerset, England I1750011743
12 Brown, William  1771Somerset, England I18025915
13 Chick, Mary  1840Somerset, England I18042321
14 Cogan, Sir Richard KG  Bef 1348Somerset, England I84889
15 Coggins, Deborah Jane   I77402109329455
16 Coggins, Michael William   I77402109329454
17 Crook, Maria  1851Somerset, England I18020087
18 Curtis, Amelia  1813Somerset, England I480193329
19 Deacon, Iris (Avis)  Abt 1616Somerset, England I1749993115
20 Dunn, John  Abt 1762Somerset, England I46328
21 Dunsford, Elizabeth  1693Somerset, England I1748484029
22 Field, Ann  Abt 1748Somerset, England I1748481742
23 FULLER, Shirley Dorothy  2 Jan 1932Somerset, England I122026437
24 Gaylord, William  21 May 1585Somerset, England I21005852
25 Gough, Joseph  1822Somerset, England I105724
26 Gould, Ann  Abt 1732Somerset, England I1748483993
27 Harris, Syrena  1832Somerset, England I18042235
28 Heal, William  1848Somerset, England I1748484607
29 Hull, George  27 Aug 1590Somerset, England I21006222
30 Hyde, Kate  Abt 1877Somerset, England I7098358994
31 Hyden, Andrew  1830Somerset, England I18027622
32 Hyden, Joseph  Abt 1811Somerset, England I18025236
33 Hyden, Matilda  1836Somerset, England I18031585
34 Hyden, RebeccaM  1834Somerset, England I18027623
35 Hyden, William  1795Somerset, England I18027619
36 Hyden, William Alfred  1828Somerset, England I18027621
37 Kellaway, Ann  26 Jul 1784Somerset, England I1748484011
38 Kellaway, William  Abt 1738Somerset, England I1748484006
39 Koller, Robert Frederick  3 Mar 1841Somerset, England I1748516980
40 Loader, MargaretMary  Abt 1895Somerset, England I38581
41 Meaker, Betsy  1810Somerset, England I1748489679
42 Parsons, Betty  Abt 1784Somerset, England I17108
43 Parsons, Robert  Abt 1781Somerset, England I17107
44 Parsons, William  Abt 1786Somerset, England I16995
45 Payne, Joseph  1849Somerset, England I18020169
46 Payne, Laura E  1874Somerset, England I18021496
47 Payne, Mary A  1866Somerset, England I18026759
48 Pollard, Bessie  Abt 1880Somerset, England I480192880
49 Pool, Sarah  Abt 1803Somerset, England I13283
50 Poole, Sarah  Abt 1770Somerset, England I46329

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batten, George  1859Somerset, England I109145
2 Courtenay, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1471Somerset, England I121003843
3 de Bonville, Nicholas  1354Somerset, England I87439
4 Hind, John  30 Oct 1985Somerset, England I479721172
5 Jowett, Jane Ann  1869Somerset, England I480043758
6 Meaker, Joseph  1 Mar 1890Somerset, England I1748489682
7 Randall, Elizabeth  Apr 1839Somerset, England I13613
8 Richards, James  19 Jan 1608Somerset, England I21004285
9 Steele, Emily Eliza  28 Feb 1994Somerset, England I247100761
10 Stourton, Edith  13 Jun 1441Somerset, England I1749983648
11 Thomas, Morris Thomas  Abt 1960Somerset, England I2341
12 Torre, Nicholas Kirby  4 Mar 1892Somerset, England I58578
13 Wheeldon, Freda Nancy  1991Somerset, England I18009292
14 Withers, Sir Richard  1520Somerset, England I107545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Higgins, Benjamin  Nov 1896Somerset, England I77402664083161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 of Martin, Williamson  Somerset, England I1750046293
2 Percival  Somerset, England I1750059474
3 Rogers, Elizabeth Louisa  Somerset, England I7739203439
4 Samborne, Sir Barnaby  Somerset, England I1750059499
5 Talbot, Charlotte Etruria  Somerset, England I734974
6 Talbot, James 3rd Baron Talbot of Malahide  Somerset, England I534775


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hamilton / Fountain  9 Apr 1962Somerset, England F672623060
2 Hancox / Treasure  Abt 1812Somerset, England F11978
3 Saunders / Ansell   F672539140
4 Thomas /   Abt 1850Somerset, England F12543
5 Thomas / Unknown  Abt 1854Somerset, England F12544
6 Tomkinson / Hamilton   F672631026