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South Tawton, Devon, England



Latitude: 50.7349130, Longitude: -3.9092880


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Jane  1807South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331294
2 Knapman, Elizabeth  1849South Tawton, Devon, England I077402666081418
3 Knapman, George  1820South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331338
4 Knapman, Mary Ann  1841South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331339
5 Knapman, William  1845South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331340
6 Lee, Mary  Abt 1734South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331547
7 Oxenham, John David Malcolm  12 Jan 1846South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109330643
8 Sansbear, Ann  1772South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109326500
9 Trace, Mary Maria  1799South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331331
10 Westaway, Andrew  1688South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331002
11 Westaway, Ann  30 Mar 1823South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331337
12 Westaway, Ann  17 Aug 1837South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331290
13 Westaway, Benjamin  1685South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331001
14 Westaway, Benjamin  11 Aug 1734South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331141
15 Westaway, Benjamin  1756South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331144
16 Westaway, Christiana  1831South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109328076
17 Westaway, Dennis  20 Dec 1804South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331301
18 Westaway, Dennis  19 Aug 1832South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331285
19 Westaway, Eliza  9 Jan 1825South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331342
20 Westaway, Eliza  5 Jun 1825South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331256
21 Westaway, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1732South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331140
22 Westaway, Elizabeth  Abt 1778South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331546
23 Westaway, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1797South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331292
24 Westaway, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1826South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331343
25 Westaway, Elizabeth  11 Nov 1827South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331295
26 Westaway, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1831South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331373
27 Westaway, Elizabeth Jefferey  1812South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109328068
28 Westaway, Francis  21 Mar 1802South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331293
29 Westaway, George  5 Jun 1796South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331251
30 Westaway, Harriet  10 Sep 1820South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331254
31 Westaway, James  27 Mar 1808South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331323
32 Westaway, James  19 Apr 1829South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331344
33 Westaway, James  1 Jun 1834South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331286
34 Westaway, Joanna  1769South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331130
35 Westaway, Johane  1670South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331591
36 Westaway, John  22 Nov 1630South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109330997
37 Westaway, John  1676South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331583
38 Westaway, John  1680South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331555
39 Westaway, John  1716South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331005
40 Westaway, John  1744South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331009
41 Westaway, John  1767South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331543
42 Westaway, John  11 Mar 1792South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331213
43 Westaway, John  1810South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109328067
44 Westaway, John  7 Mar 1830South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331259
45 Westaway, Julia Lacey  1843South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109328139
46 Westaway, Mary  1757South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331129
47 Westaway, Mary  1760South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331206
48 Westaway, Mary  1762South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331131
49 Westaway, Mary  24 Dec 1793South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331250
50 Westaway, Mary Ann  1823South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331255

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1693South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331579
2 Westaway, John  1715South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331553
3 Westaway, Robert  1692South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331578
4 Westaway, Simon  1675South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109331585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Westaway, Christiana  1831South Tawton, Devon, England I77402109328076


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Bourne  South Tawton, Devon, England F3333808794
2 / Powlesland  26 Oct 1910South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807416
3 Battishill / Bond  9 Jul 1820South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807835
4 Bond / Westaway  7 Feb 1796South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807834
5 Knapman / Westaway  17 Jul 1844South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807899
6 Westaway / Beere  16 Aug 1789South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807860
7 Westaway / Brewer  15 Apr 1827South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807887
8 Westaway / Garland  19 Nov 1754South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807838
9 Westaway / Hole  5 Jul 1709South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807976
10 Westaway / Holmes  1718South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807979
11 Westaway / Hutchings  31 Aug 1708South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807977
12 Westaway / Knapman  11 Jul 1715South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807791
13 Westaway / Mallett  17 Feb 1803South Tawton, Devon, England F3333808045
14 Westaway / Skinner  4 Apr 1738South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807792
15 Westaway / Splatt  1677South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807974
16 Westaway / Trace  19 Oct 1819South Tawton, Devon, England F3333807897
17 Westawaye / Hutchings  1 Feb 1625South Tawton, Devon, England F3333808035
18 Westawaye / Vandone  14 Oct 1572South Tawton, Devon, England F3333808432
19 Yeo / Westaway  6 Feb 1803South Tawton, Devon, England F3333808554