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Speldhurst, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.150708, Longitude: 0.219556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  Abt 1819Speldhurst, Kent, England I61067
2 Cheeseman, Jane  1798Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402664084701
3 Maynard, Hannah  Abt 1775Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309993044
4 Perry, Charlotte  2 Apr 1822Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402338726948
5 Perry, John  1781Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402338726920
6 Powell, Charles Baden Drury  1889Speldhurst, Kent, England I88215
7 Powell, Gerald Frederick Watson  1891Speldhurst, Kent, England I88216
8 Sales, Alexander  31 Dec 1794Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487785
9 Sales, Ann  6 Aug 1798Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681488159
10 Sales, Chalotte  1820Speldhurst, Kent, England I480193573
11 Sales, Charlotte  7 Sep 1764Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680698812
12 Sales, Charlotte  1830Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487678
13 Sales, Elizabeth  1789Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486129
14 Sales, Frances  29 Apr 1854Speldhurst, Kent, England I0676052609
15 Sales, George  1761Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680697906
16 Sales, George  31 Oct 1791Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486576
17 Sales, George  11 Mar 1793Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486767
18 Sales, George  1818Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655509
19 Sales, George  1825Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486974
20 Sales, George  1854Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680256496
21 Sales, Henry  1830Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655735
22 Sales, James  1774Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699181
23 Sales, Jane  17 Aug 1790Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486249
24 Sales, Jane  13 Jul 1808Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699450
25 Sales, Jane  1853Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680256480
26 Sales, Joseph  31 Oct 1785Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679653563
27 Sales, Keziah  1814Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699656
28 Sales, Lucy  1821Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655617
29 Sales, Mary  2 Aug 1793Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679949607
30 Sales, Mary  14 Dec 1809Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402308947656
31 Sales, Mary Ann  1826Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487032
32 Sales, Phoebe  1786Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680700551
33 Sales, Rebecca  22 May 1796Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487923
34 Sales, Richard  30 Mar 1775Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699233
35 Sales, Richard  1818Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699911
36 Sales, Richard  1829Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487065
37 Sales, Samuel  Abt 1759Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309242388
38 Sales, Samuel  29 Nov 1811Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679653821
39 Sales, Sarah  1765Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680698679
40 Sales, Sarah  11 Jun 1787Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679949538
41 Sales, Sarah Elizabeth  1855Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680256622
42 Sales, William  1771Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680698877
43 Sales, William  21 Nov 1810Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699547
44 Sales, William  1847Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680256166
45 Scott, Ann  6 Mar 1812Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486498
46 Scott, George  20 Aug 1810Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486427
47 Tasker, Emma Elizabeth  1823Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680737266
48 Tasker, George Frederick  1818Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680737229
49 Tasker, James  1828Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680737287
50 Tasker, Maria  1820Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680737249

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Sales, Chalotte  30 Apr 1820Speldhurst, Kent, England I480193573
2 Sales, Henry  22 Aug 1830Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655735
3 Sales, Lucy  18 Nov 1821Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655617
4 Taylor, William  16 Jul 1796Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402664084700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Rebecca  12 Mar 1799Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680698244
2 Gilbert, Sarah  22 Sep 1784Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680264294
3 Sales, Alexander  18 Mar 1795Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681487785
4 Sales, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1805Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486129
5 Sales, George  17 Dec 1791Speldhurst, Kent, England I0681486576
6 Sales, Hugh  28 Jun 1814Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680264293
7 Sales, Jane  1825Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699450
8 Sales, Keziah  1822Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699656
9 Sales, Lucy  1869Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679655617
10 Sales, Mary  17 Aug 1837Speldhurst, Kent, England I0679949607
11 Sales, Richard  1818Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699911
12 Sales, Richard  1836Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680699233
13 Sales, Sarah  1785Speldhurst, Kent, England I0680698679
14 Waller, John  1420Speldhurst, kent, England I1750056976
15 Waller, Richard  1462Speldhurst, Kent, England I1750056974


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Botten, James  27 Jan 1805Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402505049270
2 Sales, Elizabeth  15 Aug 1784Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309994471
3 Sales, James  7 Jun 1789Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309243666
4 Sales, Mary  14 Jan 1810Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402308947656
5 Sales, Samuel  13 Mar 1763Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309242388
6 Sales, Sarah Latter  28 Nov 1847Speldhurst, Kent, England I77402309540906


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sales / Latter  8 Nov 1808Speldhurst, Kent, England F01826112
2 Sales / Weller  22 Oct 1853Speldhurst, Kent, England F01826335
3 Stone / Collings  8 Aug 1808Speldhurst, Kent, England F672132782
4 Waller / Gulby  1432Speldhurst, Kent, England F672625594