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Stepney, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.54348, Longitude: -0.04885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  1845Stepney, Middlesex, England I18035666
2 Aldam, Sarah Gray  30 Sep 1884Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750851771
3 Ashcroft, Charles  May 1823Stepney, Middlesex, England I43118
4 Ashcroft, Charles Ebinezer Ebenezer  31 Jan 1819Stepney, Middlesex, England I8232
5 Ashcroft, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1794Stepney, Middlesex, England I8233
6 Ashcroft, Elizabeth Perubal  Nov 1818Stepney, Middlesex, England I43113
7 Ashcroft, George  8 Jan 1830Stepney, Middlesex, England I8319
8 Ashcroft, Hannah  Abt 1815Stepney, Middlesex, England I43116
9 Ashcroft, James George Junior  Abt 1819Stepney, Middlesex, England I43123
10 Ashcroft, Mary  Abt 1811Stepney, Middlesex, England I43120
11 Ashcroft, Susannah  8 Jun 1815Stepney, Middlesex, England I8231
12 Ashcroft, William  24 Sep 1807Stepney, Middlesex, England I8230
13 Ashcroft, William  1808Stepney, Middlesex, England I8317
14 Axe, Ada Lilian  17 Nov 1907Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748694869
15 Axe, Anne  28 Aug 1859Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727407
16 Axe, Charles  Mar 1873Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727411
17 Axe, Edwin Charles  28 Jun 1891Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748585485
18 Axe, Emma Elizabeth  12 Jan 1859Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727406
19 Axe, George  9 May 1877Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727412
20 Axe, Sarah Elizabeth  12 Jul 1878Stepney, Middlesex, England I77402664224585
21 Ayris, Emma  1857Stepney, Middlesex, England I4012
22 Banks, Pauline R  Dec 1950Stepney, Middlesex, England I23000073
23 Barber, Alice  1889Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748484064
24 Barber, Catherine  Abt 1855Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490337
25 Barber, Charlotte  Abt 1860Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490339
26 Barber, Charlotte  Abt 1897Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490327
27 Barber, Ellen  Abt 1896Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490326
28 Barber, Emily  Abt 1863Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490340
29 Barber, Esther  1888Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490324
30 Barber, Lilian  Abt 1891Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490325
31 Barber, Mary Ann Lydia Alice  Abt 1856Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490338
32 Barber, William  1857Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490322
33 Bennett, Edgar William Facer  Abt 1894Stepney, Middlesex, England I50113
34 Bennett, Eveline Lisette  Abt 1889Stepney, Middlesex, England I50110
35 Bennett, Gladys Victoria  Abt 1902Stepney, Middlesex, England I50115
36 Bennett, Reginald Victor Jubilee  Abt 1899Stepney, Middlesex, England I50114
37 Boss, Ann A  1855Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738450495
38 Boss, Edith Doris  1916Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750124646
39 Boss, Elizabeth S  1857Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738450496
40 Boss, Ethel  17 Mar 1891Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750124639
41 Boss, George William  30 Nov 1905Stepney, Middlesex, England I3499966886
42 Boss, Gordon Arthur William  24 Jan 1911Stepney, Middlesex, England I3499966888
43 Boss, Grace Susannah  09 Nov 1907Stepney, Middlesex, England I3499966887
44 Boss, Jane Maureen  1968Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500438682
45 Boss, John Leonard  17 Jan 1907Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750124644
46 Boss, Peggy Joyce  1929Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500438670
47 Boss, Ronald William  21 Apr 1913Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750124645
48 Boss, Susannah S  1851Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738450494
49 Boustead, Alan B  1935Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352427079
50 Boustead, Hannah Hutchinson  Mar 1844Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750300278

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Elizabeth Perubal  22 Nov 1818Stepney, Middlesex, England I43113
2 Ashcroft, Hannah  22 Nov 1818Stepney, Middlesex, England I43116
3 Ashcroft, Henry  26 Sep 1797Stepney, Middlesex, England I8229
4 Ward, Lucy  4 May 1834Stepney, Middlesex, England I18000259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary Jane  Abt 1883Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352436342
2 Axe, Harriet  1871Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748584602
3 Axe, William  Oct 1871Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727410
4 Axe, William  30 Jun 1883Stepney, Middlesex, England I480193355
5 Boss, George William  Between Jan-Mar 1959Stepney, Middlesex, England I3499966886
6 Boss, Thomas William  Between Jan-Mar 1938Stepney, Middlesex, England I1016727452
7 Boustead, William  Between Apr-Jun 1938Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738448490
8 Charlton, Dorinda  Abt 1910Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352436064
9 Charlton, EleanorMary Ann  Abt 1852Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435759
10 Charlton, George ,Peter  Abt 1893Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352436339
11 Charlton, Harriet ,Lydia  Abt 1843Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435471
12 Charlton, Henry ,George  Abt 1861Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435472
13 Charlton, Peter ,Withers  Abt 1852Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352436063
14 Charlton, Thomas Withers  Abt 1888Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435757
15 Charlton, William ,Harrison  Abt 1842Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435476
16 Charlton, William ,Henry  Abt 1877Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352436217
17 Dickens, Emma Davies  1889Stepney, Middlesex, England I77402664228991
18 Dickinson, Ronald Edward  Between Apr-Jun 1977Stepney, Middlesex, England I67727
19 Farmery, Marguerite I  Abt 1934Stepney, Middlesex, England I46724
20 Heard, Esther Alice  Dec 1935Stepney, Middlesex, England I18042807
21 Heard, Robert William  1 Oct 1946Stepney, Middlesex, England I18025464
22 Hirst, Martha Elizabeth  Between Jan-Mar 1885Stepney, Middlesex, England I77402664098368
23 Holcroft, Isabel  14 Jan 1606Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750060281
24 Mackie, John Ernest  1973Stepney, Middlesex, England I18628
25 Marriott, Augustine  Aft 17 Apr 1714Stepney, Middlesex, England I122019420
26 Pearmain, Albert  1947Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435846
27 Pinkstone, William Ernest  1949Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352426957
28 Rawlings, William George  Aug 1940Stepney, Middlesex, England I38514
29 Reynolds, Thomas  Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500312805
30 Scott, SusannahMary  Oct-Dec 1869Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738450493
31 Tarrant, Charlotte  Abt 1873Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435756
32 Thomas, Emily Clara  1911Stepney, Middlesex, England I14105
33 Thomas, James  1881Stepney, Middlesex, England I39747
34 Thomas, Ralph Field  1852Stepney, Middlesex, England I31069
35 Thomas, Ralph Field  1881Stepney, Middlesex, England I31130
36 Thomas, William  1956Stepney, Middlesex, England I39783
37 Tredgett, Ellen Rose  Between Oct-dec 1975Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352427742
38 Walker, Arthur ,William  3 Feb 1968Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435260
39 Walker, Doris ,Violet  Abt 1913Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435267
40 Waud, Elizabeth Haydon  1878Stepney, Middlesex, England I51804
41 Wentworth, Thomas Lord Wentworth  13 Jan 1584Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750054883
42 Wykes, Elizabeth  1527Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750051470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Court, William  29 May 1720Stepney, Middlesex, England I94496
2 de Vere, Anne  14 Feb 1571-1572Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500214939
3 Mirfyn (Martyn?), Frances  20 Feb 1533Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750044582
4 Wingfield, Sir Anthony KG  21 Aug 1552Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750055753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Green, George  1901Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748477377


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750045203
2 Meus, John  Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750045202
3 Radcliffe, Hugh  Stepney, Middlesex, England I7098333970
4 Scruton, Frederick  1861Stepney, Middlesex, England I890556


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Challenger  25 Dec 1904Stepney, Middlesex, England F517808868
2 Axe / Monkton  08 Mar 1856Stepney, Middlesex, England F517808855
3 Axe / Nicholson  24 Dec 1893Stepney, Middlesex, England F517808867
4 Boss / Hopping  3 Apr 1926Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944437998
5 Boss / Rush  6 Jul 1935Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944359801
6 Boss / Tomlin  20 Sep 1919Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345496864
7 Boss / Trueman  28 Sep 1935Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345630068
8 Boss / Wood  3 Jul 1926Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345552353
9 Boustead / Toye  25 Dec 1895Stepney, Middlesex, England F1943986916
10 Coope / Dickson  1792Stepney, Middlesex, England F20572
11 Coytmore / Haynes  13 Jan 1590/91Stepney, Middlesex, England F673076034
12 Grylls / Wild  1848Stepney, Middlesex, England F1943989817
13 Jones / Thomas  21 Sep 1913Stepney, Middlesex, England F2558
14 Kenway / Cole  1929Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944423781
15 Kenway / Wibberley  1 Jul 1898Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944366719
16 Langford / Hirst  20 Oct 1881Stepney, Middlesex, England F3333811317
17 Mackie / Thomas  Dec 1937Stepney, Middlesex, England F1105
18 Mansford / Boss  27 May 1928Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345552352
19 Margetts / Clack  1 Dec 1857Stepney, Middlesex, England F28021772
20 Margetts / Perry  1 Mar 1853Stepney, Middlesex, England F28024332
21 Pinkstone / Prescott  1930Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944438419
22 Pougatch / Kissin  Mar 1932Stepney, Middlesex, England F13774
23 Rhodes / Cosgrove  1930Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345572321
24 Simmonds / Cymbalist  Abt Aug 1931Stepney, Middlesex, England F99206
25 Stew /   Abt 1851Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944440681
26 Thayre / Clark  Jun 1855Stepney, Middlesex, England F28026684
27 Thomas / Buck  Sep 1861Stepney, Middlesex, England F2554
28 Thomas / Charnock  Jul 1857Stepney, Middlesex, England F2632
29 Thomas / Deighton  Jun 1853Stepney, Middlesex, England F933
30 Thomas / Noad  Jun 1881Stepney, Middlesex, England F2555
31 Thomas / Roberts  Sep 1926Stepney, Middlesex, England F2300
32 Thomas / Webb  Sep 1845Stepney, Middlesex, England F2498
33 Trimingham / Gauden  28 May 1713Stepney, Middlesex, England F28021664
34 Unknown / Charlton  Abt 1866Stepney, Middlesex, England F1944440830
35 White / Boss  Oct - Dec 1933Stepney, Middlesex, England F1345552354
36 Witpen / Axe  1936Stepney, Middlesex, England F672264231