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Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.861477, Longitude: -1.099592


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Abt 1805Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748838692
2 Calvert, Louisa Annie  15 Jul 1873Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I77400352419642
3 Gibson, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I34513
4 Kirby, Hannah  Abt 1825Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891193
5 Kirby, Harriet  20 Nov 1845Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748888061
6 Kirby, Isabella  Abt 1823Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909850
7 Kirby, John  Abt 1834Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891195
8 Kirby, Joseph  Abt 1831Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891196
9 Kirby, Joseph  Abt 1856Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891189
10 Kirby, Margaret  Abt 1829Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891197
11 Kirby, Maria  Abt 1836Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891198
12 Kirby, Robert  Abt 1821Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909847
13 Kirby, Robert  Abt 1828Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909848
14 Kirby, Robert  Abt 1839Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909849
15 Kirby, Sarah  Abt 1826Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891199
16 Leafe, Jannett  10 Oct 1630Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110817
17 Leighbarrow, Ann  Bef 30 Oct 1722Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750124958
18 Richardson, William Stephen  Abt 1850Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920096515
19 Scholey, Martha  25 Apr 1852Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I109
20 Silversides, William  1636Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110816
21 Silversides, William  17 Dec 1657Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110814
22 Silversides, William  4 Jan 1726Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I77402664110800
23 Wilson, Mary  1842Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I123069042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Kirby, Hannah  13 Feb 1825Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891193
2 Kirby, Isabella  29 Jun 1823Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909850
3 Kirby, John  2 Feb 1834Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891195
4 Kirby, Joseph  1 Dec 1831Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891196
5 Kirby, Margaret  2 Aug 1829Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891197
6 Kirby, Robert  15 Apr 1821Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909847
7 Kirby, Robert  13 Jul 1828Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909848
8 Kirby, Robert  2 Feb 1839Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909849
9 Kirby, Sarah  10 Sep 1826Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891199
10 Nevill, Richard Plantagenet  19 Feb 1862Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I7739072276
11 Scholey, George  9 May 1849Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I110
12 Walls, Amy  14 Aug 1814Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750246154
13 Walls, Caroline  19 Jul 1818Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750246156
14 Walls, Charles Graham  17 May 1821Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750206815
15 Walls, Frank  14 Mar 1823Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750246155
16 Walls, John  29 Mar 1829Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750206817
17 Walls, Joseph  5 Dec 1792Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I18172
18 Walls, Margaret Hannah  28 Oct 1825Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750189898
19 Walls, William  19 May 1816Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1750206816
20 Wilson, Mary  24 Apr 1842Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I123069042


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dunn, Ann Elizabeth  2 Sep 1826Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I59000088
2 Kirby, Robert  Bef 1828Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909847
3 Kirby, Robert  Bef 1839Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748909848


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kirby, John  1841Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891191
2 Kirby, John  1851Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891191
3 Kirby, Sarah  1871Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891199
4 Leaf, Hannah  1871Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748891192


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kirby, Harriet  1851Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I1748888061
2 Richardson, Elizabeth  1851Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920099580
3 Richardson, Elizabeth  1861Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920099580
4 Richardson, George  1851Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920099578
5 Richardson, George  1861Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920099578
6 Richardson, William Stephen  1851Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920096515
7 Richardson, William Stephen  1861Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England I07920096515


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleyard / Foster  21 Oct 1799Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England F672804073
2 Appleyard / Foster  21 Oct 1799Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England F672325517
3 Kirby / Leaf  25 Nov 1813Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England F672322329
4 Silversides / Leafe  17 Dec 1657Stillingfleet, North Yorkshire, England F3333823184