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Street, Somerset, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.125021, Longitude: -2.731309


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary A  1870Street, Somerset, England I480039500
2 Cary, Dennis  Mar 1893Street, Somerset, England I18042397
3 Cary, Ernest G  1897Street, Somerset, England I18042399
4 Cary, Frank  1890Street, Somerset, England I18042396
5 Cary, Joseph  1868Street, Somerset, England I18042394
6 Cary, JosephM  1899Street, Somerset, England I18042400
7 Cary, Rose  1888Street, Somerset, England I18042395
8 Cary, Winifred C  1896Street, Somerset, England I18042398
9 Davys, Patricia Nancy   I77400352428034
10 Fox, Albert E  1870Street, Somerset, England I480030650
11 Fox, Beatrice M  1889Street, Somerset, England I480039502
12 Fox, Caroline  1834Street, Somerset, England I480039391
13 Fox, Charles  1837Street, Somerset, England I480039392
14 Fox, Charles  1862Street, Somerset, England I480030647
15 Fox, Clara  1875Street, Somerset, England I480039491
16 Fox, Eliza  4 Dec 1821Street, Somerset, England I480039339
17 Fox, Elizabeth Ann  1860Street, Somerset, England I479990988
18 Fox, Emma  1873Street, Somerset, England I480039490
19 Fox, George  1735Street, Somerset, England I480039425
20 Fox, George  1781Street, Somerset, England I480039410
21 Fox, George  1826Street, Somerset, England I480039388
22 Fox, George  1849Street, Somerset, England I480039513
23 Fox, George  1866Street, Somerset, England I480030649
24 Fox, George  1876Street, Somerset, England I480039492
25 Fox, Harry  1888Street, Somerset, England I480039501
26 Fox, Jacob  1787Street, Somerset, England I480039424
27 Fox, Jane  1832Street, Somerset, England I480039422
28 Fox, Mabel  1878Street, Somerset, England I480039493
29 Fox, Mary  1850Street, Somerset, England I480039514
30 Fox, Mary  1855Street, Somerset, England I480039468
31 Fox, Robert  1699Street, Somerset, England I480039427
32 Fox, Robert  1759Street, Somerset, England I480039373
33 Fox, Robert R.M.  1785Street, Somerset, England I480039342
34 Fox, Robert  1828Street, Somerset, England I480030656
35 Fox, Robert  1856Street, Somerset, England I480039515
36 Fox, Susan  1860Street, Somerset, England I480039516
37 Fox, William  1826Street, Somerset, England I480039389
38 Fox, William  1864Street, Somerset, England I480030648
39 Fox, William H  1890Street, Somerset, England I480039503
40 Godfrey, Mary Anna  Mar 1868Street, Somerset, England I18042390
41 Hartry, Albert  1874Street, Somerset, England I480039367
42 Hartry, Alfred  6 Dec 1851Street, Somerset, England I480039359
43 Hartry, Amelia Susan  1854Street, Somerset, England I480039354
44 Hartry, Amy  1878Street, Somerset, England I480039368
45 Hartry, Audrey Winifred  9 Jun 1918Street, Somerset, England I480039431
46 Hartry, Caroline  1850Street, Somerset, England I480039361
47 Hartry, Clara  18 Mar 1864Street, Somerset, England I480039336
48 Hartry, Clara  1868Street, Somerset, England I480039370
49 Hartry, Dorothy  1899Street, Somerset, England I480039415
50 Hartry, Edwin  1856Street, Somerset, England I480039360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Etherton, Elizbeth  10 May 1758Street, Somerset, England I480039409
2 Fox, Caroline  13 Apr 1834Street, Somerset, England I480039391
3 Fox, Charles  28 May 1837Street, Somerset, England I480039392
4 Fox, Eliza  12 Dec 1821Street, Somerset, England I480039339
5 Fox, George  22 Jun 1735Street, Somerset, England I480039425
6 Fox, George  4 Mar 1781Street, Somerset, England I480039410
7 Fox, George  31 Dec 1824Street, Somerset, England I480039388
8 Fox, Jacob  21 Oct 1787Street, Somerset, England I480039424
9 Fox, Robert  8 Jan 1699Street, Somerset, England I480039427
10 Fox, Robert  5 Jul 1759Street, Somerset, England I480039373
11 Fox, Robert R.M.  22 May 1785Street, Somerset, England I480039342
12 Fox, Robert  26 Dec 1828Street, Somerset, England I480030656
13 Fox, William  2 Apr 1826Street, Somerset, England I480039389
14 Hartry, Amelia Susan  25 Apr 1864Street, Somerset, England I480039354
15 Hartry, Eliza  7 May 1843Street, Somerset, England I480039357
16 Hartry, Henry Robert  20 Jun 1841Street, Somerset, England I480039355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ida Lilian  7 Feb 1947Street, Somerset, England I480039480
2 Fox, Eliza  22 Mar 1908Street, Somerset, England I480039339
3 Fox, Mary  Sep 1947Street, Somerset, England I480039468
4 Hartry, Clara  29 Jan 1903Street, Somerset, England I480039336
5 Hartry, Edwin  Mar 1939Street, Somerset, England I480039360
6 Hartry, George  Sep 1912Street, Somerset, England I480039356
7 Hartry, Henry  5 Feb 1912Street, Somerset, England I480039338
8 Phippen, Mary  Street, Somerset, England I480192878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hartry, Henry  Street, Somerset, England I480039338
2 Newton, Henry  8 Dec 1938Street, Somerset, England I480039337


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rachael  1861Street, Somerset, England I480030646
2 Rachael  1871Street, Somerset, England I480030646
3 Susan  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039348
4 Susan  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039348
5 Fox, Albert E  1871Street, Somerset, England I480030650
6 Fox, Caroline  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039391
7 Fox, Charles  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039392
8 Fox, Charles  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039392
9 Fox, Charles  1871Street, Somerset, England I480030647
10 Fox, Charles  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039392
11 Fox, Eliza  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039339
12 Fox, Eliza  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039339
13 Fox, Eliza  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039339
14 Fox, Eliza  1881Street, Somerset, England I480039339
15 Fox, Eliza  1891Street, Somerset, England I480039339
16 Fox, Eliza  1901Street, Somerset, England I480039339
17 Fox, Elizabeth Ann  1861Street, Somerset, England I479990988
18 Fox, Elizabeth Ann  1871Street, Somerset, England I479990988
19 Fox, George  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039388
20 Fox, George  1871Street, Somerset, England I480030649
21 Fox, Robert  1841Street, Somerset, England I480030656
22 Fox, Robert R.M.  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039342
23 Fox, Robert R.M.  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039342
24 Fox, William  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039389
25 Fox, William  1871Street, Somerset, England I480030648
26 Hartry, Alfred  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039359
27 Hartry, Alfred  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039359
28 Hartry, Amelia Susan  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039354
29 Hartry, Amelia Susan  1901Street, Somerset, England I480039354
30 Hartry, Caroline  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039361
31 Hartry, Clara  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039336
32 Hartry, Clara  1881Street, Somerset, England I480039336
33 Hartry, Clara  1891Street, Somerset, England I480039336
34 Hartry, Clara  1901Street, Somerset, England I480039336
35 Hartry, Edwin  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039360
36 Hartry, Edwin  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039360
37 Hartry, Eliza  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039357
38 Hartry, George  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039356
39 Hartry, Henry  1841Street, Somerset, England I480039338
40 Hartry, Henry  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039338
41 Hartry, Henry  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039338
42 Hartry, Henry  1881Street, Somerset, England I480039338
43 Hartry, Henry  1891Street, Somerset, England I480039338
44 Hartry, Henry  1901Street, Somerset, England I480039338
45 Hartry, John  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039362
46 Hartry, John  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039362
47 Hartry, John  1881Street, Somerset, England I480039362
48 Hartry, Mary  1861Street, Somerset, England I480039436
49 Hartry, William  1871Street, Somerset, England I480039363
50 Hartry, William  1881Street, Somerset, England I480039363

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fox / Etherton  8 May 1780Street, Somerset, England F1829135
2 Fox / Wall  Feb 1758Street, Somerset, England F1829156
3 Hartry / Fox  29 Oct 1840Street, Somerset, England F1829128
4 Hartry / Fox  Sep 1895Street, Somerset, England F1829150
5 Hartry / Godfrey  Sep 1867Street, Somerset, England F1829145
6 Newton / Hartry  21 Apr 1888Street, Somerset, England F1829127
7 Wills / Hartry  13 Jul 1865Street, Somerset, England F1829147