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Suffolk, England



Latitude: 52.18725, Longitude: 0.97078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aethelhere King of East Angles  Bef 653Suffolk, England I1750300182
2 Aethelwold King of East Angles  Bef 654Suffolk, England I1750300183
3 Ann  Abt 1695Suffolk, England I712834
4 Ann George  Abt 1662Suffolk, England I712842
5 Anna King of East Angles  Bef 636Suffolk, England I1750300168
6 Athelstan King of Ringmere  Abt 996Suffolk, England I1748534691
7 Ecgric King of East Angles  Bef 627Suffolk, England I1750300191
8 Elizabeth  1648Suffolk, England I1750404238
9 Emily  1830Suffolk, England I77402664097417
10 Eni King of East Angles  Bef 621Suffolk, England I1750300181
11 Eorpwald King of East Angles  Bef 624Suffolk, England I1750300187
12 Jurmin  Bef 650Suffolk, England I1750300173
13 Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1880Suffolk, England I712912
14 Rędwald (Raedwald) King of East Angles  560/80Suffolk, England I1750300185
15 Ręgenhere (Raegenhere)  Abt 602Suffolk, England I1750300186
16 Seaxburh Abbess of Ely  Bef 636Suffolk, England I1750300163
17 Sigeberht King of East Angles  Bef 629Suffolk, England I1750300188
18 Tytila (Totila) King of East Angles  Bef 578Suffolk, England I1750300184
19 Wehha King of East Angles  Bef 555Suffolk, England I1750300190
20 Wuffa King of East Angles  Bef 571Suffolk, England I1750300189
21 Ęthelthryth (Etheldredaor Audrey)  Abt 636Suffolk, England I1750300170
22 Abbott, Sarah Ann  Abt 1862Suffolk, England I970
23 Addison, Joan   I1748482202
24 Allin, William Alexander  2 Apr 1947Suffolk, England I77402437067736
25 Askew, John  1828Suffolk, England I1748481500
26 Askew, King  1841Suffolk, England I1748481502
27 Atherold, Hannah  Abt 1620Suffolk, England I1750701296
28 Baldry, Mary  Abt 1727Suffolk, England I1748483858
29 Barnard, Pamela  Abt 1845Suffolk, England I1748478195
30 Beaston, Richard  1761Suffolk, England I1750404248
31 Bevis, Albert  Abt 1874Suffolk, England I1748478487
32 Bevis, Charles  Abt 1852Suffolk, England I1748478497
33 Bevis, Joan   I1748478488
34 Bevis, Queenie   I1748478489
35 Bird, Edith  1885Suffolk, England I1748482465
36 Brooke, Bridget  Abt 1764Suffolk, England I1748485018
37 Brown, Martha  Abt 1700Suffolk, England I709612
38 Buckingham, Jim  Abt 1896Suffolk, England I1748485051
39 Bugg, Unk  Abt 1898Suffolk, England I1748485052
40 Bull, Laura  1 Jun 1861Suffolk, England I1748479813
41 Callow, Alfred  1845Suffolk, England I1748485974
42 Callow, Charles  1829Suffolk, England I1748485966
43 Callow, Daniel  1778Suffolk, England I1748479557
44 Callow, Daniel  1830Suffolk, England I1748485967
45 Callow, Frances  1843Suffolk, England I1748485978
46 Callow, Harriet  1838Suffolk, England I1748485976
47 Callow, Martha  1848Suffolk, England I1748485975
48 Callow, Mary  1809Suffolk, England I1748485973
49 Callow, Walter  1841Suffolk, England I1748485977
50 Cater, Ellen  Abt 1875Suffolk, England I87286

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ecgric King of East Angles  Abt 627Suffolk, England I1750300191
2 Sigeberht King of East Angles  Abt 629Suffolk, England I1750300188
3 Clements, Maria  20 Nov 1831Suffolk, England I37552
4 Clements, Samuel Kemp  11 Nov 1849Suffolk, England I37559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Sarah Ann  Abt 1930Suffolk, England I970
2 Anesty, Francis Jermyn  1551Suffolk, England I21014777
3 Backhouse, Annie Jemima  Jan 1884Suffolk, England I77402664087803
4 Beaston, Richard  1842Suffolk, England I1750404248
5 Branton, John Sheard  3 Mar 2007Suffolk, England I90731
6 Clarke, Agnes  1556Suffolk, England I121003481
7 Darrell, Anastasia  1550Suffolk, England I21014778
8 Denny, Martha  1873Suffolk, England I1748483824
9 DUNNETT, Louisa  14 Aug 1934Suffolk, England I1470
10 Durrant, Martha  18 Aug 1841Suffolk, England I709997
11 FULLER, Diana  1789Suffolk, England I25
12 Garrod, David  1912Suffolk, England I1750404150
13 GEDDINGE, Constance  1486Suffolk, England I77402664109720
14 Goodchild, Henry  1 Mar 1916Suffolk, England I1748488284
15 Goodchild, John  1 Jun 1866Suffolk, England I1748488760
16 Gosnold, Elizabeth  5 May 1665Suffolk, England I1750686499
17 Halls, Robert  1 Mar 1876Suffolk, England I1748478199
18 James, Sarah  12 Feb 1845Suffolk, England I1750404218
19 Jennings, Amy  1 Mar 1838Suffolk, England I1748478448
20 Kebell, Katherine  Suffolk, England I67642
21 Keeble, Benjamin  1 Dec 1909Suffolk, England I1748482206
22 Keene, Thomas  Suffolk, England I1750685859
23 Kennedy, Joseph Patrick Jr.  12 Aug 1944Suffolk, England I7098358401
24 Parker, Alexander  Abt 1994Suffolk, England I965
25 Parker, Alfred  Abt 1945Suffolk, England I1466
26 Parker, Alfred Edwin  Abt 1898Suffolk, England I1431
27 Parker, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1901Suffolk, England I1432
28 Parker, Emily  Abt 1945Suffolk, England I1461
29 Parker, Emily  Abt 1962Suffolk, England I1473
30 Parker, Emily Elizabeth  Abt 1903Suffolk, England I1433
31 Parker, Florence  Abt 1968Suffolk, England I1492
32 Parker, Fredrick  Abt 1940Suffolk, England I1460
33 Parker, James Herbert  Abt 1950Suffolk, England I1468
34 Parker, John  1979Suffolk, England I911
35 Parker, John H  Abt 1897Suffolk, England I1387
36 Parker, Joseph  25 Apr 1891Suffolk, England I1340
37 Parker, Joseph  Abt 1958Suffolk, England I1472
38 Parker, Louisa  1954Suffolk, England I1471
39 Parker, Lydia  Abt 1945Suffolk, England I1464
40 Parker, Mary  Abt 1855Suffolk, England I1467
41 Parker, Maud  Abt 1956Suffolk, England I1474
42 Parker, May  Abt 1972Suffolk, England I1493
43 Parker, William  Abt 1891Suffolk, England I1352
44 Parker, William  Abt 1920Suffolk, England I968
45 PENNOCK, Mary Ann  1865Suffolk, England I1335
46 POLEY, Henry  1487Suffolk, England I77402664110074
47 Potter, Phoebe  1 Jun 1868Suffolk, England I1748478149
48 Potter, Susan  1861Suffolk, England I77402664226551
49 Pung, Diana  1877Suffolk, England I1750404162
50 Robinson, John  1885Suffolk, England I1748483823

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Newman, Emma Rebecca  04 Oct 1835Suffolk, England I77402664089328
2 Oxer, Anna  14 Feb 1692Suffolk, England I711440
3 Oxer, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1685Suffolk, England I711445
4 Oxer, Mary  17 May 1687Suffolk, England I711451
5 Oxer, Sarah  28 Dec 1694Suffolk, England I711453
6 Oxer, Sarah  20 Jul 1697Suffolk, England I711454


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anesty, Francis Jermyn  1470Suffolk, England I21014777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Sigeberht King of East Angles  Abt 628Suffolk, England I1750300188


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blakiston, Reverend Horace Mann  Suffolk, England I7739257673
2 Bures, Judith  Suffolk, England I1750059645
3 Burtsell, Nelson  Suffolk, England I1750065470
4 Craine, Thomas  Suffolk, England I1750048572
5 Crispin, Esilia (Heslia)  Suffolk, England I1750057491
6 Gurney  Suffolk, England I1750059205
7 Harleston, John  Suffolk, England I1750054214
8 Richardson, Mary  Suffolk, England I77400352427457


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Greenwood /   1900Suffolk, England F18051123
2 Lee / Rivers  9 Oct 1851Suffolk, England F1928
3 Lindley / Foster   F672263785
4 Mansfield / Murfitt   F15492
5 Parker / DUNNETT  1865Suffolk, England F3333885250
6 Parker / DUNNETT  1865Suffolk, England F3333885251
7 Thomas /   19 May 1897Suffolk, England F781
8 Thomas / SILLETT  Abt 1912Suffolk, England F3333884941
9 Thomas / Warburton  Abt 1862Suffolk, England F1439