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Sussex, England


Notes: Old English Suš Seax "South Saxons", "Kingdom of the South Saxons"

County/Shire : Latitude: 50.92801, Longitude: -0.46171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann Susannah  Abt 1795Sussex, England I77402664225669
2 Caroline  Abt 1855Sussex, England I3500305140
3 Sarah  1805Sussex, England I77402664104462
4 Adams, Robert  1560Sussex, England I18003292
5 Alchorne, Richard  Abt 1680Sussex, England I1748487053
6 Allen, Harriet  Abt 1837Sussex, England I1748487489
7 Andrews, Mary Ann  Abt 1815Sussex, England I3531
8 Baldock, Robin Peter   I77402494203260
9 Bashford, Leonard Peter   I77402494203209
10 Bax, Edward  1690Sussex, England I1748487673
11 Bonniface, Frank  1 Mar 1875Sussex, England I1748484254
12 Boots, Mary  Abt 1830Sussex, England I1750666737
13 Botting, John  1816Sussex, England I1748487434
14 Brayne, Elizabeth  1756Sussex, England I1748486628
15 BRODRICK, Frances Ann  18 Dec 1782Sussex, England I2055
16 Brooker, Ann  Abt 1710Sussex, England I1748485089
17 Carten, Mary  Abt 1716Sussex, England I1748488552
18 Carter, William  1836Sussex, England I1748477875
19 Chantler, Daniel  1789Sussex, England I1748477686
20 Chantler, John  1794Sussex, England I1748477684
21 Chantler, Mary  1792Sussex, England I1748477685
22 Chantler, Nathaniel  1760Sussex, England I1748477687
23 Chantler, Sarah  1799Sussex, England I1748477680
24 Chantler, William  1797Sussex, England I1748477683
25 Charman, Sarah  1791Sussex, England I1748484485
26 Charman, William  1786Sussex, England I1748484949
27 Clayton, Prudence  20 Aug 1657Sussex, England I18000675
28 Collings, Caroline  1835Sussex, England I1748484776
29 Collings, Jemima  1789Sussex, England I1748485061
30 Copley, Roger  1429Sussex, England I121003780
31 Cox, Ann  1831Sussex, England I1750403166
32 Cruse, Suzie   I479984924
33 d'Arundel, John Lord Arundel  1348Sussex, England I1750048674
34 de Badlesmere, Elizabeth  Abt 1313Sussex, England I1748540516
35 de Braose, John (Tadody) Lord of Bramber & Gower  Abt 1197Sussex, England I1748695251
36 de Warenne (Warren), Edith (Editha)  Bef 1085Sussex, England I1748695237
37 de Warenne (Warren), William 2nd Earl of Surrey  Abt 1081Sussex, England I1748533920
38 Deacon, Elizabeth  1754Sussex, England I1748487047
39 Dendy, Charles  Abt 1796Sussex, England I1748487586
40 Dendy, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Sussex, England I1748487587
41 Dickens, William  1689Sussex, England I77402664226051
42 Ede, George Eed  Abt 1710Sussex, England I1748485090
43 Ede, Mary  Abt 1731Sussex, England I1748485086
44 Ellis, Elizabeth  1690Sussex, England I22000409
45 Fiuens  Abt 1550Sussex, England I18003282
46 Fiuens, Alice  1585Sussex, England I18003279
47 Ford, Caroline  1834Sussex, England I1748487051
48 Ford, Luck  1790Sussex, England I1748487049
49 Fowler, Anne  1738Sussex, England I1748486639
50 Frederick, Thomas  Abt 1790Sussex, England I77402664225668

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Elizabeth Kay  1997Sussex, England I77402664095125
2 BRODRICK, Frances Ann  19 Feb 1858Sussex, England I2055
3 Brown, Katherine  1525Sussex, England I121003503
4 Burfield, James  Apr 1849Sussex, England I22000397
5 Collingham, Sarah  Bef 1871Sussex, England I22000398
6 Colwill, Mary  Jul 1849Sussex, England I22000392
7 Cramp, Fabian  1619Sussex, England I77402659994662
8 Cramp, Mary  1746Sussex, England I077402669690877
9 Herklots, Annie  1948Sussex, England I99515
10 Juniper, Bertha Eliza  Feb 1996Sussex, England I1750124664
11 Knight, William Shelley  1549Sussex, England I121003499
12 Lawrance, Daisy Lilian  1975Sussex, England I77402664228756
13 LeGrove, Charles  1 Jan 1899Sussex, England I77402664111316
14 Malmayns, Nicholas  1291Sussex, England I121004389
15 Martyn, Charles Harrison  1937Sussex, England I121004790
16 Michelgrove, John  Sussex, England I121003797
17 Munro, William Graham  1908Sussex, England I77402664098501
18 Neville, Sir George Lord Abergavenny  20 Sep 1492Sussex, England I1750043208
19 Northeast, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1842Sussex, England I3500310909
20 Osborne, Dorothy Sylvia Court  1983Sussex, England I102231
21 OWEN, Herbert Parker  26 Mar 1886Sussex, England I122024022
22 Parker, Charles Henry  4 Dec 1923Sussex, England I77402664111323
23 Parker, James  Abt 1895Sussex, England I1498
24 PIERSE, Charlotte  Abt 1830Sussex, England I2056
25 Sanderson, Susannah  1906Sussex, England I77402664086737
26 Savile, Frances  6 Jun 1695Sussex, England I1750057386
27 Shelley, John  16 Dec 1550Sussex, England I121003783
28 SHELLEY, Richard  3 Jul 1514Sussex, England I121003795
29 Thomas, Ann  Jun 1873Sussex, England I77402664228261
30 Thomas, Charles Johnson  Apr 1875Sussex, England I20174
31 Thomas, Cordelia  Dec 1884Sussex, England I77402664228248
32 Thomas, David  Sep 1856Sussex, England I77402664228253
33 Thomas, John  15 Sep 1785Sussex, England I77402664228220
34 Tillinghast, John  1624Sussex, England I121003490
35 Von Sturmer, Edward Heaton  9 Apr 1924Sussex, England I77402664111897
36 Wenham, Orpah  1 Jun 1906Sussex, England I1748478535
37 Wingfield, George  1838Sussex, England I77402664084763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Claiton, Joan  Sussex, England I18003294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Belknap, Sir Henry  Sussex, England I1750054797
2 Bramshot, Thomas (or John)  Sussex, England I1750054257
3 Clark, Peter  Sussex, England I1750066063
4 Dyke, Henry  Sussex, England I1750054844
5 Prophett, Anne  Sussex, England I1750049624
6 Sackville, Lionel Cranfield 1st Duke of Dorset  Sussex, England I7739038928
7 Sidney, Sir William  Sussex, England I1750056738
8 Ware, Dionisia  Sussex, England I1750063572


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brignall / Haisell  Abt 1829Sussex, England F413
2 Eames / Greene  26 Oct 1618Sussex, England F18001358
3 Frederick /   Abt 1824Sussex, England F3333884298
4 Knight / Belknap  1486Sussex, England F121002364
5 Sales / Piper  16 May 1863Sussex, England F01826118
6 Thomas / CHRISTMAS  5 Mar 1803Sussex, England F3333884950
7 Thomas / HOOK  Abt 1766Sussex, England F3333884945
8 Thomas / PARSONS  Abt 1796Sussex, England F3333884951
9 Thomas / Ram  1 Apr 1808Sussex, England F3333884286
10 Thomas / Unknown  Abt 1810Sussex, England F12369
11 Tillinghast / Pardon  11 Apr 1597Sussex, England F121002451
12 West / le Strange  Abt 1551Sussex, England F672621748
13 West / Morton  10 Feb 1531Sussex, England F672621746